Top 10 Best Text to Speech Solutions for All Purpose

The best Text To Speech Solutions software allows you to read text documents on your smartphone or computer with ease. These solutions are becoming increasingly popular because they offer readers a high level of convenience for both personal and professional purposes.

Narration with a human voice, on the other hand, emotionally connects readers to textual documents such as PDFs, books, novels, and e-learning courses, to name a few.The best Text To Speech solutions are ideal for multitasking by busy professionals.

It’s no surprise that there are so many the best Text To Speech Solutions available. The demand for audiobooks is also increasing for the same reasons. I’ll explain what text-to-speech is and some of the best Text To Speech Solutions on the market so you can read while doing other physical activities in this article.

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Top 10 Best Text to Speech Solutions

The best Text To Speech Solutions is a term that refers to a type of software that converts text. The best Text To Speech Solutions (TTS) is a type of assistive technology that reads digital text aloud. This technology is also referred to as “read aloud” technology.

The best Text To Speech Solutions TTS converts words on a digital device, such as a smartphone or computer, into speech or audio with a touch or a click. It can read a variety of text formats, including PDF, Word, Doc, Pages, and others, and it works on a variety of digital devices. The best Text To Speech Solutions TTS is beneficial to children, people who have difficulty reading, e-learning for all ages, and professionals for editing and proofreading, among other things.

Top 10 Best Text to Speech Solutions

If yes, let’s find out some of the best Text To Speech Solutions for business as well as personal use in 2021.

murf is an AI voice generator that offers over 100 lifelike text-to-speech voices in over 15 languages. The Murf Studio is easy to use and offers a variety of voice customization options such as emphasis, pitch, and speed to help you get the most out of the AI-powered voice technology.

The generated voiceovers sound very realistic and can be used in a variety of situations. You can use the tool to add narration to videos, presentations, and even background music.  Murf is widely used by eLearning professionals, L&D professionals, voiceovers for Product Demos, Marketers, Audiobooks, YouTubers, and Podcasters to create eLearning narrations.

Murf gives users full commercial rights to the voiceovers generated on their platform, and the projects are auto-saved for future edits. Murf offers a free 10-minute voice generation trial to try out different voices and features. The cost of the paid version starts at $9 for 30 minutes. This is the best text to speech solutions for you in 2021.

Creators can add high-quality audio to their content in minutes with the subscription plans (Basic, Pro, and Enterprise). For Pro and Enterprise users, the tool also has a collaboration feature that allows teams to work together to create voiceovers at scale.



Do you wish someone could read your PDFs, ebooks, and loud text to you in natural-sounding voices without you having to sit next to them? There are no downloads, logins, or passwords required; simply drag or copy your text into the box and play. It’s great for kids, as well as for listening to content in the background, proofreading, and other tasks.

TTSReader offers high-quality voices from a variety of sources. Female and male voices in a variety of accents and languages are available. Choose your favorite voice and language, then generate polished speech and have fun! It saves your text as well as the position you were in when you paused.

If you close your browser, you can return to it and resume listening where you left off. It’s also compatible with mobile devices, making it ideal for reading articles on the go. Get the Android Text Reader App and use it offline wherever you want to save time and money.

It extracts words from PDFs and reads them aloud, as well as highlighting texts that are currently being read. You can also get a free chrome extension to listen to websites such as news, wikis, and blogs.



Wideo provides a simple and quick way to convert your text to speech. Write your message directly in the box or upload a text file, then select a voice, set the speed, and begin listening. The best option for downloading the voice in mp3 format is Wideo. This is the best text to speech solutions for you in 2021.

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It’s free and simple to use, and it’ll help you make an explainer video or a demo video with voiceovers by using this text to speech tool. You can use the Google API to integrate Google text to speech, but you’ll have to pay for the number of characters you use. Wideo works with Google’s TTS technology and provides you with a FREE conversion service.



NaturalReader allows you to convert text to speech at work, at home, or on the go. Upload documents and text to be converted to speech and downloaded as an mp3 to listen to on the go. Because of the natural-sounding voices, it provides high-quality and crystal clear reading.

It can also be used to read from scanned documents or images. Obtain access to previous uploads and convert them to mp3 format. Working professionals, students, foreign language learners, and dyslexic readers will benefit from it. You can easily create audio files with NaturalReader’s help.

Create narration for YouTube videos, audio for eLearning materials, broadcasting, public use or IVR systems, and the latest AI voices with this feature. There’s no need to learn how to code because it’s mobile-friendly. WebReader allows you to talk to your website and customize it to make it your own while still meeting accessibility standards.

Google Docs, eBooks, emails, e-learning materials, PDFs, and webpages are all supported by NaturalReader. It automatically detects text from web pages while ignoring ad content, allowing you to concentrate on reading. Many document formats are supported, including ppt (x), ods, non-DRM epub files, odt, doc (x), and txt. You can also listen to content on your mobile device.

ReadSpeaker readspeaker-1

ReadSpeaker enables you to use voice solutions to promote your products in the market. Select your preferred language and voice, type or paste your message, and then click “listen” to listen to the text. To make the content available to the audience, you can add your speech to your apps and website.

Produce audio files with natural-sounding voices, and use the best text to speech solutions to give voice to public announcement systems, IVRs, robots, and more. It allows businesses, organizations, and brands to provide a high-quality experience at a low cost. It is appropriate for customers with learning disabilities, literacy issues, or vision impairment.

It is always possible for anyone to easily access digital content. ReadSpeaker offers a variety of options for adding customized and lifelike voice interaction to any environment. It provides TTS solutions for mobile apps, ebooks, e-Learning materials, telephony, transportation systems, documents, websites, media, embedded devices, IoT, robotics, and more, both offline and online.



With Notevibes, you can convert text to speech online and get free mp3 downloads in 201 natural sounding voices. It can save you money and time by eliminating the need to hire professionals to complete the task. The solution can be used to create videos with natural human-like voices. These videos can be shared on Vimeo, your personal website, or YouTube.

Get the advanced editor’s clean and simple interface to convert text to speech in seconds. Changing the speed and pitch, adding pauses with a single click, saving audio as WAV or MP3, volume and emphasis control, 25+ languages, and multiple voices are just a few of the features available in the advanced editor.

It allows you to re-distribute audio files even after your subscription has expired. The AI-powered text to speech software in mp3 format from Notevibes covers a wide range of business needs. You can use WaveNet from DeepMind to create realistic female and male voices.

Notevibes allows you to create voicemail greetings with intonation and tone in a variety of languages. SSML tags can also be used to add background audio or music to audio files. Your file will be safe for 14 days and will never be lost.

Free TTS


Free TTS is a free online service that converts text to speech. You can type your text or paste it from a file, choose from 35+ languages in the drop-down box, select the voice you want to hear from the box, and convert it to MP3 format.

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For security reasons, all of your audios will be automatically deleted after 24 hours. The process is quick, and the final result is of high quality, thanks to the powerful TTS capability and Google machine learning. Use the robotic voices for commercial purposes for free.

SSML enables your company to personalize the audio by specifying audio formatting for dates, acronyms, and pauses. You can listen to the voice samples and compare them to find the one that is right for you. Here are some useful text-to-speech APIs to consider if you want to build the best text to speech solutions. Let’s take a look at them as well.

Google Cloudgooglecloudtts-1

Use an API powered by Google’s AI technologies to convert your text to speech. Through lifelike and intelligent responses, Cloud Text-to-Speech aids in improving customer interactions. It allows you to use a voice-based user interface in your apps and devices to engage your users. Allow your customers to select their preferred language and voice.

The API uses DeepMind’s speech synthesis expertise to deliver speech that sounds almost human. It supports more than 40 languages and 220 different voices. Many features are available, including custom voice, WaveNet voices, voice tuning, SSML and text support, and so on. You can use your recordings to train your custom voice model to produce a more natural and unique sounding voice. This is the best text to speech solutions for you in 2021.

Text can be converted to Linear16, OGG Opus, MP3, and other formats. To send gRPC or REST requests, easily integrate with any device or application, including PCs, IoT devices, tablets, phones, and more.

Watson Text to Speech


Text-to-Speech Watsonconverts text into natural-sounding voice speech in a variety of languages. Within Watson Assistant and an existing application, this API cloud service allows you to convert written text or any content into speech. Give your company a voice to improve customer experience and engagement by allowing users to interact with you in their own language.

It provides numerous benefits to your organization, including improved user experience, increased contact resolution, flexibility in deployment, data security, and more. Watson Text to Speech can assist you in developing a unique brand voice. With the help of real-time speech synthesis, it also provides natural-sounding and multilingual support.

Using Speech Synthesis Markup Language, you can easily adjust volume, pitch, pronunciation, speed, and other parameters. Specify attributes like pitch, strength, timbre, rate, breathiness, and more to customize the voice quality. Take advantage of the opportunity to use 10,000 characters for free each month. If you need more characters, a 1000-character order will cost $0.02.

Amazon Polly


Amazon.comPolly is a powerful tool for converting text into human-like speech, allowing you to create interactive apps. Polly’s TTS synthesises natural-sounding speech using deep learning. Create speech-enabled apps that can be used in a variety of countries.

The API also includes NTTS (Neural Text-to-Speech) for the best speech quality. It can generate a custom voice for your organization, but you’ll need to collaborate with the Polly team to do so. Redistributing and storing speech, real-time streaming, control, customizing speech output, and low cost are all advantages of using Amazon Polly. This is the best text to speech solutions for you in 2021.

Amazon Polly provides an API service that integrates speech synthesis into the application, allowing you to start streaming the audio stream or save the file in a standard file format such as MP3 or raw PCM. The cost of using Amazon Polly’s API service is $4 per million characters. Do you need to create something other than speech-to-text? Check out these incredible AI APIs for creating smart apps.


As users seek more convenience and flexibility, the demand for content in various formats is growing. As a result, whether you’re a business owner or a regular user, a text-to-speech solution can be extremely beneficial. Enabling text to speech solutions in your blog, e-learning materials, and other places can help users listen to them no matter where they are while also allowing them to multitask.

As a result, use the best text to speech solutions like the one described above or create your own to make it easier for users to enjoy the content.

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