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Top 10 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives You Can Buy In 2021

Amazon Echo Alternatives
The Amazon Echo is an outstanding option. The smart speaker comes with Amazon Alexa and can do a variety of things. Furthermore, the capabilities of the Echo can be easily expanded with additional skills.

However, not everyone wants to use the Echo as a home smart speaker solution. You may be looking for something more portable, less expensive, or simply better looking (or sounding). So, here are top 10 interesting Amazon Echo alternatives to think about.

In this comprehensive roundup, we’ve gathered a wide range of devices such as the Amazon Echo. While some excel at producing high-quality sound, others are quite versatile in performing a variety of tasks, such as controlling smart home devices and making video calls hands-free.

We have listed down best Amazon Echo alternatives based on budget as well, taking into account a variety of requirements.

Top 10 Best Amazon Echo Alternatives

So, whether you’re looking for the highest alternative or a more budget-friendly option, there’s a good chance you’ll finally find your best smart speaker.

Google Nest Hub

Amazon EchoIf you want a smart display, the Google Nest Hub (Amazon Echo alternatives) is currently the best option. To begin with, it looks fantastic. It’s small, comes in nice, soft colours, and basically blends in wherever you put it — this is a key part of Google’s design philosophy with its ‘Home’ line of speakers.

Aside from that, the Nest Hub has a 7-inch display that has been calibrated to near perfection by the company. In fact, if there is one thing that everyone agrees on about the Google Home Hub, it is that the display is flawless. The Home Hub is also technologically advanced, with ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the brightness of the display so that it does not blind you at night.

It also includes Google Assistant, which is currently one of the best smart assistants available and far superior to Alexa (found in the Amazon Echo).

Google Home

Amazon Echo

Google Home is one of the best smart speakers on the market today. The Google Assistant-powered smart speaker incorporates nearly all of Google’s impressive capabilities, and voice recognition works flawlessly. In fact, Google Home competes with the Amazon Echo.

Google Home can be used for a variety of tasks, such as setting alarms and streaming music from services such as Spotify and Google Play Music. The speaker possesses a long list of commands as well as a slew of tricks up his sleeve.

Lenovo Smart Display

Amazon EchoIf you want someone with a display but don’t want Alexa, the Lenovo Smart Display is worth considering. Lenovo Smart Displays come in three sizes: 7′′, 8′′, and 10′′. While the 7-inch model is low-end (1x microphone array, 2MP wide-angle front camera), the 8-inch and 10-inch models are higher-end, with more powerful specs like a 22 dual-microphone array and 5MP wide-angle front camera.

Apart from that, the smart displays support Google Assistant and Chromecast. Furthermore, with Google Duo integration, you can use the built-in camera to make video calls directly from your smart display.

Google Nest Hub Max

Amazon EchoGoogle Nest Hub Max is an option if you want a slightly larger and more convenient variant than Google Nest Hub. It has a more visually appealing 10-inch display, for starters. You can also easily keep a close eye on your home thanks to the built-in camera. To stay in touch with friends and family, you can also send video messages and make video calls. You can take control of the crucial to-dos and complete the tasks on time because you can share reminders and to-dos.

Apple HomePod

Amazon Echo

If you’re an iOS user, the HomePod is probably the best smart speaker for you because of its obvious deep integration with iOS. The HomePod is a high-end smart speaker with audiophile-grade sound quality and a loud volume. The speaker has a mesh design that looks nice, and the tiny display on top means that when you activate Siri, you’ll see some amazing animations.

It’s similar to the old Mac Pro or the recently launched Echo Sub, but it has a mesh design that looks nice, and the tiny display on top means that when you activate Siri, you’ll see some amazing animations. Yes, the HomePod is controlled by Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant, which has a poor track record when it comes to being useful. The HomePod, on the other hand, will not disappoint if listening to music is the majority of your use-case for a smart speaker.

Harman-Kardon Allure

Amazon Echo

Allow me to introduce you to the Harman-Kardon Allure smart speaker if you’re looking for Amazon Echo alternatives because the design of those smart speakers doesn’t appeal to you. Unlike the Echo, which has a mostly functional industrial design, the ‘Allure’ has a pretty alluring design with a nice semi-transparent body and lighting features.

The Alexa voice assistant is included with the Allure smart speaker, which means it has access to all of the same amazing Alexa skills as the Amazon Echo. For voice recognition, the speaker has four far-field microphones that should be able to pick up your voice from across the room.

As you’d expect from a Harman-Kardon speaker, it also has some incredible speakers. In the end, the Harman-Kardon Allure is the voice assistant to choose if you want stuff classy as well as stylish that is also affordable.

Libratone Zipp

Amazon Echo

Another smart speaker (Amazon Echo alternative) that never ceases to amaze me is the Libratone Zipp. It has a nice design and can compete in terms of sound quality with the best in the industry. The Libratone Zipp’s ability to deliver sound in 360-degrees is essential for creating a truly immersive listening experience.

If you like to listen to music, you’ll appreciate its ability to fire 360 degrees. Furthermore, the presence of a dual-mic and a 15W woofer significantly improves the sound quality. Libratone Zipp’s interchangeable jackets, in particular, take it to the next level.

It, like the majority of its competitors, includes a companion app that allows you to completely customise everything to your liking. It can efficiently carry out a variety of tasks using Alexa and a variety of voice commands. It has a 12-hour playtime, which is more than enough for a full-tilt game.

Invoxia Triby Smart Speaker

Triby is a further smart speaker powered by Amazon’s Alexa. The battery-operated portable speaker crams a lot of functionality into a small and appealing package. You can ask Alexa for the weather, read the news, and much more with Alexa built-in.

Furthermore, if you have the Triby app on your smartphone, you can do a lot more with your speaker. It can, for example, be mounted on your refrigerator (which I’m glad Echo can’t do because it’d look weird), and you can use the mobile app to send doodles to the speaker’s e-paper display, change your settings, and much more.

A little yellow flag appears when a new doodle is set on the Triby’s e-paper display, acting as a notification that there is a new message, which I like, even though it appears to be a novelty. In addition, the Triby can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker to listen to music or make phone calls without having to use your hands. Triby is currently available on for $110, making it a good deal.

Bang and Olufsen Beosound A1

It would be a huge mistake to overlook a capable challenger like the Bang and Olufsen Beosound A1 when discussing highly rated Amazon Echo alternatives. Bang & Olufsen is a well-known manufacturer of high-end speakers. This one, in particular, has all of the qualities of a great smart speaker.

Because of its compact and slim design, the Beosound A1 has a sophisticated appearance. You can take it with you wherever you go because of this. A three-microphone array, in addition to the design, ensures clear and crisp audio. Besides that, thanks to far-field technology, Alexa’s voice assistant works well even from a distance.

JBL Link View Smart Speaker

The JBL Link View, another smart speaker with a display (and an Amazon Echo alternative), isn’t the most visually appealing smart display on the market, especially when compared to the Google Home Hub, but it’s worth considering. Because the JBL Link View is powered by Google Assistant, you can expect a fantastic experience. Although Google Assistant does not have as many skills or third-party features as Alexa on the Amazon Echo, it is more useful in everyday situations.


If the Amazon Echo isn’t the smart speaker you’re looking for, choose from the options below. I tried to include a variety of speakers in this list so that you should be able to find something that meets your needs no matter what you’re looking for.

If you only need an Amazon Echo in a smaller form factor, the Amazon Echo Dot and Tap devices are the best options; otherwise, any of the options in this article will suffice. As usual, I’d appreciate hearing about the Amazon Echo, Alexa’s skills, and the devices on this list.

If you know of any other cool Alexa alternatives, please share those with us in the comments section below.

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