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Top 10 Best App lock Mobile Application For Android In 2024

App lock Mobile Application For Android

Best App lock Mobile Application For Android will be discussed in this article. Smartphone has become an important part of our life. Almost everyone has a smartphone. We store our photos, videos and every personal detail on our phones. So security is a big concern. Let us lock the data stored in your Android device through App Lock mobile application. We must keep the data stored in our Android devices safe from hackers.

Top 10 Best App lock Mobile Application For Android In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best App lock Mobile Application here are the details below;

Nowadays every smartphone is equipped with advanced security features like a fingerprint scanner, face lock, voice lock but it is quite difficult to store the data of particular apps. Although updates and changes are introduced by some smartphone brands with custom UI but the lack of app protection is still a serious concern for user’s data security.

We even user smartphones for money transactions. So the bank details, e-wallet account password is the major concern for protection. You can use advanced protection for your apps by locking them with various app lockers. Here is a list of top app locks that you can use to protect your apps and data from hackers.

The best Lock Mobile Applications for Android

In this section of the blog, we shall be looking at top 10 lock mobile applications for android. We will be looking at the lock in details. Therefore, with this being said, let’s get right into it:

1. AppLock by DoMobile Labs

AppLock by DoMobiles is #1 app locker with more than 100M downloads. With AppLock you can lock incoming calls, wifi, Bluetooth, and almost every element of your mobile. You can even lock apps with a cover warning “Unfortunately, the app has stopped”. Moreover, there are some beneficial features also like hiding app, a private vault for personal photos and videos. It also prevents the battery drainage by power-saving mode. In short, AppLock is an app with rich features and it works flawlessly.

2. Privacy Knight AppLock

Launched by Alibaba group, Privacy Knight AppLock is free of cost and ad-free app. The face lock feature makes it one of the top app locker. In addition, there are other locking options also like PIN/pattern, fingerprint with a tricky cover message “the app has crashed”. The app also allows the prevention of app uninstallation, hiding notification preview of WhatsApp. There is a feature of the private vault for photos & video with intruder selfie options. This application is a good example of android app development.

3. Norton App Lock

The leading anti-virus maker company also offers an app locker for your Android device. Norton App lock Mobile Application is a simple and easy to use app locker with no-ads. The app allows you to protect your apps with pattern, PIN or fingerprint. You can also develop a similar solution with help of a android app development company. Although the app does not have rich features you can prevent uninstallation by admin privileges. In addition, you can set a recovery email or phone number with security questions.

4. Hex App Lock

Although Hex App lock Mobile Application is newly launched by Liquidium, it has gained much popularity due to its attractive interface and handy features. The feature of creating various profiles to use such as school, office, work, college, etc. to secure your device from intruders makes it unique. The app allows you to set pattern, PIN, on your apps along with a private vault for your photos and videos. Since there are ads in the app but you can remove them by the  purchasing a premium version. Also check YouTube App Not Working

5. CM Security

Cheetah mobile’s CM Security is malware protection as well as app locker with more than 500M+ downloads. The app contains multi-purpose features like safe VPN, private vault, app security, etc. In addition, it allows you to lock Wi-Fi settings,

Bluetooth. Although the app contains ads but you can buy the premium version for the ad-free experience. If someone enters wrong password 3 times than the intruder selfie feature clicks a photo of the person.

6. LOCKit

An advanced app locker for android device from the developers of ShareIt. Lockit is one of the most used app lockers. It uses world-class AES 256-bit encryption to secure your information on your devices. The app has some advanced features like in-app wallet, data auto backup with photo/video vault. You can also recover a password with the help of a security question. Power saving mode, junk cleaner, notification hider are some other beneficial features of Lockit. This is an amazing example of lock app development.

7. Smart AppLock

It may have only 10M+ downloads, but the rich features of the app do justice to its claim of being app lock. The app provides various locking methods like PIN, pattern, fingerprint. The feature of intruder selfie makes it a must-have application. It can also fake app crash to divert the mind of the intruder. With the additional functions, you can also lock Wi-fi, Bluetooth, incoming messages and calls also.

8. Private Zone

Although the app is not that popular, it is amongst the top 10 app locker in an Android device. The private vault of the app conceals your photos and videos as well. The app has a parental feature that protects important data and files from your children. With more than 100M+ downloads the app has some advanced features like protection of browsing history, phone boost for better user experience.  You can hire mobile developers to create an app like this.

9. Applock – Fingerprint Password

AppLock- Fingerprint password is another powerful app locker from the developers of Clean Master(CM security). There are various options for locking apps fingerprint, PIN, pattern, etc. like  Although it does not have extra features like phone booster, battery saver to complicate the user experience, the intruder selfie feature makes the app unique and flexible to use. The app contains ads but it is free to download. Since it is backed with app maintenance and support you will never be using a legacy solution. Also check NFC Payment Apps

10. KeepSafe App lock

App lock Mobile Application is the last and simplest app locker in the list. There are various you can choose for better an interactive UI with support of PIN, pattern, and fingerprint to protect apps. The app allows you to set a delay for app-relock, prevent app uninstallation and hide pattern or PIN. It also allows you to disable apps temporarily. You can download it from the play store for free. Although the app contains ads you can buy the premium version for removing add.

KeepSafe App lock


These are some of the top lock application for android. And if you want to create similar applications, you can Hire android app developers and share your plan with them to create a similar application.

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