12 Best Cloud-based Accounting Software For Business

Are you looking for the cloud-based accounting software? Accounting is an important aspect of business management. It aids in the creation and control of a budget, the decision-making process for major purchases, and the tracking of expenses. Your business will always be a little behind when it comes to growth if you don’t have accounting.

Accounting, on the other hand, can be difficult and time-consuming. Answering critical questions like “Is my business profitable?” and “Can we make required tax payments?” can be difficult for business owners who are already struggling to keep up with the bare minimum tasks like paying bills and keeping track of income.

Accounting is best done by cloud-based accounting software rather than by a person. While having a real accountant on standby is beneficial and necessary, the majority of the work will be handled by cloud-based accounting software. Using cloud-based accounting software can save you a significant amount of time and money while also ensuring that you are legally compliant in all financial areas.

It also generates on-demand reports, which help you get a better idea of where your company stands. Take “chance of errors” as an example of something you wouldn’t have been able to accomplish manually. There’s almost no chance of an accounting solution making a mistake.

Let’s take a look at the various cloud-based accounting software to give you a better idea of what to use.

Cloud-based Accounting Software

Cloud-based accounting software is probably the best option for handling accounting. It can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders. It also comes with a slew of benefits and features that will entice you to give it serious thought. You can do the following with a Cloud-based accounting software:

  • Save money up front and in the long run.
  • On a variety of fronts, you can save a significant amount of bandwidth.
  • Because the solution is online, you can access it from any device.
  • Take advantage of increased safety.

Not to mention features such as collaboration and workflow automation.

12 Best Cloud-based Accounting Software for Business

If all of that sounds like something you’d benefit from, check out the list of cloud-based accounting software I’ve put together below.



Sage a cloud-based accounting software allows you to manage accounting , finance, people, payroll, and other aspects of your business with over 3 million customers. You can access the departments from any device and manage a number of different areas all from a single cloud solution. If you like having everything in one place, I’m confident you’ll enjoy Sage. You should definitely check it out because they’ve won several awards for their excellent service over the years.

Zoho Books


Zoho Books is a feature-rich solution that has been a well-known name in the industry for a long time, and they’ve never stopped improving. You can manage your finances, automate business workflows, and collaborate with your team members to work together using this software.

Invoicing, negotiating deals, and raising sales orders are just a few of the tasks it can handle. In addition, if you’re from India, you can be GST compliant. Because your business’s needs change over time, Zoho Books lets you integrate over 40 apps to manage every aspect of your operations.

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Though each of the cloud-based accounting software on this list is excellent for non-accounting professionals, Quickbooks is a little more universal. Everything is well-organized and easily accessible. You also get easy-to-understand reports and dashboards. You can easily import and sort expenses into appropriate categories by connecting your bank account and cards.

It’s also as simple as clicking a button to sync with popular apps. You’ll get invoicing as well as all of the tools you’ll need to better manage your finances. In addition, Quickbooks customers save an average of $3,534 in taxes each year.



Xero can help you maintain great financial health for your business by integrating with over 800 apps. This solution allows you to work on the go from any device. There’s a lot you can do with this, from simple reconciliation to creating invoices and expense claims.

When it comes to the “reconcile” feature, it allows you to easily import and categorize your most recent bank transactions into Xero and account for them. You don’t have to manually add them to each section to figure out where they belong and whether or not to calculate them. With their 30-day free trial, you can get started right away.



Quicken is a popular financial management programme that has received high praise from PCMag. It has a wide range of features to help you keep track of your finances. You can keep track of your spending by looking at the balance after bills are paid, and you can make precise financial decisions with their custom budgets.

You can set due date reminders and manage your bills with ease. Aside from that, Quicken is a great tool for keeping track of investments because it allows you to review your portfolio, track performance, and compare markets. Above all, your data is protected with 256-bit encryption.



With Kashoo, you can quickly organize a year’s worth of expenses. It has a “smart inbox” feature that helps you prepare for taxes by separating personal and business data. The best part is that their AI technology will learn your business and create a manual expense tracking history for you so you don’t have to.

Not to mention the ease with which you can analyze your reports and generate invoices. You can sign up for free and take advantage of a variety of features as well as excellent customer service.



ZipBooks is simple but effective, and it’s jam-packed with features you didn’t know you needed. You can, for example, ask your customers to leave reviews after they’ve been paid.

This aids in the development of your online presence and the acquisition of new customers. You can use auto-billing to create invoices and even set reminders. With ZipBooks, you can use simple-reconciliation, colour coding, auto-categorization, and a whole suite of reports to make your bookkeeping and reporting smarter.



FreshBooks is another amazing all-in-one invoicing and accounting solution that is widely used, and it is one of the most popular on this list. To save time and focus on areas that require your attention, you can automate a variety of tasks such as invoice reminders and payment collection.

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Aside from that, you can:

  • View in-depth reports
  • Make a variety of online payment options available.
  • Improve your workflow by working together with your team.
  • You can also use the solution on your mobile device.

They have an award-winning support team ready to help you with your issues and concerns.



FreeAgent, which has a 4.5/5 star rating on TrustPilot, can help you stay on top of your taxes, manage expenses, and create invoices quickly. It has a very clean dashboard, so you always know what you’re working on. You can also receive automated tax forecasts and reminders. They have excellent UK-based support accountants who can assist you at any time. It’s completely free to get started. There is no need to use a credit card.



Whether it’s compliance requirements or EU-VAT complications, Chargebee, cloud-based accounting software will always keep you up to date on the latest tax rules. In fact, you can easily blend your SaaS Accounting with the ever-changing finance department by using this solution, which complies with GAAP and IFRS.

Chargebee can also be integrated and synced with a variety of other apps to help you streamline your accounting. It also allows you to keep a constant eye on the forecast, allowing you to get a better understanding of the most recent curve. There are a slew of other features waiting to be discovered, so take a look and see if it’s the right fit for you.



ProfitBooks is simple and growing quickly in the market, making it ideal for people with little to no accounting experience by cloud-based accounting software. You can make beautiful invoices, keep track of your expenses, and manage your inventory.

After that, you can easily share the data with other members of your team if necessary. This solution is completely free to use and includes three different languages for chat support, which is incredible. There are no restrictions, no hidden costs, and no strings attached.



LessAccounting allows you to do everything that other solutions allow you to do, but with a little less effort. It’s software that does the heavy lifting for you so you don’t have to. You can get started right away by connecting your bank account and seeing all of your transactions appear in your bookkeeping without having to manually enter receipts.

You can also set up recurring billing, manage invoices, and accept payments more quickly. All paid invoices will be automatically recorded in your accounting records. Try it out for free for the first month.


I’m assure you that using these cloud-based accounting software will make your accounting a lot easier. In fact, you’ll save a significant amount of time, money, and energy.

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