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Top 14 Chatbot Examples That Generate Leads


Chatbot Examples That Generate Leads will be described in this article. WordStream once published a list of 10 of the most creative chatbots on the internet. Since then, chatbots have developed into support desks, transaction mediums, lead generation tools, and even website navigation windows. This was way back in 2017—an eternity in the digital world (think 13 Reasons Why, the Kendal Jenner Pepsi ad marketing fiasco, etc.).

Top 14 Chatbot Examples That Generate Leads

In this article, you can know about Chatbot Examples here are the details below;

We’re discussing blog posts in the chat window right now! We obviously need an update, so let’s look at 14 instances of chatbots that are utilizing widgets and websites to their full potential in 2023. These days, chatbots are incredibly flexible. 14 various use cases, including lead generation, brand development, customer assistance, and more, are shown below.

1. Stryve


Let’s begin with a simple Stryve example. The chat bubble icon matches the brand’s color scheme, and you can see a human face with a warm welcome to Stryve in the background. What can we do for you today?

We’ll return future at 4:00am (early risers, eh?). Note that this is the after-hours version of the bot.

The bot’s during-business-hours version states: “We usually reply in a few minutes.”

Examples of chatbots – Strive throughout hours

The key message is that your chatbot should reflect the colors and tone of your business and should constantly inform users of the response times they can anticipate.

2. Peter Nappi

Peter Nappi

The next chatbot from Peter Nappi is a wonderful illustration of how to set clear expectations for visitors to your website.

Our typical chat hours are from 9 am to 1 pm CT on Monday through Thursday, but if you send us a message, we’ll respond to it as soon as possible by email.

The website assures you that you will be communicating with a real person by using real images of people. One more thing: This website features a “Message us” button, unlike others, which only have the instantly identifiable chatbot icon:

CTA for a chatbot: message us

Conclusion: If the purpose of your chatbot is to match users with real people, make it clear by utilizing real names and images.

3. Revealbot


The chatbot from Revealbot functions more as a command post for website visitors. There are several factors to consider:

Greeting: A welcoming salutation that makes it obvious what Revealbot provides (Facebook and Google ads automation): Hello there How can we assist you in beginning to automate your Facebook and Google ads?

Ability to chat: In this case, they are unavailable and offer a message option to contact them in the interim. They indicate they will return at a later time.

Resources: You can perform a topic search, pick from a list of curated how-to articles and videos, or visit the blog for advice and best practices.

Takeaway: If your website is huge or you have a lot of material, think about using your chatbot as a lead generation tool and help center where you can respond to queries from customers, showcase your knowledge, and convey value.

4. Sendible


A nice illustration of appropriate lead routing is Sendible’s chatbot. The robot welcomes you with Hey 👋 Have any inquiries? and then presents you with three options:

This method of providing visitors with options typically results in higher levels of engagement than asking an open-ended inquiry and letting them put their response in.

Example of a sendible chatbot

Takeaway: Don’t make your website users think or make decisions for themselves. To get them to engage straight immediately, try offering pre-set options.

5. Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

A friendly chatbot and a humorous GIF are used by Slider Revolution’s chatbot to promote engagement rather than providing buttons to click:

My name is Joshua, and I work as a bot at To see how I can help, just type “Hi”. You can send an email to if you have an urgent problem.

Example of a slider revolution chatbot

Once you have, you will be prompted to acknowledge the GDPR privacy statement, which is not the best option, before you may type your queries.

The GDPR agreement and requiring the user to type something (even as simple as “hi”) aren’t horrible, but they can nevertheless pose minor entry-level obstacles for users. The ability to rate the chat is a good method to obtain input and determine how to optimize your bot flow, thus I did want to include that.

Takeaway: To better serve your visitors’ requirements, remove as many entry barriers as you can using your chatbots. You may also think about including a feedback or rating function.

6. Steve & Kate’s Camp

Steve & Kate's Camp

Actually, this chatbot for Steve and Kate’s Camp functions more as a FAQ section or navigation bar than as a lead generation and engagement tool. Within each of the five selections, which are probably the most often asked questions and topics by users, there are articles containing FAQs.

Example of a chatbot from Steve and Kate’s camp

Takeaway: If you keep a lot of FAQs or assistance articles, you might want to automate the responses using your chatbot widget so you have more time for real-time conversations with leads.

7. Spocket


The chatbot for Spocket does a superb job of immediately making it clear to users that it provides round-the-clock support. It reads, “Hello.” If you require immediate assistance, please utilize the live chat feature so that we can answer right away. We provide 24/7 service. Following that, you can choose to:

Takeaway: Tailor your chatbot to the many buyer personas and audience segments that make up your target market. Additionally, if you’re going to include blog content, try making it available directly from the chatbot window so visitors don’t have to open a new tab (and make sure your headlines are clickable!). Also check metaverse coins

8. Voyage


Like Stryve’s, this Voyage chatbot example is rather simple, but I’m included it since it does a nice job of qualifying its leads.

Instead of presenting users with options to pick from, it requests the URL of your e-commerce website. The chatbot is now acting more as a contact form to assist representatives in connecting with the best potential customers for their offering. Examples of chatbots: cruise sms

Takeaway: Think about include some qualifying questions before chatting with a website visitor through your live chat widget so you can either weed out irrelevant leads or make sure they are directed to the appropriate agent.

9. Trovata


The chatbot from Trovata functions similarly to the one described above, transforming it into a personable and conversational form (with the adorable moniker Troves the Bot). Along with the greeting, we can see a proper CTA (Get connected with a specialist now) and even the choice to view a demo.

Takeaway: When configuring your online chatbot, keep your business and marketing objectives in mind. You should also test out various offers or possibilities depending on user intent on various sites. For instance, a demo signup may be successful on a product page but may not be as successful on top-of-funnel content like a blog article.

10. Streak


The chatbot used by Streak is comparable to Revealbot in that it functions more as a command center than merely a conversational tool. However, it should be noted that it also offers product status updates.

Conclusion: You might wish to include status updates, bug patches, and feature releases in your chat widget if you offer a product that constantly changes or is updated or that is somewhat time-sensitive.

11. Keap


Keap’s chatbot adopts a novel strategy, luring users with persuasive and conversational copy:

Hello there!

Do you want to learn something cool?

I do, of course.

Following my “sure” click, I am informed of the product’s advantages:

Every month, the typical Keap customer saves 47 hours! Stunning, no?

Just feel of what you could do in that time.

Would you like to learn more about how Keap’s sales and marketing automation may enable you to save time AND money each day?

Chatbot keap example

Conclusion: Try tempting website visitors with an enticing query, fascinating fact, or informational nugget that accentuates the advantages of your product. Even if they decide not to talk with a representative, you have already increased brand recognition and begun to earn their confidence.

12. Whatagraph


The Whatagraph chatbot employs social proof (along with an Office gif) to engage users and make it apparent what the product is intended to do, similar to how data points are used:

Good day! Whatgraph is trusted by businesses like January Spring, Uptick, and Thrive to streamline their customer reporting procedure.

Want to know more? Let’s get going.

After that, you can choose to schedule a demo, launch a free trial, or send a message.

Whatagraph chatbot illustration

Conclusion: Try utilizing your chatbot as a popup window! To create leads, make use of landing page components such as social proof, your value proposition, and a CTA (again, make sure it’s in line with the objective of the page).

13. Intercom


What better chatbot service to use as a model than Intercom? Several things will be apparent:

At the very top of the chat window, there is a straightforward value proposition: By introducing you to customers, we aid in the expansion of your company. Also check affiliate platforms

There is a waiting period.

The welcome message emphasizes the value promise: Hello there! The best business messenger for connecting you to your clients is here: Intercom. Would you like to learn more about Intercom?

You can choose from buttons with low entrance barriers (Just browsing! to support three separate personas (I’m an Intercom customer with a question; I’d like to learn more about Intercom).

If you’d rather, you may type a message in.

A button you select will launch an interactive form for you.

Example of an intercom chatbot when it’s open

Takeaway: Don’t be scared to use your messaging bots to promote your business in addition to providing help alternatives.

14. Indigo


Conversational commerce is a trend in digital marketing that we’re seeing more and more of, as shown by Indigo’s final chatbot example. These days, a chatbot can be used to finish a transaction, buy a ticket, create a reservation, or start a return.

Conclusion: If you own an online store, consider integrating your chatbot with your shopping cart. To keep things easy and iron out the wrinkles, you can always start with smaller or less expensive items and then expand your selection from there.

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