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10 Best PS3 Emulators for PC and Android for Playing Games

PS3 Emulator

The Best PS3 Emulators for Android and PC the PS3 Emulator is a popular guest system gaming console service that allows gamers to play PS3 games on computers running Windows or Mac OS X, as well as mobile devices running Android.

Sony’s Play Station 3 is the successor to the popular PS2 game console and the first to employ Blu-ray Disc as the primary storage medium. In comparison to its sibling, it possessed the best hardware specifications at the time of release.

The console was also wonderfully constructed, having a thin design. The PS3 was a popular video gaming console with a strong and gorgeous design. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, COD4: Modern Warfare, The Last of Us, Persona 5, Mass Effect 2, and others are among the most popular PS3 titles. Emulators are capable of running on a PC system thanks to their high-end graphics and CPU processing capabilities.

PS3 games may usually be played on a Windows or Mac PC without any problems. The PS3 is a high-end gaming system with excellent hardware and GPU specifications. To play the game on Android, you’ll probably need a phone with a powerful CPU-GPU combination and a long battery life.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the best PS3 emulator for PC and Android. All of them are capable of running PS3 games without any problems. An emulator is computer software that allows one computer system to operate on another by replicating all of the system’s activities.

As a result, no special software is required to run the emulators. As a result, you may play high-end adrenaline-pumping games on your system without any problems.

Best PS3 Emulators for PC

Here are the Best PS3 Emulators for PC and Android for Playing Games.


Mednafen is more accurate than the PS3 emulator, meaning that everything it performs is closer to a real PS1. Of course, this may have no bearing on your game experience; the PS3 emulator may do a variety of things differently, but in ways that are never too significant or that you are unaware of.

Emulator developers, on the other hand, often strive for maximum accuracy, therefore these tests are closely scrutinized by devs and huge emulation lovers. Mednafen is also very customizable, with keyword mapping and the ability to play several difficult PC games.

Download Mednafen | Windows


This is another solid PS3 emulator for Windows, albeit some games have difficulties. ESX is capable of running most PS3 exclusive games in native graphics without causing any issues, but it does it at the expense of a strong set of hardware. Despite the fact that the emulator is intended for research reasons, it is nevertheless a viable alternative for playing the most popular PC games.

Recommended System Requirements:

Download ESX-PS3 | Windows


RPCS3 is a free and open-source video game console emulator for the Sony PlayStation 3. The emulator is now available for Windows and Linux. Out of a total of 3074 games, the emulator can play 1068 of them. Many players believed that emulating the system would be difficult due to its complexity of architecture, yet emulators were produced at a fairly early point in its release.

Recommended System Requirements

Download RPCS3 | Windows


The PSeMu3 emulator allows users to play PlayStation 3 games on their computers. It’s a fantastic emulator that works with the original PlayStation, PlayStation 1, and PlayStation 2. Users can also play games that are stored on Blu-ray discs or ISO files.

This free emulator is quite easy to use, and it doesn’t even require the use of Homebrew games. The setup process is simple, from download to installation. It should be noted that the emulator requires the console’s BIOS files to function. It also comes without any games. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10 are required to download the PSeMu3 emulator, as well as a ZIP capable CPU. As a result, PSeMu3 is a reliable and satisfying emulator. This free PS3 emulator is worth a try out of all the PS3 emulators accessible online.

Download PSeMu3 | Windows

Classic Boy

Classic Boy is a retro game emulator that can play all of your favorite games from the past. The creator deserves a lot of credit for making the lives of die-hard gamers easier. To begin, the emulator works with eight different emulators: Play Station 1, Nintendo 64, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Classics, Gameboy Color, NES, Sega Genesis, and SNK NeoGeo.

However, as stated at the outset of this post, none of the eight emulators listed above will come with any preloaded games by default. It has a wireless gesture controller and an accelerometer sensor, to name a few of its characteristics. This makes controlling the in-game character a breeze.

It also has touchscreen inputs from graphical buttons, as well as the flexibility to resize and rotate these buttons. It also has external joystick support for up to four players, the ability to save games at different time intervals, and custom game video size and filter settings.

Download ClassicBoy (Emulator)


Bizhawk is more than simply a PS3 emulator for Windows. It’s a multi-system emulator that guarantees a seamless gaming experience. It is also compatible with systems such as the Nintendo NES and SNES, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Nintendo Gameboy, and Gameboy Advance, in addition to the PS3.

Let us persuade you if you are suspicious of Bizhawk. This emulator is ideal for gaming speed runs. It is one of the greatest PS3 emulators since it is specifically intended for tool-assisted speed runs. It even allows users to create their own bitmap keys!

Bizhawk’s advantages include its simple user interface, save and slow down functionality, and Lua scripting capability. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you should know that it also supports in-game recording! We recognize that Bizhawk isn’t everyone’s first pick when it comes to PS3 emulators, but its results speak for themselves.

Download Bizhawk

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now (PS Now) is a cloud-based gaming subscription service, not a gaming emulator in and of itself. The platform allows users to pay for access to a limited number of PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles, which can then be streamed to a PC.

To use the service, you’ll need a DualShock 3, 4, or Xbox controller. It is also recommended that players have a 5 Mbps internet connection in order to get the best results. Due to the emulation architecture, the internet streaming service will eliminate any complications. Furthermore, having high-end hardware specs will be less of a burden because the game will be streamed online via Sony servers.

Recommended System Requirements

PlayStation Now | Windows


PPSSPP is a program that allows you to play Sony PSP games on your smartphone. It surely qualifies as the greatest PSP emulator available on the market, with millions of downloads and a 4.2+ average rating. The PSP is a Sony portable handheld platform that allows gamers to play all of the popular PS2 and PS3 games without the need for a console or a TV box.

As a result, as a portable console, the PPSSPP emulator has been tuned to make the most of the mobile screen area when playing PS3 games. The emulator is fairly reliable and handles the games with ease. Although there are a few lags here and there, the PPSSPP allows you to play any PS2 game with a well-defined control mapping. Persona, Dragon Ball Z, Little Big Planet, Burnout Legends, Burnout Dominator, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy: Type-0, Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD Remake, and many other games are supported with PPSSPP. The best part is that it is free to download from the Google Play Store.

Download PPSSPP | Free

PS3 Emulator 

The Sony PS3 Emulator is an Android emulator that allows you to play Sony Play Station games on your Android device. It’s simple; simply download the app and follow the setup instructions. After the setup is complete, you can begin playing the games. However, because this is a cross-platform change, even if you have a high-end smartphone, the majority of them may not work properly.

Download PS3 Emulator | Android


With the emulators listed above, you may play PS3 games on Android and Windows computers. However, the games may run well on PC due to high hardware specifications, but Android compatibility is a concern. An emulator is a software that allows one computer system to mimic the behavior of another. It mimics the original system and allows you to use the application or software on a variety of operating systems.

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