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Capturly VS Smartlook Complete Guide In 2024

Capturly VS Smartlook

Capturly VS Smartlook Complete Guide will be described in this article. Tools like Capturly and Smartlook have become very popular in the field of website analytics because of their capacity to offer insightful data on user activity. Heatmaps and session replay are two tools that Smartlook and Capturly both provide to help website owners understand how their users interact ites.

Capturly VS Smartlook Complete Guide In 2024

In this article, you can know about Capturly VS Smartlook here are the details below;

However, it’s crucial to take into account aspects like cost, functionality, and overall efficacy when selecting the best analytics tool for your company. To assist you in choosing the tool that best suits your needs, we will compare Smartlook with Capturly in this post.

Understanding the Importance of Website Analytics Tools

Let’s first discuss the importance of website analytics tools for organizations, such as Capturly and Smartlook, before moving on to the comparison. These solutions give website owners insightful information about how users behave, which helps them optimize their sites, enhance user experience, and eventually increase conversion rates.

Businesses can discover areas for improvement, comprehend customer preferences, and make data-driven decisions to the improve their websites by evaluating data such as heatmaps, session recordings, and user interactions.

Understanding the Importance of Website Analytics Tools

Smartlook: An Overview

Smartlook is a well-liked website analytics tool that provides a number of features meant to assist companies in better understanding their customers. Website owners may get heatmaps, conversion funnels, session replays, and more with Smartlook.

With the help of this tool, you can observe exactly how users interact with your website, giving you important insights into user behavior and helping you pinpoint areas that need work.

Key features of Smartlook

Key Features of Smartlook

Capturly: An Overview

Another strong website analytics tool that gives organizations extensive tools to help them understand customer behavior is Capturly. With the use of session replays, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and other features, website administrators may better understand their customers’ experiences and tailor their online content.

Key features of Capturly

Key Features of Capturly

Comparing Smartlook and Capturly

Now that we have a basic grasp of both Capturly and Smartlook, let’s compare the two products based on important aspects like cost, functionality, and overall efficacy.

Pricing Comparison

Both Smartlook and Capturly provide a variety of pricing options to accommodate various corporate requirements.

Higher-tier plans give more sessions and extra features, and the pricing is based on the number of sessions recorded each month. When selecting between the two technologies, it is imperative to take your company’s unique needs and financial constraints into account.

A variety of pricing tiers are available from Smartlook to meet various business requirements. Their monthly session count determines how their plans are categorized, with the 1,500 sessions in the free plan being the most.

The 5,000 sessions included in the $55 a month Pro plan can be increased to 200,000 sessions.

Let’s see the prices for each session:

Larger companies with greater traffic volumes can purchase the Enterprise plan at a special cost. It’s vital to remember that these costs apply to only one website. There can be extra costs involved if you need to monitor several websites.

Let’s see the prices for each session

However, Capturly also provides a range of price options to accommodate diverse corporate requirements. Additionally, their goals are contingent on the monthly total of logged sessions.

The Pro package costs $63 per month for 15,000 sessions, while the Lite plan is $23 for 5,000 sessions each month. You have the option to level up your sessions to 500,000 and upgrade the Lite plan to 10,000 sessions.

For the websites with the highest traffic volume in the Enterprise plan, Capturly offers a special price that is completely customized to meet the demands.

Whether you have a tiny or large website, Capturly is a far more affordable option when considering only the price.

In other words, using Capturly can result in annual savings of about $200 for a medium-sized website. Notably, Capturly provides a 14-day free trial so that companies can try out the services before deciding to purchase a subscription plan.

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One further benefit of Capturly is that all plans include an infinite number of heatmaps. In the case of Smartlook, there is an additional cost for that feature. Each plan from Smartlook has a set quantity of heatmaps available.

Features Comparison

Both Capturly and Smartlook provide session replays, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and real-time analytics as features. By using these capabilities, you may improve your website based on insightful observations about user behavior.

The usability and functionality of these capabilities may, however, change slightly across the two programs. To determine tool best meets needs, use the free versions or trial versions of both.

These tools have capabilities that offer insightful information on how users interact with your website.

Session replay

Session replay is one of the primary capabilities provided by both Capturly and Smartlook.

This tool lets you see how people traverse your website by recording and replaying user sessions. You can find any usability problems or places where users might be getting stuck by watching these recordings.

Finding and Correcting Website Problems using Session Replays

Naturally, the two technologies’ offerings are different when it comes to session replay. In addition to the feature, Smartlook offers a plethora of filters so you may conduct more in-depth studies.

Smartlook Session Recording

The filter feature is also available in Capturly’s session recording tool, although the data storage duration is longer. You can also use this method to compare longer timeframes and make data-driven choices.

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The heatmap is an additional function that both Capturly and Smartlook provide.

Heatmaps show you where visitors are clicking, scrolling, and occupying their time on your website visually. This lets you discover which parts of your website are most popular with visitors and which ones might use some tweaking.

You may improve the style and appearance of your website to better suit the requirements and tastes of your visitors by examining heatmaps.

Smartlook offers 30 types of heatmaps:

These are the most important tools if you are going to examine your website. You must understand that a movement heatmap is just a colored session replay.

Click the heatmap in Smartlook.

Heatmap for Smartlook

Capturly is present on the market with the following tools:

How to Use Heatmap Analysis to Improve Website Navigation: Useful Hints and Techniques

Although we don’t think you need to see the first two features, we think the section heatmap is a really creative approach. This allows you to simply segment when looking at user behavior by analyzing your traffic from different sources.

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Click the heatmap to capture it.

Capturly Heatmap

As we previously stated, each plan offered by Smartlook has a maximum quantity of heatmaps. However, all plans allow for the creation of historical heatmaps.

This implies that you can use stored data to instantly fill a heatmap with information. In this manner, your heatmaps are available right away. Furthermore, all plans allow you to share your heatmaps.

However, Smartlook provides a few restricted features in its heatmap tools, which are exclusive to the Pro or Enterprise plan:

On the side of Capturly, we offer similar functions:

Conversion funnel

Apart from heatmaps and session replay, Smartlook and Capturly both provide a tool called conversion funnel. With conversion funnels, you can monitor a user’s path across your website from their first visit to their ultimate conversion. You can spot any conversion process bottlenecks or drop-off spots by putting this journey into graphic form. Also check Live Chat Software

Conversion funnels offer insightful data about user behavior on your website and areas for improvement, whether you’re looking to streamline the checkout process or optimize landing pages.


The conversion funnel feature in Smartlook is a tremendously helpful tool. You can use it to determine the exact page where people are leaving your basket, as well as the rate at which they are leaving.

You can filter the tool using many settings, such filtering by event or by URL. Long-term inferences drawn data by looking back several years, but only if you are willing to pay for that.

For the Pro and Enterprise plans in Smartlook, the default data retention period is three months.



Event- and URL-based filters are also included in Capturly’s conversion funnel tool. That being said, this feature has evolved significantly over time. See what’s new, please:

With Capturly’s conversion funnel tool, we have access to extremely comprehensive data. We have the ability to track the IP address, country, and operating system of our visitors.

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You can further analyze the funnel in this way. You have the option to examine the breakdowns using OS, GEO data, or even the entire funnel of newly returning visitors individually.

Capturly Conversion Funnel

Furthermore, the program presents us with extensive reports that allow us to further filter for the campaigns that correspond to the traffic source.

The ease with which we may conduct A/B testing or comparisons—even between specific time periods—is one of the main benefits.

Although the capabilities offered by Smartlook and Capturly are nearly identical, there are a few distinctions between the two that could affect your choice. For instance, Smartlook has a tool called crash reports that lets you monitor errors in your JavaScript or HTML code.

This degree of detail can provide you more comprehensive understanding of your website’s functionality and assist you in locating any areas where it may be problematic.


Conversely, Capturly has a function called surveys that gives you comprehensive information about how users engage with your emails, surveys, and forms. Form field optimization and form completion rates can benefit greatly from this. Also check

Consult your clientele! – The fundamentals of conducting online surveys


With Captury, you can also make and evaluate pop-ups, which is quite helpful if you want to raise your conversion rate.

A number of services are available from both Smartlook and Capturly to assist you in analyzing user behavior on your website. These tools, which range from heatmaps to conversion funnels to session replays, offer insightful data that can help you boost conversions and enhance user experience.

The decision between Smartlook and Capturly ultimately comes down to your personal wants and tastes, even though there are some distinctions between the two tools. Also check Lead Generation Tools

Conclusion: Which tool would be better for you?

Based on features, cost, and efficiency, a comparison of Capturly and Smartlook reveals that Capturly is a more superior option for companies seeking an all-inclusive website analytics platform.

In-depth insights into user behavior can be gained via a variety of potent capabilities it offers, such as session replays, heatmaps, conversion funnels, real-time analytics, and numerous other beta features. When it comes to features, going with Capturly will provide you better value for your money.

Capturly is a dependable and efficient substitute for Smartlook that aids companies in improving their websites and achieving superior outcomes.

Remember that the overall value the tool offers, your budget, and your unique requirements should all be taken into account when selecting an analytics tool for your company. Strong technologies like Smartlook and Capturly help enhance the functionality website and obtain insightful knowledge about user behavior.

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