Best Software for Android Data Recovery Updated 2024

Are you looking for the best Android data recovery tools? When an important file is accidentally deleted from your Android phone or tablet, it is a heartbreaking experience. Maybe that file contained a memory of happy times you can’t relive, or it contained a document you needed at work. Regardless of the circumstance, having lost a file is a worst experience.

Accidental deletion, a lack of backup, rooting errors, memory cards starting to fail, and other factors may have resulted in data loss on your Android or iOS device. So, what happens if you can’t find a crucial file on your device?

Is there any way to reclaim it? And that is where Android data recovery software comes in!

How Android Data Recovery Software work?

The catch is that when you delete a file for Android data recovery, its data isn’t completely erased. Android considers that space to be empty and the file to be missing. As a result, you won’t be able to see the file, and new files will be able to take its place. Users can say your file is lost when that space is taken up by original files.

Because the significant proportion of Android phones lack a recycle bin, you won’t be able to recover your data through it. Finally, you can use Android data recovery software to recover your files. The software can search the Android phone’s memory for pages marked with an infinity in order to find data that can be recovered.

Furthermore, the tool reassembles the recoverable data while converting it to a format that can be salvaged. It’s also a good idea to use Android data recovery software as soon as the file is deleted so that the chances of recovering data are increased.

In order to Android data recovery, three simple steps are usually followed:

  • Successfully connecting the device to a PC that has the recovery software installed
  • Selecting the file type, then scanning
  • Choosing the files you want to recover and recovering the data

The following are some of the software programs that users can use to Android data recovery from their Android devices.


Dr.fone file recovery claims to be the first brand in the world to offer personal data recovery services. It has been at the forefront of the industry for more than eight years and now supports over 6000 Android devices. Even files from broken Samsung smartphones can be extracted.


For rooted phones, this software can recover a variety of file types, including music, text messages, contacts, videos, photos, documents, and WhatsApp messages. With this tool by your side, you can recover lost data in a variety of situations, including accidental deletion, system crashes, forgotten passwords, SD card issues, rooting errors, ROM flashing, damages, black screens, factory resets, and so on.

You can scan and preview lost files with the Dr.Fone solution to restore all or selected data with a few single clicks. Internal storage, broken devices, and SD cards are the three recovery modes available.


D-Back makes it simple to Android data recovery from Android phones and tablets. You can even recover them from shattered phones. Call logs, messages, photos, audios, videos, contacts, documents, and WhatsApp data are all supported by this software, which works with a variety of Android smartphones and file types.

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You get a high level of security and a faster data retrieval rate with D-Back if you lose them due to a system crash, accidental deletion, flood damage, virus attack, black screen, forgotten passwords, system root, or device not responding scenarios. Data can be recovered from both internal memory and SD cards using this recovery.

Before retrieving files, you can even preview and filter them. It makes no difference whether your device is rooted or not; the tool can still recover your data.


EaseUS is a simple software that can help you recover deleted files like contacts, text messages, videos, photos, documents, and audio. It works with over 6000 Android devices, including those from Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, OnePlus, and Asus, among others.


When data is lost due to accidental damage, computer virus, device failure, rooting, inappropriate device handling, SD card issues, and other factors, the software can recover files from SD cards and internal memory. Simply connect your device, scan for lost files, and recover the files you want in a matter of minutes. EaseUS protects your data’s security and privacy by not overwriting it.

Furthermore, it provides free lifetime upgrades so that you can use the most recent version as soon as it is released. If you run into any problems, you can get free assistance from their technical support. You can prepare the recoverable data and filter the desired ones to check the quality of recovery files ahead of time. Furthermore, because the operating system sends recovery result notices to the device’s notification centre, you can track changes in real time.

Tenorshare UltData

Tenorshare is widely regarded as among the best Android data recovery programs available. It claims to have the industry’s highest success rate and is compatible with over 6000 devices, including Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and other manufacturers.

Without rooting your phone, you can easily recover deleted pictures and WhatsApp messages with this software. It can recover videos, voice, stickers, documents, and other data from WhatsApp even if you don’t have a backup.


Tenorshare can help you recover important contacts, treasured photos from the gallery, call records, and other files in your internal memory, regardless of file type. To do so, you must first root your device.

In the following scenarios, data recovery is possible:

  • Deleted by mistake
  • Damage caused by water
  • The operating system has crashed.
  • The screen is damaged.
  • The root of the system

Both internal memory and SD cards can be used to recover data. You can also see a preview of the file before attempting to recover it. In terms of security, this tool is read-only and risk-free, with no possibility of information leakage or data loss.


You can easily recover deleted media and documents from your Android device with FonePaw. This tool has a faster scanning speed while still protecting the privacy of your data, such as call logs, texts, photos, videos, documents, and WhatsApp media.

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Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF, RAR, ZIP, and other file formats are supported. It makes no difference if your data was lost due to an accident, an OS crash, SD card issues, ROM flashing, or a virus attack; the software can recover it all. The software supports over 6000 Android devices with versions ranging from 2.3 to 9.0. In addition to these, the software includes data retrieval from broken Android phones, as well as backup and restore capabilities.


If you accidentally deleted some important data from your device due to system updates, ROM flashing, device rooting, or other reasons, AirMore can help you Android data recovery the files. It allows for faster data recovery from both SD cards and the device’s internal memory.


The software can recover the data such as contact details, messages, photos, audio, videos, call logs, documents, and WhatsApp data from internal storage. The device, on the other hand, can restore data from SD cards such as photos, videos, audio, and documents. Data can be recovered from a broken device, one that has been dropped in water, or one that has experienced a system crash. This feature is currently limited to Samsung Galaxy phone models, but much more devices are anticipated to be supported in the near future.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill, formerly known as 7-Data Recovery, uses advanced technology to recover data from Android devices. It is easy to use and free, and it can help you recover data that has been accidentally deleted or corrupted.


Documents, apps, music files, videos, databases, emails, and other types of files can be recovered using this software. To recover data, connect your Android device to your computer after enabling the “Mass Storage” mode. Now, launch the software and search for and recover any lost files. If this mode isn’t available on your device, you’ll need to root it first. Not only can this software retrieve data from your Android smartphone, but also from Android tablets and TV boxes.


PhoneRescue is likely the only program that can really Android data recovery and restore it to your smartphone directly. It can still discover and recover deleted data, whether or not you have rooted your device.


Data from different sources from your phone, such as WhatsApp data and attachments, can be restored using the software. PhoneRescue recovers files quickly by utilising customised techniques for each smartphone and tablet. Besides that, the app can save your device without losing data when it is locked with a pattern, password, or fingerprint.

Final Thoughts

Data loss is a traumatic experience, particularly when you can’t really afford it forever. But don’t worry; the above-mentioned Android data recovery software can assist you in restoring the files. Regardless of the type of file you’ve lost or the Android device you’re using, data recovery software can help you get them back in a more efficient, secure, and timely manner.

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