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Top 15 Best Berke Alternatives In 2024


This post will explain berke alternatives. Berke is a user-friendly and straightforward employee onboarding programme that is now marketed under the name Highmatch. By providing you with high-quality tools and capabilities for performing assessment tests and interviews, Berke enables you to automate the hiring process. With the help of the many templates and forms it provides, you may even complete recruitment processes including exams, evaluations, interviews, applications, etc. This software also gives you good alternatives for calculating incentives, bonuses, and other perks. You can use it to teach and develop applicants.

You can do the exam and interview from any remote place because it is a cloud-based service. The software’s biggest feature is that it makes it simple to keep track of each employee’s absences and holidays as well as their attendance. Additionally, it enables you to have a thorough understanding of an employee’s character, outlook, and method of working. The finest software for your business would be Berke if you’re wanting to automate and streamline the paperwork involved in hiring.

Top 15 Best Berke Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about berke here are the details below;

1. HighMatch


By onboarding precise and ideal individuals whose goals match with those of the firm, HighMatch, a personnel management software solution, aids in lowering the employee turnover rate. It offers you a range of employee assessment alternatives, and you may administer the test for hiring and promotion from any place. You can gain a thorough understanding of an employee’s personality, communication abilities, preferences, emotional intelligence, and work methodology. Additionally, it aids in your comprehension of a candidate’s aptitude and skill level, both of which are crucial for carrying out the responsibilities and obligations of a position.

It offers you a personalised assessment test that is created by the service team, and it provides you with a comprehensive report in your native tongue. Additionally, it has the option of easily configurable work profiles in addition to the customisable job profiles. This programme gives you a comprehensive report following professional consultation, development, and analysis. As a result, HighMatch provides you with thorough and precise results that you may utilise for employee onboarding.

2. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index

This is another berke alternatives. The Predictive Index is a software solution for talent acquisition and staff management that enables you to hire the finest personnel for your company and lets you generate a report after completing the assessment tests. You may define goals for each team, and it also offers guidance on how to boost team performance. Using this software, you can administer a test that confirms your cognitive and behavioural talents in relation to the job’s requirements. With the help of this programme, you can give staff better tools for communication and boost teamwork.

It enables you to survey employee engagement and have a comprehensive understanding of the employees’ performances. Besides, you can accept advice on how to raise staff skill levels. Behavioral assessment, cognitive assessment, job evaluation, employee experience survey, talent optimization, certification, reporting, hybrid work tools, talent strategy, and many more incredible features make The Predictive Index a full solution.

3. Harver


It is possible to hire applicants in large numbers from any location with the use of the employee hiring software solution known as Harver. It provides you with a sophisticated two-way matching mechanism, which aids in lowering employee turnover. This software can help you streamline your hiring procedures and cut down on paperwork. You can modify the evaluation based on the requirements of the jobs using this user-friendly software. The software enables you to evaluate an employee’s ability level and gain significant insight into their personality. Also check eLearning software development

After evaluating the prospects, it gives you comprehensive information from which you can confidently base your hiring choices. Additionally, you can quickly assess a candidate’s aptitude and the level of proficiency needed to complete the tasks and responsibilities of a position. Harver is your finest alternative if you’re seeking for comprehensive hiring software that streamlines your procedures.

4. HireScore


With the help of the employee onboarding software solution known as HireScore, you can swiftly hire talented and skilled candidates after conducting an assessment exam and interview. You may simply run a wide variety of customised assessment tests using this programme, which is simple to use and accessible from anywhere. This programme can help you shorten the time an employee remains on the job because it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the personality and skills of the applicant. The software’s strongest advantage is its ability to streamline paperwork and automate the hiring process.

It enables you to fully profile every applicant and to follow their recruiting process at any stage. Additionally, it provides a cloud-based applicant profile database that you may utilise to discover a candidate that meets a job criteria. As a result, HireScore is the top choice in its category because it enables you to swiftly recruit qualified people.

5. WizeHire


By providing you with high-quality and accurate reports following the administration of the assessment tests and interviews, WizeHire is a recruitment management and optimization software solution that enables you to lower the cost of hiring new employees as well as increase employee retention. You have a variety of options for employee evaluation tests, and you can even administer the promotion evaluation test from a distance. For candidates that passed the assessment test, you can utilise this software to conduct an online interview. The best aspect of this job is that it enables you to assess candidates’ aptitude and skill levels, two factors that are crucial for them to successfully complete the responsibilities and duties of a position.

You may develop a detailed profile of candidates using its user interface and dashboard, which makes it easy to monitor their progress at any point. Additionally, this software gives you the tools and choices you need to improve teamwork among employees’ members as well as their communication skills. WizeHire is comprehensive software that handles all facets of recruiting and is therefore used for hiring and onboarding new employees.

6. Hire Success

Hire Success

With the aid of the candidate onboarding software solution known as Hire Success, you are able to construct a thorough profile for each of your applicants and choose the most qualified one following the administration of valid assessment exams and interviews. You can effortlessly keep track of each candidate’s performance metric at any time thanks to its comprehensive dashboard. You can compile a report on the skills of your staff, which will assist you focus on skill development while you’re at work. It gives you access to test forms and templates that you may modify to meet your needs. This is another berke alternatives.

You can simplify all of your procedures with the programme, which also lowers the cost of hiring. Additionally, it gives you a comprehensive report following professional consultation, development, and analysis. Employee personality, preferences, communication abilities, emotional attitudes, IQ, and attitude toward the job and responsibilities may all be fully understood. As a result, Hire Success is a great choice for hiring fresh talent because it provides you with trustworthy and precise results.

7. Employment Technologies

Employment Technologies

Employment Technologies is a high-end employee hiring and management system that enables you to select the most qualified applicant for the required position and provides you with numerous personalised alternatives for carrying out candidate assessments. Its dashboard is very straightforward and gives you plenty of room to manage several hiring projects at once. With the aid of this programme, you can determine a candidate’s behaviour and attitude toward the position in order to choose the finest candidates and lower the employee turnover rate. Also check EtQ EHS Software

The finest aspect of this programme is that you can use it to survey or analyse employee engagement and gain a thorough understanding of how well they are performing. Additionally, it is a cloud-based application that provides you with a database to save all of your profile information, which you may use for upcoming hiring initiatives. As a result, Employment Technologies is the ideal piece of software in its category since it addresses every facet of successful recruiting and recruitment.

8. InterviewOpps


With the help of InterviewOpps, an advanced software programme for hiring and onboarding new employees, you have a variety of alternatives for quickly conducting assessments and interviews with prospects. You can set up an interview for each position and post an unlimited number of jobs with all of the necessary information. Its interface is customizable and provides you with enough room to organise all of the interviews on a single screen. You may establish profiles for each candidate, and it offers you extensive reports.

It enables you to make a judgement right away regarding a potential applicant, and you can even comment on and express your ideas about each interview. In addition to video interviews, interview scheduling, candidate screening, branding, rates, reviews, different response types, jobs, sharing, retry limits, teams, interview tagging, white-label, on-demand interviews, Google Chrome extension, API integration, and many other noteworthy features, InterviewOpps is a complete and best option in its category.

9. Wonderlic WonScore

Wonderlic WonScore

With the use of Wonderlic’s WonScore candidate onboarding software, you can perform hiring assessments and interviews to identify potential employees for your business. You have the choice to set up a thorough candidate profile, and you may post the tasks to a dashboard. The candidate profile and the position can easily be matched, and the assessment may be done from anywhere. You have the choice of taking a cognitive ability test, and you may even test your personality. It has a sizable dashboard that enables you to handle several jobs at once.

The ability to design your own unique custom tests and structure the exam based on specific job requirements and situations is the software’s strongest feature. Additionally, it lowers employee churn and gives you a thorough understanding of the personality and skills of the candidate. By using this programme, you may streamline your company’s paperwork and automate the employment process. WonScore from Wonderlic is the finest choice in its category as a result, and it provides you with a comprehensive solution to successfully hire the ideal applicant.

10. Ducknowl


This is another berke alternatives. A web-based talent acquisition software system called Ducknowl enables you to swiftly choose individuals that are a good fit for your company and gives you alternatives for how to conduct the assessment test and interview. It enables you to include the resumes of every applicant and automatically guides you in sorting out the best CV for the position you want. With the use of this programme, you can quickly share the interview session with your team for additional analysis while also doing an online interview to better understand the candidates’ skills. You can modify its dashboard and use it to manage many hiring projects simultaneously.

It gives you the choice of using a test bank to administer the customised test to your candidates and gain access to their knowledge and capabilities Additionally, it gives you the choice of using audio screening to perform the phone interview. In summary, Ducknowl addresses every facet of effective hiring, and you can quickly tailor its options to match your specific employment requirements.

11. EmployTest


EmployTest is a platform for hiring employees that aids you in effectively completing all hiring tasks and makes it simple to understand the traits and abilities of candidates via the use of assessment tests and interviews. Through software, you may easily complete hiring processes like tests, evaluations, interviews, applications, etc. by having access to a large variety of templates and forms. This software can be used to administer a test that explains the candidates’ behavioural and cognitive traits in relation to the job’s criteria.

Due to its assistance in automating the hiring and onboarding process, it enables you to lower the cost of hiring. Additionally, you can share the entire profile with your team members and provide your possible recruit your rapid, frank, and objective assessments. This software consults with experts in the subject to give you with a comprehensive report. As a result, EmployTest is the finest choice in its category because it addresses every area of hiring and recruiting.

12. The Hire Talent

The Hire Talent

The Hire Talent is a web-based workforce management tool that enables you to employ qualified applicants without any biases or discrimination and aids in building a skilled team for your business. With the help of this programme, you can simply administer employee evaluation exams and administer evaluation tests for employee promotions from any location at any time. By choosing qualified and deserving personnel, you can utilise this programme to understand the behaviour, attitude, and approach of candidates toward the job obligations and thereby lower the employee retention rate. This is another berke alternatives.

It has a wide-ranging, thorough dashboard that enables you to incorporate all of the contenders’ resumes and makes it simple for you to locate a suitable resume. Additionally, it enables you to automate the employment process and efficiently cut costs and paper use. As a result, The Hire Talent is the best hiring software because it gives you a variety of possibilities to discover a qualified applicant.

13. Vervoe


Before making a final decision on a candidate, you can evaluate their skills and talents with Vervoe, a sophisticated skill evaluation tool. It supplies you with a wide mixture of evaluation exams that you can modify based on each and every work requirement. You may quickly administer the test from any location and receive fast, in-depth outcome results. This software enables you to gain a thorough understanding of an employee’s character and attitude toward their work and organisation. Also check softclinic software

This is another berke alternatives. It also enables you to determine a candidate’s aptitude and the level of proficiency required to carry out the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job. Additionally, its dashboard gives you plenty of room so that you may handle several profiles and hiring projects at once. Vervoe is a comprehensive hiring procedure as a result, enabling you to promptly hire qualified applicants without any discrimination.

14. GSE Hiring

GSE Hiring

After doing the assessment exam and interviews, GSE Hiring, an employee recruitment and selection software, assists you in choosing the best candidate from among the thousands by analysing their potential, attitude, and skill set. You are able to add an infinite number of resumes, and it will automatically select the best one for the job depending on the job posting. You may assess a variety of talents, including communication, multitasking, coding, pressure management, and many more, using its high-quality assessment exams, which were created by specialists.

Following the assessment test, you are able to conduct an interview and share the entire session with experts for additional analysis. Additionally, you are able to post an infinite number of jobs and pair each one with the right profiles. Due to its adaptable and user-friendly features, GSE Hiring is a fantastic software for hiring potential candidates.

15. WeCP


WeCP is a high-end, web-based software programme for recruiting and selection that enables you to identify the best applicant for your company after conducting individualised assessment tests and interview sessions. It enables you to develop a thorough profile for each applicant and attach the exam and interview results, which you can then simply share with your team members for additional research. With the aid of this software, you may ascertain a candidate’s attitude, talents, and other qualifications that are required for the position. This is another berke alternatives.

You can automate the hiring procedure and lessen the tedium of paperwork and manual labour. Additionally, you can eliminate prejudice and discrimination from the hiring procedure and lower the employee turnover rate. It is a cloud-based piece of software that enables you to manage everything from any distance. WeCP would be the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking for an all-in-one programme to hire or onboard numerous people.

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