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15 Best ebook Apps For Android In 2022

ebook apps

This post will explain ebook apps. It can be inquiring to find the best e-book reader apps (also known as eReaders). There are many distinct e-book types, several file formats to learn, and various book types (novels, comics, etc.) that add to the complexity of the process. However, you can quickly convert any phone or tablet into an e-book reader with the correct programme.

15 Best ebook Apps For Android In 2022

In this article, you can know about ebook apps here are the details below;

In addition, technological advancement has somewhat stopped. Because of this, e-book reader apps are about as excellent as they’ve ever been, and without significant innovation, we don’t see them becoming much better in the future. The right thing is that, as long as the developer is still active, whatever you choose ought to serve you well for a very long time. The top Android e-book reading apps are listed below.

1. Aldiko books Reader

Aldiko books Reader

One of the more established e-book reading apps is Aldiko Book Reader. For those who require it, it’s a wonderful, straightforward solution. It offers support for e-books that are EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM-encrypted, as well as e-book support for library books that are currently on loan. The software also offers customization choices, phone and tablet support, a clear, albeit slightly dated layout, and worldwide text searches inside of books. There are adverts in the free version. The premium edition doesn’t. They are similar in every other respect. Also check AudioBookBayalternatives

2. AIReader


This is another ebook apps alternative. Comparatively speaking, AIReader is one of the more recent e-book reading apps. Additionally, it works with far older Android versions. That’s getting a little less common these days. The majority of popular e-book formats, including EPUB (no DRM), RTF, MOBI, PRC, and many others, are also supported by the software. For your convenience, the interface has a number of display modes, auto-scrolling, and page-turning animations. The programme is available for free, but if you choose, you can purchase one of the many donation-based versions. They cost between $0.99 to $9.72.

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

One of the obvious e-book reader apps is Amazon Kindle. It features one of the biggest and most reliable online book retailers. The programme also has a tonne of reading-related features, cross-device syncing, and even a sizable library of free books. Ads are everywhere throughout the UI. However, there is no such crap throughout the real book reading portion. While reading, there are numerous customising options. Just in terms of book availability, it’s a solid choice. If necessary, you can also download books to utilise them offline.

4. Nook


Another platform that competes with Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play Books is Nook. This one, in contrast to most, contains actual physical book locations. You can go to Barnes&Noble, the organisation that controls the Nook. The eReader is as basic as they come. It supports reading from books, comic books, manga, and other media in addition to providing personalised reading options. It provides cross-device syncing, like the most do. Even periodicals and newspapers are supported. Actually, it’s a very solid experience. This is another ebook apps alternative.

5. FBReader


Another outdated eReader app is FBReader. It’s a fantastic choice for the majority of straightforward use cases, just like Aldiko. Support for AZW3, EPUB (up to EPUB3), fb2, RTF, HTML, and even plain text documents are among many that are offered. To sync books between your devices, it makes advantage of the exclusive Google Drive cloud service. The UI was also a big hit with us. It’s a little dated, but it works and is simple to look at. It even supports gestures. The software is now completely free to use. Also check x payments

6. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader

This is another ebook apps alternative. One of the most widely used PDF reader apps is Foxit. Reading and productivity work well together. Practically all forms of PDF files are supported by the programme. It also provides form-filling capabilities, annotation options, and ConnectedPDF for privacy. For reading, it supports audio and video content and can read PDFs aloud. It most likely has the best cross-platform compatibility of any PDF or eReader programme. Foxit is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. The big five are those.

7. FullReader


A well-known and cutting-edge e-book reading programme is FullReader (formerly FReader). It accepts several different e-book file formats, including uncommon ones like CBR and CBZ (comic books), as well as MP3 for audiobooks. The app’s layout is basic enough for virtually everyone, and the UI is classic Material Design. AMOLED dark mode, a 95-language translation, and compatibility for cloud backup with Google Drive and Dropbox are a few other power-user features. As far as we can determine, the app is completely free. If you want to contribute to development, you can.

8. Google Play Books

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is a rival to e-book reading apps like the Kindle and Nook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is an online book store. Books, periodicals, and a variety of other items are available. It is compatible with a variety of e-book formats, comic book formats, and other e-book formats. Even better, you can store your books on the cloud and access them from anywhere. As a result, you have access to incredibly good storage that is available from any device with an internet connection. Book rentals, a Rapid Skim Mode, and a Quick Bookmarks function are a few additional features. Although the app is free, multiple of the books are not. This is another ebook apps alternative.

9. Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Another online book retailer like Amazon, Nook, and Google Play Books is Kobo Books. The app is quite simplistic. It appears that the only thing it is capable of doing is reading service-purchased books. The programme does, however, offer both audiobooks and regular e-books. Other capabilities include downloading content for offline usage, cross-device syncing, and a Night Mode for reading in the wee hours. Actually, the discovery features are quite good. The download of the software is free. Books are definitely not free.

10. Media365 books Reader

Media365 books Reader

This is another ebook apps alternative. One of the most well-known e-book reading apps is Media365 Book Reader. The app appears to be quite basic, yet it is really fantastic inside. It seems to take the meaning of its name seriously. The application effortlessly accommodates more than thirty different file kinds, including WEBP, PPTX, PSD, and oddities like e-book and comic book formats. Material Design is used for the UI. It is cheerful, uncomplicated, and vibrant. There isn’t much wrong with this one, to be honest. The most it will charge as an in-app purchase to get rid of the adverts is $4.99.

11. Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader

Unquestionably among the top e-book reading apps available is Moon+ Reader. It supports many different e-book file types, including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and the majority of comic book file types. Even OPDS support is available. Additionally, the app has more than 10 themes, gesture controls, auto-scrolling, EPUB3 compatibility, and Dropbox cross-device syncing. It’s one of those eReader apps with all the appropriate features. For $4.99, you can get advertising removed. Also check orbund alternatives

12. OverDrive


The reason OverDrive is a great e-book reader is not because it works with your existing collection. You can actually borrow e-books you don’t own for free with OverDrive, just like you can at your local library. OverDrive connects you to your local library. It has several cool features, including no late fees and remembering where you left off when you read the next time. It lacks many of the advanced capabilities seen in other e-book readers. However, it is one of the best and most legitimate places to get free e-books. You can test out the official app, which is accessible via the button below, or Libby, which performs the same task in a slightly different manner and is accessible on Google Play. This is another ebook apps alternative.

13. PocketBook Reader


Another of the more established e-book reader apps is PocketBook. But don’t be deceived by it. This app has sufficient functionality to warrant inclusion in this place. That covers the majority of popular e-book file types, graphic novels, and even Adobe DRM and PDF. You may lock the orientation of your screen, export notes, and highlight text. For those who require it, OPDS support is also available. This one’s price is its best feature. These days, there aren’t many totally free e-book readers, but this one is unquestionably the best.

14. Prestigio Books Reader

Prestigio Books Reader

This is another ebook apps alternative. Almost yearly, Prestigio changes its name. It’s still among the top e-book reader apps, though. The software has text-to-speech capabilities, over 25 language support, and 50,000 books that can be downloaded. The app can also sync across many devices (account required). Other features include a Night Mode, several personalization choices, and a respectably contemporary user interface. The app is available without charge. For a single $2.99 in-app payment, advertisements can be disabled. If you want to help expansion, there is also an optional donation button for $1, $5, $10, $50, and $100.

15. ReadEra


A surprising number of people use the e-book reading software ReadEra. It contains all the essentials, including different viewing modes and support for the widely used CHM format in addition to PDF, EPUB, WORD, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, and other popular file types. It doesn’t call for any services or other things of the sort. Additionally, you can read numerous books or documents simultaneously in split-screen mode. However, we really only advise that for tablets or smartphones with larger screens. This one is surprisingly effective, simple to use, and has a decent user interface. Additionally, we are rather positive that this one is totally free. This is another ebook apps alternative.

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