20 Best Plex Plugins And Channels You Should Install 2021

You can use Plex, a media server that allows you to store and access all of your media files from anywhere in the world. This includes videos, audio files, photos, and other online services. You can extend the functionality of your media server with the aid of Plex plugins and channels. Plex plugins are media player for folks who want to enjoy material from the comfort of their own homes because it is internet-enabled.

It is possible to access the library from any location thanks to the client-based server, which keeps you pleasantly entertained. Plex plugins enhance the functionality of the media server by enhancing its already powerful capabilities and making it even more helpful.

20 Best Plex Plugins & Plex Channels

Plex is an excellent app. You can make it as good as any other popular app in this category by expanding its functionality and changing the interface to meet your specific needs.We’ve compiled a list of the best Plex plugins and channels that make the software more interesting, more useful, and overall better. The list of the must-have Plex plugins, while the second portion contains a list of the best Plex channels to watch.

Plex plugins


Trakt.tv is one of the best Plex Plugins since it synchronises all of your viewing history, ratings, and playback progress. Trakt.tv keeps track of everything, whether it’s a TV show or a movie. Data can also be synced between Kodi, MediaPortal, Emby, and Infuse. 

Get Plex-Trakt-Scrobble


plex plugins

Those who are familiar with IPTV can simply install this add-on and leave it to work. IPTV is used by several TV networks to broadcast programs. This plugin is useful for gaining access to all of those resources, as long as they are not geo-blocked. It takes live stream URLs from a m3u file and converts them to a Plex-friendly format. It’s a good idea to do some research about IPTV before installing and using it. 



transmogrify Plex plugins

Transmogrify is one of the most beneficial Plex plugins if you use Plex through a web browser. It is a browser addon with a variety of functions. The solutions for viewing movie trailers, missing shows and episodes, and the Rotten Tomatoes page for movies are among them. On the movie pages, you can include a ‘Can I Stream It’ widget. This add-on allows you to study the actor profile and cast members of a movie if you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about your favorite actors.

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Tautulli Plex plugins

Tautulli, formerly PlexPy, is a useful Plex add-on for users who want to share their Plex library with family and friends. It renders Plex server statistics, and the statistics are about the shows you view. These include information such as the date and number of times you watched. When you enable alerts, it sends out notifications to everyone about new content or additions. Tables and visuals are used to present information in an easy-to-understand format.Tautilli is one of those ideal Plex plugins for keeping track of content, monitoring server activity, and seeing statistics.

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WebTools (Unsupported AppStore)

plex plugins

WebTools is one of Plex’s most popular and useful plugins. The WebTools plugin presently has three modules: UAS (Unsupported App Store), TechInfo, and PlayList. Depending on the operating system you use, installing this add-on may be a bit difficult. Before you begin using WebTools, you must first read the online manual. WebTools should be on your Plex plugins list if you require an effective tool to administer and organize your Plex Media server.

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plex plugins

Sub-Zero, one of the best Plex plugins, can create subtitles for your media library. It’s a Plex Media Server metadata agent and UI plugin. It searches ten different subtitle supplier websites and APIs for you to get the best match and download site. After looking at the file names of your media files and using an algorithm to assign a score to each subtitle, the matching is completed. The highest-scoring subtitle is selected for you. You can even choose where the subtitles should be stored on the Sub-Zero.

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plex2netflix plex plugins

Plex2Netflix comes in handy if you run out of space on your hard drive. Despite the fact that you can’t view Netflix on Plex, you can still see how much Plex media is left over while watching Netflix. It gets a list of all the media from the chosen library area using the Plex Web API. For extra space, you can also eliminate some undesirable content from the media content.

Get Plex2Netflix

Plex Export

It generates an HTML page containing details about the material in your Plex library. Without access to the originating server, the page can be shared publicly. Additional information can be viewed with a single click. In each area, live filtering is provided. Plex Export, one of the best Plex plugins, allows you to lazy-load photos and acquire additional information such as ratings and release year.

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theater trailers plex plugins

TheaterTrailers is a fantastic Plex Plugin for movie enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on the latest trailers. TheaterTrailers uses youtube-dl to automatically download trailers from YouTube. By adding unreleased movie trailers to your Plex collection, this add-on provides you a movie theatre experience.

Get TheaterTrailers

Plex Sync

Plex Sync

Plex Sync is one of the best Plex plugins, and it’s a must-have if you have numerous Plex servers spread across different regions. It synchronizes all of the user’s devices. It synchronises watch statistics between Plex users. Use this plugin if you’re watching anything with a family member on a single server and want to watch it later from a different location. It will ensure that multiple servers are synchronized so that you can resume from any device at the same spot where you left off.

Get Plex Sync



Kitana, one of Plex’s most popular plugins, rose to prominence in response to Plex’s decision to remove plugins from the server’s front-end and media player apps. Kitana has made installing, deleting, and managing all of the other plugins extremely simple and convenient. The plugin’s web-based interface allows users to automate the sideloading process.

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Ombi is a must-have Plex plugin that allows users to share Plex media with anybody they wish. It also allows you to make requests for content that is currently inaccessible. The Plex plugin is a self-hosted app. It connects visitors to a web gateway where they may make requests. As a result, you can access the web portal at any time to review all of the requests. When the content they requested becomes available, those who made requests will receive notification alerts in the form of emails.

Get Ombi 

Manga Here

Do you enjoy watching anime and reading manga? Many consumers are unaware that they may stream their favorite manga volumes and novels using a Plex plugin. Manga is one of the best Plex plugins for folks who like to read and watch graphic novels on the big screen.

Here’s a blessing for you. You can look for titles by typing their names into the Plex server’s search bar.  The novels are streamed from the Manga Here website, and you have complete access to the content without having to deal with bothersome commercials.

Get Manga Here

Film On

Film On is a fantastic Plex add-on that enhances the beauty of your content streaming experience. It combines with a variety of free television channels. The channels cover a wide range of topics and practically every genre. They have it all: horror, sports, humour, you name it.

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You’ll be able to watch channels that aren’t available in your region but are streamed in other countries, allowing you to bypass geolocation restrictions. Simply create an account on Film On’s official website and sign up using the same credentials on your Plex server, and you’re ready to go.

Get Film On

Ice Films

Ice Films plugin app

Ice Films is one of the Plex plugins that you must have if you have a Roku device. It sends all of your Roku TV channels’ movies and programs to your Plex server. You can provide the plugin your email address, and it will send you alerts and notifications in your inbox, informing you of freshly added content and new shows. The plugin provides access to a large range of content, and you may search for videos alphabetically or by release date. Ice Films is a must-see for anyone looking for hours of superb enjoyment.

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OpenPHT is a Plex plugin that gives your Plex server a modern and intuitive interface. The third-party add-on is compatible with all operating systems, including those that aren’t widely used, such as OpenBSD and Debian. Plex lacks an integrated app, making it impossible to add new material or check for server changes. The Plex plugin OpenPHT solves this problem. Instead of checking in to the web site after installing OpenPHT, you can instantly stream your favourite video material from the server.

Check out OpenPHT



Do you have numerous Plex servers running at the same time? Managing and keeping track of all of them at the same time is difficult. Organizr, one of the most useful Plex plugins, comes in handy here. It allows you to create and add new tabs with different servers. These tabs make it easy to control all of your Plex servers separately.

You can add more than one person to handle and look after the Plex servers by going to the settings option. If you don’t like the default UI theme, you can change it to something more appealing. You can control and access your Plex server from any device, and from any location on the planet.

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BitTorrent has a wealth of great content, such as TV episodes and movies. The video quality is 720p and 1080p HD, and the content is well-organized. Some people may be unable to utilize it since it is bound by the BitTorrent protocol. Because BitTorrent channels use the BitTorrent Protocol, several ISPs refuse to let them stream. You can easily avoid the restrictions and enjoy the content if you use a solid VPN. Install this Plex plugins to stream movies, shows, and series and keep yourself engaged.

Get BitTorrent



If you’re an anime fan, Crunchyroll is a must-see. You can watch a tonne of anime and manga titles in subtitled and dubbed versions if you subscribe to this plugin. The add-on is unofficial, but if you have a premium account, it allows you to stream the content in HD resolution.

Get Crunchyroll

cCloud TV


CCloud TV is a Plex plugins that allows you to watch live television, movies, TV shows, and radio shows. For live TV streaming, you have a vast selection of channels to pick from. Keep in mind that some TV channels may take a long time to load. You can search through a vast range of content that is organized by language, country of origin, and genre. You can also use this Plex plugin to broadcast specific channels using m3u and cCloud TV-style URLs and files.

Get cCloud TV

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