14 Best Movie Maker Apps and Editor Mobile Apps

We live in a time when smartphones can do almost everything that was previously only possible on computers. One of them is making/editing videos by the best movie maker apps. You can make videos with just your phone that have the potential to go viral and earn you enough money to live on if pushed hard enough.

When it comes to the financial potential of making videos, TikTok celebrities like Charli D’Amelio earn between $30K and $51K per post. She is currently thought to be the highest TikTok earner. There are also millions of YouTube video creators who make a living from their creations.

While all of these may appear to be impossible to achieve, they are not. It’ll be difficult, but with the right strategies and the best movie maker apps, you could be among these influencers in a few months or years.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best mobile apps and the best movie maker apps for creating and editing videos for online distribution. While you may be familiar with some of the best movie maker apps, I strongly advise you to read the entire list in order to learn something new like advanced the best movie maker apps in 2021.

Let’s get started.

Best Movie Maker Apps and Editor Mobile Apps

Checkout top 14 the best Movie Maker Apps and Editor Mobile Apps available for both iOS and Android too in 2021.



If you’ve been editing videos on a computer for a while, you’re probably familiar with Filmora. While you won’t be able to use the same software on your phone, you can download FilmoraGo, which is a mobile version of the software.

It’s all about getting those edits in while you’re out and about. It’s simple to use and allows you to do things like add music, add effects, adjust speed, apply transitions, and much more. Their website claims it’s for Android, but there’s also an iOS version available.

Film Maker Pro


Film Maker Pro is a free and easy-to-use programme that allows you to create amazing Hollywood-style videos with a variety of editing options. At any point during the video’s duration, you can split, cut, trim, duplicate, and even detach the audio.

You can also easily add text, filters, and other elements to video intros. The best part is that your videos can be compressed and converted for various platforms. Film Maker Pro is included in the best movie maker apps and available for Android devices.



TikTok is the hottest social media trend right now, and you should definitely be a part of it. You can make almost any video, from funny short clips to monologues to magic tricks to what you’re doing now, and still have a chance to gain a massive following.

Most celebrities, as well as regular people, have downloaded this app, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t as well. This app is included in the best movie maker apps and available for both iOS and Android.

Video Editor


The Video Editor for iOS is worth a little space on your device because it has over 80 filters and a plethora of effects. It lets you combine, trim, and edit video clips to create a fantastic final product. You can also use it to create slideshows and apply slow-mo and reverse effects. If you want to experiment with various types of music in your videos, you can do so by selecting them from your library.

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There are numerous other options, such as:

  • Changes to video
  • Voiceovers and Transitions

While the app is free to use at first, there are paid plans available that may be of interest to you.



Looking for a video editing app that makes it simple to make slick, music-driven content for social media platforms like TikTok, Triller, Snapchat Spotlight, and YouTube Shorts? Beatleap is an excellent video editor created by Lightricks that streamlines the process of creating clips while saving you time.

It includes a variety of useful features as well as vibrant interactions for fun editing. Beatleap is your friend whether you’re mixing your workout video with instructions, showcasing your eCommerce store’s newest threads, boomeranging your road trip, or dancing gracefully.

Make your video stand out with cool music that you can adjust for effects, styles, speeding up, and slowing down, among other things. Simply choose your footage, soundtrack, and editing style, and the app will do the rest, synchronising on-screen motion to the beat of the music.

Beatleap subscribers get access to unlimited features and content. Alternatively, a one-time payment option for a lifetime is also available. It starts at $5.99 per month and comes with a free trial.


Alive app

From sound effects and filters to text and music, Alive lives up to its name by bringing your videos to life. This app has been used to create short and sweet videos as well as vlogs. The best part is that you can start your own little community within the app and also look at what other people are making to get some inspiration. This app is included in the best movie maker apps and available for both iOS and Android.



Magisto is another impressive video editor to add to the list, having been named Apple’s “App Trend of the Year” in 2019 and winning several Google Play awards. You can look through their library and use a variety of stock videos and images to make something unique.

The app is lightning fast, simple to use, and assists you in creating effective videos for your business. This app has a unique concept in that it asks you to choose your editing style before creating any video. Whether you’re making slideshows or video collages, Magisto will recognize what you’re looking for and recommend the best tools to use within the interface.



I recall that InShot was the first video editing app I installed on my phone a few years ago, and I was completely enthralled by its capabilities. It gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of trimming, splitting, merging, and adjusting your video clips. In fact, you can use this app to create amazing vlogs that you can share on platforms like YouTube. Filters, sound effects, stickers, and upbeat music are all excellent. It’s also possible to add your own voiceover to it. This app is included in the best movie maker apps and available for both iOS and Android.



PixArt can be used for a variety of video editing tasks. You can begin by adding TikTok background music, transitions, subtitles, and various other elements to a pre-made template. It also allows you to fine-tune your video to meet your specific needs. This app is available for download for free on Android, and there are no watermarks. If you ask me, that’s a huge deal maker right there. There aren’t many apps that will let you remove the watermark for free.

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Splice is a simple but powerful mobile app that allows you to use desktop-like functions on your phone. It comes with a plethora of editing features, including text, effects, transitions, and much more. You can also add different audio tracks to your video by mixing them together.

There are several orientation options available, as well as the ability to add voiceovers. They’re constantly updating the app with new features, so you’ll always be up to date on the latest video trends. This app is currently only available for IOS users.


 best movie maker apps

Quik allows you to mix and match your media files to create a great-looking video that can be used anywhere. It has artificial intelligence (AI) that detects different moods in your gallery and adds them to your video to keep the vibe consistent.

It can, for example, detect and add photos of you smiling, or you can specify other criteria. With just a few taps, you can easily customize, add a soundtrack, add effects, and share it with the world. This app is included in the best movie maker apps and available for both iOS and Android.



VivaVideo, which has been praised by some of the largest companies, including Google Play and Quora, makes it simple to create professional videos. It is simple in appearance but has a lot to offer on the plate. Aside from all of the standard features, VivaVideo also allows you to add stickers, themes, and effects. If you’re looking for a quick video to share on social media, this app will almost certainly suffice. It’s available for IOS and Android devices.



How cool would it be to be able to make cinematic videos right on your phone? With its powerful features and content packs, PowerDirector can help you do just that. Transitions, blending effects, masks, audio tracks, and professional-looking titles allow you to be as creative as you want. You can also add multiple soundtracks to the timeline and mix them up for a unique end result. Both IOS and Android versions of PowerDirector are available.



Dubsmash is a similar app to TikTok, but with fewer features. It used to be better back when TikTok wasn’t around, but it quickly fell behind the competition. That does not, however, imply that the app is bad. It has some pretty cool features, including the ability to make dance/fun videos for social media.

To make your own social media video, combine music, effects, text, and a slew of transitions. You can immediately share it on your preferred social platform once you’ve finished creating it. This app is included in the best movie maker apps and available for both iOS and Android.


Creating professional videos has never been easier, regardless of whether you have an iOS or Android device. The best movie maker apps will assist you in achieving the exact look you desire and creating stunning videos that can be shared all over the Internet. If you want to make money from your videos, VidIQ is a good place to start.

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