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Top 15 Best Artus Software In 2022

artus software

A business intelligence platform called Artus Software offers a solution for fundamental requirements, financial planning, strategic monitoring, and analysis. The software provides you with solutions to improve corporate productivity and streamline data monitoring. Artus Software offers client satisfaction that enables you to expand your business and is accessible for both on-premises and cloud-based implementation. You may build everything that needs your attention and have access to the most useful information.

You can pull data from BD, Excel, and the web using the software, which also gives you a variety of connectivity possibilities. Users may create in-depth analysis reports and use statistical algorithms to do predictive modelling and trend analysis. The Artus software gives you the ability to manage your organization’s KPIs and make better informed decisions to reach your business objectives. Several features include creating dashboards, integrating data from various sources, creating alerts, being multiplatform, using 40 contemporary components, and many more.

Top 15 Best Artus Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about artus software here are the details below;

1. Ducksboard


A real-time dashboard is provided by the all-in-one business intelligence (BI) system Ducksboard, which is straightforward yet highly effective. It offers hundreds of widgets to quickly link essential internet services and allows users to submit internal data using an API or Google Spreadsheet. This is another artus software.

The most intriguing and appealing aspect of this platform is that it provides a new customization option with a tonne of fresh widgets, makes it easy for you to run your company, obtain reports, and take advantage of a tonne of fresh possibilities. You may produce and share data with coworkers, partners, or clients on its gorgeously designed dashboard.

The platform’s primary features include creating custom widgets, tracking all of your company, seeing your data in real-time, quick and simple setup, various dashboards, and displaying your own data. Starter, Professional, and Expert are three of the accessible price tiers. Each one has a cost and advantages.

2. Planamind


In order to progress the business, Planamind is a straightforward yet effective business intelligence platform that offers statistical forecasting and business intelligence reporting. Using its distinctive built-in statistic forecasting models, it is an all-in-one planning solution that enables users to perform straightforward consensus planning procedures. Businesses can anticipate and make plans for a variety of potential scenarios thanks to the usage of more than 15 distinct statistical models. An expert selection tool is included with the Planamind platform to assist users with minimal statistical expertise by automatically selecting the best model that matches their data series.

It delivers interactive dashboards and actionable business intelligence reports, just like Tableau and other platforms of a similar kind, and allows you to do whatever you want with your data while presenting it in the shape of a polished chart. Additionally, the platform has a tonne of automated tools that boost productivity. Planamind has several essential functions, including business override, anywhere access, external data, and unit discussion.

3. Whatagraph


This is another artus software. Whatagraph is a marketing performance reporting solution that automatically transforms data from websites and social media into reports that are clear, appealing, and easy to comprehend. The system includes several connectors that enable you to advance reporting. Whatagraph is a business intelligence solution that offers contemporary firms a novel and incredibly visual approach to communicate analytics data in a variety of ways that consumers can easily consume. Also check Tandem Software

This software makes it simple to present analytical data in a distinctive infographic reporting style that is superior to graphs. This platform’s capacity to automatically collect data from 15 different data sources, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, and other sites, is one of its most intriguing and pleasant features.

The programme gathers data, creates the report, and then distributes it to your recipients. The programme provides a straightforward customization option so you may build your own settings and take use of additional features, which makes it more fascinating. It provides a tonne of essential features that make it more appealing, much like other BI systems of a similar nature. Whatagraph offers a variety of pricing options, and each one has its own perks and disadvantages.

4. Owler


Owler is a business intelligence platform created to deliver trustworthy and highly actionable business information on a regular and timely basis to enterprises of any size across multiple sectors. It provides detailed company profiles for up to 15 million businesses. In addition to the solution, daily snapshots and new are delivered, outlining activity, changes, and industry events. With the aid of this application, the user can easily see how the business compares to its rivals and receives your clear and simple depiction to assist users in identifying the area of concern and more.

In contrast to the others, it uses a very creative crowdsourcing technique to provide high-value competitive information. Owler also enables users to access business information on more than 15 million global brands from a variety of sources and communities. With a straightforward and user-friendly interface, the solution offers major features including web-based, competitive statistics, the weekly showdown, and much more.

5. Qlik Analytics Platform

Qlik Analytics Platform

A application called Qlik Analytics Platform gives programmers all the resources they need to build limitless data-driven solutions. It is a pioneer in visual analytics, and its cutting-edge analytics platform enables the development of tailored and guided analytics programmes like online mash-ups and other things. Through their extranet and websites, the solution is primarily utilised to implement business intelligence plans for partners and customers.

Through data, Qlik Analytics Platform facilitates more meaningful connection and collaboration. It enables greater ad-hoc examination of the data without the need to anticipate the kinds of queries a user could make. Additionally, it incorporates several cutting-edge tools and features, setting it apart from competitors. Backend administration APIs, direct API access, an application toolkit, and other significant features are just a few.

6. FoxMetrics


FoxMetrics is a potent customization and marketing analytics platform that gives you access to your data, compares it to others’, and provides insights to help you make decisions and grow your company. The fact that this programme features a potent conversion tool that allows you to acquire specific user data, separate data, and create triggers to tailored messages across a variety of channels is one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of it. This is another artus software.

Simply copy and paste FoxMetrics’ script to use their interactive, user-friendly, and powerful marketing analytics solution. Similar to Tableau, it enables you to build a dashboard and distribute it to partners, coworkers, or clients to manage their work. This BI system’s standout features include HTML bars, email capture, dynamic content, surveys, net promoter score, pop-ups, and product suggestions.

7.  Pyramid 2018

Pyramid 2018


Pyramid 2018 is a different business intelligence and analytics platform that lets data managers design a setting that may satisfy the enterprise’s analytical demands and get it ready for upcoming market problems. It is the perfect platform for any business since it is basic and straightforward to use.

It may be deployed in any environment and run on any operating system or smartphone. The most intriguing feature of this platform is that it features six unique modules that were created especially to give customers unique analytical capabilities.

Additionally, the robust inbuilt ETL capabilities in Pyramid 2018 give users unrestricted access to tools for extracting, transforming, and loading data. You may access the tool at any time, from any location in the globe, and it has thousands of users worldwide. There are many price tiers; each tier has its own price and characteristics.

8. WebKPI


Better financial analysis for businesses was made possible with the introduction of WebKPI in 2007, a straightforward yet effective business intelligence system. Many small- to medium-sized enterprises lack the funds necessary to hire and retain a staff of financial analysts to support management. It provides a special collection of web solutions to meet your desire for a budget-friendly yet reliable company system. You may rapidly get an overview of the condition and direction of your business using this solution and the financial statement from today.

This is another artus software. Using WebKPI, managers may make choices based on recent financial data without adding additional or additional work for the accounting team. Numerous features are provided by the solution to assist you in managing your professional practise and other associated activities. Over 150 pre-built reports, mobile data collecting, cloud-based, dashboard creation and sharing, customization, and other notable features are among its standout characteristics.

9. Looker


Data exploration is made simple with Looker, a top business intelligence software or data-discovery solution. Business customers may access their data analytics team’s enterprise using the tool’s interactive web-based interface. You may access it whenever you want, from any location in the globe, thanks to the web-based platform.

This programme makes it simple to produce and distribute reports. Looker can assist all businesses in using data to inform their company choices and actions. It has a customization option that enables you to include the customised configuration, much like other platforms of a similar nature. Also check EtQ EHS Software

There is no complex coding required; all you need to do is follow the instructions and use the tools to create a robust system. Self-service capabilities offered by Looker include pivoting, filtering, and building interactive dashboards. Additionally, it includes a number of key components that provide intrigue.

10. Jaspersoft


With the aid of highly interactive reports, analytics, and dashboards, Jaspersoft is one of the most efficient business intelligence platforms. It is a straightforward yet effective tool for many sorts of businesses. Big data and cloud deployment assistance is provided, enabling customers to quickly fulfil the promise of self-service at scale.

The tool’s outstanding feature is that it makes extensive use of open-source commercial business models, is endorsed by a community of up to 250 000 registered users, and has more than 15 million users worldwide. One of the greatest BI systems available today makes it simple to build a dashboard with personalised settings and share it with others without any restrictions.

It is also referred to as the embedded business intelligence solution since it was created specifically for small, medium, and big enterprises and includes data visualisation, analytics, and reporting features. The platform’s main features include data integration, data analytics, ODS, OLAP server, metadata layer, multi-tenancy, and audit logging. This is another artus software.

11. Datanyze


For online technology firms, Datanyze is a powerful sales intelligence and lead generating tool. To identify the technologies being utilised, it regularly assesses millions of webpages. Users of this programme are able to design their own alerts and receive notifications anytime a webpage begins or ends utilising web-specific technologies. It is also referred to as an all-in-one platform that boosts productivity.

It is connected with third-party services like Jigsaw, CrunchBase, and LinkedIn, just like other comparable systems, to deliver information about contacts and leads straight to the web app. Users of Datanyze get limitless access to reports, searches, and lookups. This tool requires no authorization to set up and is simple to do. It has several cutting-edge technology, as well as essential features including alarms, countdowns, correlations, email fender, and much more.

12. Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics

Leading business intelligence solution Logi Analytics enables organisations to interact with people and provide them with the information they require. It is also referred to as a Gartner-recognized solution that aids programmers in creating services and intelligent applications for business usage or customer-facing objectives.

Additionally, Logi Analytics provides servers that let users connect to all of the accessible data sources and facilitate easy information retrieval. This platform enables developers to link their organisations’ scattered data sources, allowing them to build more powerful, intelligence-giving applications that give corporate users and partners precise numbers and information.

With the help of Logi Analytics, customers may completely modify the look and feel of their application; they can do this using a variety of tools, such as custom themes, CSS, and third-party controls and plug-ins. Additionally, Logi Analytics offers essential features like theme editing, self-service analysis, reports, interactive dashboards, and much more.

13. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

A cloud-based analytics tool called Salesforce Analytics Cloud was created specifically to aid medium-sized and big firms. With this all-encompassing business intelligence system, you can manage your whole workload, produce documents, add custom fields, and share them with clients and partners without any restrictions. The platform has several cutting-edge features and is accessible on PC and mobile devices.

This is another artus software. All of the features are affordable and were created to fulfil the requirements of different consumers. It features a customization mechanism that lets you utilise the drag and drop approach and conveniently share the dashboard, just like other BI software of a such kind. Self-service, immediate access, mobile-first, a user-friendly interface, sharing while travelling, and many more features.



DAVinCI LABS is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered business intelligence (BI) or analytical data solution designed specifically for generating value for businesses. It serves as a substitute for Tableau and provides all the same services along with some more sophisticated capabilities. The service gives firms access to an analytics system powered by artificial intelligence that finds and analyses patterns in historical corporate data using machine learning algorithms. Also check mailroom management software

A deployable prediction model will be developed using the discoveries, and it will be simple and easy to integrate into almost any strategic system. Numerous additional features of the application were used, including target marketing, fraud detection, credit rating, and very actionable insight into the future.

Similar to other platforms, it enables you to quickly develop a solid and trustworthy prediction model with only a few clicks and even share it with others. With the help of DAVinCI LABS, you may find intricate and hidden patterns in your large data, and the entire discovery process can be completed in a single day. Therefore, depending on complex patterns, you may quickly develop a variety of business roles. Additionally, DAVinCI LABS offers a number of features that add to its attraction.

15. KPI Library

KPI Library

KPI Library is a comprehensive business intelligence solution designed specifically for professionals that want to boost their output. It is also known as a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) that aids companies in selecting the appropriate KPIs depending on objectives and sector. The fact that this platform provides a significant source of KPIs for all the top brands and businesses, like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, and others, is one of its most fascinating and engaging features. This is another artus software.

With more than 6500 complex templates and examples available, it is the perfect tool for any business. Simply select one of them and begin producing data without any restrictions. KPI Library is accessible to thousands of individuals worldwide who use it to organise their job.

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