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Top 13 Best Big Data Companies Of 2024

big data companies

This post will explain big data companies. Big Data is a term used to describe massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. The data is the property of various data, each of which uses it for various objectives. Therefore, having a lot of data is not crucial; what is crucial is how businesses use this data.

Big Data is a term used to describe data sets that are so large and intricate that they cannot be handled by conventional data processing software. The management of such a large amount of data presents difficulties in data of data collection, storage, analysis, transfer, and sharing, among other data. The 3V model, which stands for “High Volume,” “High Velocity,” and “High Variety,” describes big data.

Big Data Businesses

In the modern world, you can discover the causes of failure, recalculate risk profiles, etc. by gathering data. It also promotes cost savings and quicker decision-making. Businesses may instantly examine information or data with the aid of Hadoop technology and cloud-based analytics, accelerating the decision-making process. To suggest a listing here, get in touch with us.

Top 13 Best Big Data Companies Of 2024

In this article, you can know about big data companies here are the details below;

1.  iTechArt


Since 2002, iTechArt has been the go-to partner for innovative companies and fast-growing startups by offering fully dedicated engineering teams. With its global headquarters in New York, the business has more than 200 active clients, 90% of whom are engaged in cutting-edge ventures in new industries and technology.

Their specialty is developing agile, focused engineering teams that use tried-and-true big data development services to assist clients in managing data more effectively and efficiently. Also check Big data in Australia

Their knowledge of big data:

2. InData Labs

InData Labs

A leading provider of Big Data and AI technology is InData Labs. The business has been creating AI-powered solutions since 2014 and has a demonstrated track record of projects for numerous industries. Big Data, data science, and AI-powered software development are the areas of expertise of InData Labs.

Services for Big Data Transformation include:

Understanding business requirements and developing plans for automation and enhancements are based on architecture analysis.

Big Data Pipelines: When data needs to be processed immediately, they prepare the data and create event-based infrastructure.

Enhancing the architecture by integrating best practises and automated procedures into the current infrastructure

Data analysis and visualisation: creating and presenting reports that are specifically tailored to the demands of individual clients. This is another big data companies.

InData Labs’ use cases include (but are not limited to):

3. ScienceSoft


ScienceSoft, a pioneer in data management and AI since 1989, is a dependable partner for medium-sized and large companies to create enterprise-wide big data platforms and specialised big data solutions.

The company’s 700+ professionals across the globe represent an unrivalled combination of creativity, innovation, and 7–20 years of expertise in more than 30 sectors. Clients of ScienceSoft regard the company as transparent, cooperative, pro-active, and laser-focused on creating a commercial value. This is another big data companies.

You can be confident that ScienceSoft will provide you with a cutting-edge big data solution that is quick, fault-tolerant, safe, economical, and well-liked by its customers. Also check data analyst tools.

From big data intake, batch and stream processing modules, to analytics and machine learning (ML), ScienceSoft develops, programmes, tests, deploys, integrates, monitors, and maintains the full big data ecosystems.

The business can develop big data solutions based on:

4. RightData


RightData is a manufacturer of data-driven products. Our self-service products make it easier to import your data into target data platforms, unify data, structure it, clean it up, validate it, and do other difficult data operations. Using reporting, analytics, cutting-edge analytics, and machine learning modelling capabilities, we enable you to obtain insights into your data.


Dextrus: Creates contemporary data workflows using data mesh for enhanced machine learning and data.

Every stage of the data is tested by RDt to ensure better data quality.

Go to RightData’s website.



Data processing will be streamlined using the cloud-based data integration, ETL, and ELT platform It can assemble all of your data sources. You may build straightforward, visually appealing data pipelines to your data lake with it.

Your company will get immediate benefits from’s cloud-based big data processing service, including data flow design and job scheduling. Both structured and unstructured data can be processed.

Organizations will be able to combine, process, and get ready data for cloud analysis with this platform. Businesses won’t need to invest in hardware, software, or relevant staff in order to swiftly and efficiently take advantage of big data potential thanks to

Each company will have instant access to a wide range of data storage. With, companies will have access to a wide range of pre-built data transformation components.

Top engineers, DevOps, and data professionals make up the team. This team offers a platform for data integration along with a service for straightforward data processing. Solutions for marketing, sales, support, and development are available on

6. Oxagile


With a focus on big data, Oxagile is a full-service software development firm. Data engineering, data analysis, and visualisation (ML analytics, BI dashboarding), as well as data and pipeline migration, are all areas of expertise for the business.

This is another big data companies. Oxagile helps medium and large businesses as well as startup companies with their big data demands at every stage of the development process, from advising to solution design to implementation.

The business is equipped to handle problems including scalability, effectiveness, data system dependability, security, choice of big data tool, data clustering and parallel processing, TCO optimization, and other issues. Gold-standard open-source tools and modern cloud data services from GCP, AWS, Snowflake, etc. are part of Oxagile’s tech arsenal.

7. IBM


American company International Business Machine (IBM) holds its central office in New York. As of May 2017, IBM was rated digit 43 on the Forbes list with a need capitalization of $162.4 billion. With nearly 414,400 people, the firm is the biggest employer and has operations in 170 countries.

IBM made a gain of $11.9 billion on sales of about $79.9 billion. For 24 years operating, IBM holds the most patents made by the drive as of 2017.

The biggest supplier of interests & services for big data is IBM. IBM Big Data answers offer functions like data management, data analysis, and data storage.

This data is available to all users, business analysts, data scientists, etc. from a variety of sources. Famous database solutions from IBM that allow big data analytics include DB2, Informix, and InfoSphere. Additionally, IBM offers well-known analytics programmes like Cognos and SPSS.

Below are IBM’s Big Data Solutions:

First, there is the Hadoop System, a platform for storing both structured and unstructured data. It is created to process a lot of data in order to uncover business insights.

#2) Stream computing: Using the Internet of Things, real-time data processing, and analytics, stream computing enables enterprises to execute in-motion analytics.

#3) Federated discovery and navigation: Software for federated discovery and navigation enables businesses to access and evaluate data from all throughout the enterprise. The Big Data developments from IBM described below can be used to gather, examine, and manage both structured and unstructured data.

#4) IBM® BigInsightsTM for ApacheTM Hadoop®: This software helps businesses to swiftly and easily examine massive amounts of data.

#5: IBM BigInsights on Cloud, which makes use of the IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure to offer Hadoop as a service.

#6. IBM Streams: This tool enables businesses to gather and analyse data in motion for essential Internet of Things applications.

Visit the IBM website

8. HP Business

HP Business

Micro Focus purchased HP Enterprise, which also included Vertica.

In a relatively short amount of time, Micro Focus has rapidly amassed a robust portfolio of Big Data products. The Vertica Analytics Platform provides the fastest query performance on Hadoop and SQL Analytics and is built to manage a huge volume of structured data. In comparison to traditional systems, Vertica offers performance that is 10–50 times faster or more.

Big Data software makes it possible for many companies to store, analyse, and study data regardless of the data’s source, nature, or location.

The following is a list of featured big data software, solutions, and services:

#1). Vertica Data Analytics

With Vertica, you can fully realise the potential of your data without constraints or sacrifices by combining the strength of a high-performance, massively parallel processing SQL query engine with powerful analytics and machine learning.

It is portable and can be installed on any Hadoop distribution system, commodity hardware, and different clouds. It incorporates open-source, environmentally friendly architecture.

#2) IDOL

For both organised and unstructured data, it offers a single environment. It has exploration, visualisation, and rich media intelligence. By removing the barriers between machines and humans, several businesses are utilising the IDOL Natural Language Question Answering power to realise the potential of Big Data.

Visit the Micro Focus website. Also check big data companies

9. Teradata


With its headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, Teradata was established in 1974. With a market capitalization of $7.7 billion, Teradata has more than 10K people working in 43 different countries, as well as almost 1,400 clients. It has considerable leadership and innovation experience spanning 35+ years. Teradata Corp. offers marketing, consulting services, an analytics tool, and a platform for analytical data.

Teradata assists numerous companies in maximising the value of their data. Various firms can benefit from data thanks to Teradata’s Big Data Analytical solutions and a team of professionals. Numerous Big Data apps, including Teradata QueryGrid, Teradata Listener, Teradata Unity, and Teradata Viewpoint, are part of the Teradata portfolio. This is another big data companies.

The following items are offered by Teradata:

#1) Integrated Data Warehouse

It is the most potent database in the world and enterprise-class, giving your data the greatest value.

It gives a 360-degree picture of your company.

It has the capacity to combine data from several sources.

#2) Kylo

It is an open-source, business-ready piece of software.

In order to boost efficiency, it makes use of reusable templates.

#3) Aster Big Analytics Appliance

It facilitates the quick and simple generation of business insights. Additionally, it aids in addressing all corporate needs.

Highest ROI, quick deployment, and ease of management

#4) Data Mart Device

Take advantage of the Teradata database’s analytical capabilities.

Versatile and economical

Platform simplification and performance architecture

Visit Teradata’s website.

10. Oracle


With better than 420,000 clients and 136,000 employees working in 145 countries, Oracle provides fully integrated cloud applications and platform services. According to Forbes’ ranking, it has a need valuation of $182.2 billion & annual deals of $37.4 B.

The biggest player in the big data space is Oracle, which is too well-known for its top database. Oracle drives use of big data’s advantages in the cloud. It assists firms in defining their big data and cloud technologies data strategy and approach.

It offers a business solution that makes use of large data applications, infrastructure, and analytics to offer insight into logistics, fraud, etc. Oracle also offers industry specific solutions that guarantee your business can benefit from big data potential.

The expanding market for many industries, including banking, healthcare, contacts, public sector, retail, etc., is completed by Oracle’s big data enterprise solutions. There are many different technical options, including system integration, cloud computing, and application development.

Oracle offers the following various products:

Cloud Services for Oracle Big Data Preparation

Big Data Appliance from Oracle

Services for Oracle Big Data Discovery

Cloud-based Data Visualization Service

Visit the Oracle website. This is another big data companies.

11. SAP


The biggest business software provider, SAP, was established in 1972 and has its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. Its market capitalization is $119.7 billion, and as of May 2017, there were 84,183 people working for the company overall.

According to the Forbes list, SAP has 345,000 clients, $24.4 billion in sales, and a profit of almost $4 billion. With 110 million cloud members, it is the top cloud provider and the biggest provider of enterprise application software.

Although SAP offers a number of analytics tools, its main in-memory relational database, HANA, is its big data tool. This tool can process 80 terabytes of data and connects with Hadoop.

With the aid of Hadoop, SAP assists the company in converting a sizable amount of Big Data into actionable insight. It makes it possible to do complex computations and disperse data storage.

Products offered by SAP Big Data include those listed below:

SAP Predictive Analytics, first

It employs machine learning and a prediction algorithm to foresee future events and steer the business in the proper path.

This is another big data companies. With the help of this method, countless prediction models can be built, used, and maintained.

It automates the deployment of predictive modelling and data preparation.

#2) SAP IQ

Previously known as Sybase IQ, SAP IQ transforms business and improves decision-making.

It is a very scalable and reliable security system.

#3) SAP BusinessObjects BI

It does data analysis of a large volume better.

It actively seizes new business opportunities and reacts to dangers.

Visit the SAP website.

12. EMC


Businesses may store, analyse, and safeguard their data with the aid of DELL EMC. It offers a framework for getting commercial value from big data. It aids the organisation in comprehending risk, operations, and customer behaviour. Data analytics has helped Dell EMC grow by more than 50%.

Analytics and management are made easier by having all the data in one one location. Strong infrastructure gives your business a competitive advantage and higher income. The products from SAP Big Data Foundation are as follows:




Hadoop PowerEdge

13. Amazon


In 1994, was launched, with its headquarters in Washington. According to Forbes’ ranking, as of May 2017, it had a Market Capitalization of $427 billion and sales of $135.99 billion. There are 341,400 people working as of May 2017. This is another big data companies.

Amazon’s cloud-based forum is well known. Flexible MapReduce, which is made on Hadoop, is its flagship product. It also delivers Big Data products. Redshift, NoSQL, & DynamoDB Big Data databases are instances of data repositories that utilise Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services enables the easy development and deployment of Big Data Analytics applications. These applications can be created remotely with the help of AWS, which offers quick and simple access to affordable IT resources. Big data on the cloud is collected, examined, processed, and visualised with the aid of AWS.

A collection of analytics frameworks is shown below:

Kindle EMR

Service by Amazon Elasticsearch

Athena on Amazon

The following list contains real-time Big Data analytics:

Kinesis Firehose Amazon

Kinesis Streams by Amazon

Kinesis Analytics by Amazon

Amazon also offers data movement, artificial intelligence, internet of things, business intelligence, etc.

14. Microsoft


It is a US-based software and programming company with Washington as its corporate headquarters. It has $85.27 billion in deals and a market capitalization of $507.5 billion, according to Forbes. Around 114,000 people are now used by it worldwide.

This is another big data companies. Microsoft has a broad and growing big data strategy. A partnership with the Big Data firm Hortonworks is part of this plan. Through this cooperation, Hortonworks’ data forum will have access to the HDInsight tool for analysing both structured and unstructured data (HDP)

Revolution Analytics, a Big Data analytics platform created in the “R” programming language, was recently bought by Microsoft. This programming language is meant to create Big Data applications without the need for data scientist expertise.

Three solutions based on HDP are offered by Microsoft and Hortonworks:

#1) HDInsight: This cloud-hosted service runs on HDP using an Azure cluster. It is compatible with Azure storage.

#2) HDP for Windows: This Big Data cluster is programmable and may be installed on a Windows server. Additionally, it can be set up on cloud-based virtual or physical hardware.

#3) Microsoft Analytics Platform System: This system enables querying of Hadoop data and combines it with relational data. These data can be transferred into or out of Hadoop.

15. Google


Google was established in 1998, and its headquarters are in California. As of May 2017, it had an estimated market value of $101.8 billion and $80.5 billion in sales. Currently, Google has about 61,000 workers working for company all over the world. This is another big data companies.

Based on innovation at Google, Google offers integrated and comprehensive Big Data solutions that assist various organisations in data collection, processing, analysis, and transfer on a single platform. Google is growing its Big Data Analytics tool, BigQuery, which uses the cloud to instantly analyse large amounts of data.

BigQuery is a fully managed, serverless, and affordable enterprise data warehouse. As a result, there is no need for a database administrator and no infrastructure to administer. Terabytes of data can be scanned using BigQuery in a matter of seconds, and pentabytes of data can be scanned in a matter of minutes.

Google offers the Big Data Solutions that are described below:

#1) Cloud DataFlow: This unified programming architecture supports ETL, batch computing, and streaming analytics as well as other data processing patterns.

#2) Cloud Dataproc: A managed Hadoop and Spark service offered by Google, Cloud Dataproc quickly processes big data sets using open source software within the Apache big data ecosystem.

The third option is Cloud Datalab, an interactive notebook for data analysis and visualisation. Additionally, it is connected with BigQuery, giving users access to important data processing capabilities.


The best big data companies have been highlighted in this article. This is not a comprehensive list; there are many additional companies that have the potential to expand far more quickly. For the other competing companies, this will be difficult.

These businesses offer a variety of products and solutions, which other organisations utilise depending on their need. It’s now your turn to expand the aforementioned list of companies.

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