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Top 20 Best Customer Service Companies

Customer Service Companies

This post will explain Customer Service Companies. The experience of a customer with a product or service is enhanced by customer service companies. To boost customer loyalty and retention, the companies employ consumer-focused initiatives. MicroSourcing, Pure Moderation, PartnerHero, and Odondo are a few examples of customer service companies. These companies offer round-the-clock assistance to your customers with their difficulties.

Top 20 Best Customer Service Companies

In this article, you can know about Top 20 Best Customer Service Companies here are the details below;

These services are comparable to customer service software, virtual assistant companies, and customer service training courses.


This list consists of:

Customer service companies list

Companies that provide excellent customer service, like Sykes and UpCall, encourage client loyalty. The 20 top customer service companies are listed below.

1. Sykes

One of the top outsourcing companies for customer service is Sykes, which is based in Florida. The business provides a range of services, including technical assistance and IT consultancy. The agents for Sykes operate out of the US, the UK, and Europe. The placement of the agents is based on their qualifications, training, and experience.

Sykes can manage sensitive data because it complies with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, Sykes’ team may provide tactical guidance on enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. The business provides multiple channels for communication, such as phone calls, social media, and emails. However, it is important to remember that Sykes excels at call-based support.

Sykes enhances customer experience in addition to customer service. The business puts a lot of effort into making sure that your customers are happy with your offerings.

Sykes is modifying and expanding its product line. When a small business needs technological support, the company is a great option. Because Sykes provides help in more than 40 languages, large IT companies can also collaborate with the company. You may be guaranteed to receive the high-quality assistance you need to achieve thanks to its team of knowledgeable agents.

2. Working Solutions

One of the top US companies for customer service is Working Solutions. The business hires customer service agents from all around the US and Canada.

Working Solutions offers live chat, email, video, social media, and phone calls for communication. To make the most of those communication channels, the organization provides specialized business-oriented solutions. Through exclusive portals, the company also evaluates representative performance. Your interactions with current and potential clients are facilitated by the reps.

Workable Solutions wants to:

At each touchpoint, advertise your company.

promote more brand loyalty

Maintain constant avenues of communication with your customers

increasing customer satisfaction

Up your customer service game

In addition to monitoring the effectiveness of their representatives, the business gauges its success with your business. The organization wants to improve your operation by increasing first-call solution by 24%.Working Solutions concentrates on increasing brand loyalty by surpassing customer expectations. Through seamless service & targeted outreaches, the company turns prospective customers into your best advocates.

Working Solutions, on the other hand, specializes in large and corporate companies. As a result, the business is not the best option for small to medium-sized firms.

Use Working Solutions when hiring.

3. Sitel

Sitel, with its headquarters in the US, is an illustration of a successful customer service business. For the customer, Sitel offers top-notch services. These include providing technical assistance for other corporate operations and providing customer service to sales.

To suit customer needs, Sitel aims to get better and change. The business accomplishes this through interactive voice answers and chatbots. The business also uses data with AI capabilities and analytical systems. The company can adjust its platforms and reactions thanks to these systems. This function enables a streamlined, technologically advanced solution. In addition, Sitel offers advice on customer experience, data, and process optimization.

Cooperate with Sitel.

4. Odondo

Located in the UK is Odondo. The business provides its services using a scalable pay-as-you-go business model. Therefore, there are no set contracts with the company. Customers can pick and choose whatever services they want to use, then scale as necessary.

For businesses with seasonal highs and lows, this flexibility can be especially helpful. These companies include travel agencies in the summer or holiday travel agencies. With Odondo’s concept, services can be scaled indefinitely to meet demand.

In addition to its adaptable structure, Odondo provides qualified, experienced agents who are not limited by location. The agents at Odondo solely work for one business; they do not operate under a shared service model. They can get to know the particulars of your company because they have no other interests. Companies seeking more individualized support may profit from this personalized customer service strategy.

Obtain assistance from Odondo.

5. Upwork

Upwork, a company founded in 2013, aids companies in finding and hiring remote customer service personnel. Finding specific freelancers who provide flexible contracts on Upwork is ideal. On the platform, however, it is feasible to assemble a group of knowledgeable customer service representatives. Another option is to collaborate with sizable customer service organizations.

It’s easy to use Upwork if you just publish a job with all the details. After evaluating the applications, you interview the applicants you’ve shortlisted.

With tools like these, Upwork facilitates hiring.

immediate hiring

worldwide payments

a range of contract types

chatting timetable

clock watching

Pricing on Upwork is determined by the rates of each freelancer. As a result, you may choose a customer service specialist within your price range.

Find customer service representatives on Upwork.

6. Ascensos

A seamless and excellent customer experience is offered by Ascensos through all contact channels. The customer service business takes great satisfaction in providing top-notch, pan-European customer service. The business carefully and precisely adjusts to meet contemporary customer wants.

Ascensos is a unique service with a focus on consumer retail. The industries in which its representatives have worked range from healthcare to fashion and food service.

Every business has various customer service requirements, and Ascensos is aware of this. Therefore, the business develops unique solutions for each client using data-driven tactics.

Agents of the corporation, often known as brand ambassadors, are spread across numerous nations. Brand ambassadors are available for hire in the UK, South Africa, Turkey, and Romania. Ascensos is able to provide both traditional and remote-based staff because to this global reach. As a result, you have access to a larger pool of qualified individuals, which encourages diversity.

7. Teleperformance

French-based Teleperformance is a multichannel supplier. The business prioritizes social media, tech support, customer retention, and customer service. A varied worldwide workforce of 420,000 agents in 170 nations makes up Teleperformance.

265 distinct dialects and languages are spoken by the employees, ensuring global coverage. The benefit of speaking multiple languages enables the business to provide services through various communication channels.

Additionally, Teleperformance offers these services:

content control

Statistical analysis and sales assistance

auxiliary operations

business process improvement

AI activities

The advantage of Teleperformance is its capacity to provide clients with personalized customer service. Data on customer behavior is analyzed by the business to improve its offerings.

For better than 40 years, the association has been in the customer interaction industry. It has cross-industry experience, and its highly skilled team has an exceptional resume. You can be confident that every interaction will make your consumers feel appreciated.

Teleperformance can help you support your consumers.

8. Influx

There are more than 100 cities where Influx is present. Vista, ClassPass, Adobe, and Linkree are just a few of its customers. Its team of qualified customer service specialists receives ongoing training to provide seamless customer interactions. Also check Digital Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Three management models are used by Influx:




These models facilitate effective customer connection while enhancing performance. Using Influx, firms may also modify their plans to suit their requirements and financial constraints. Therefore, regardless of your size, you can always get the assistance you require.

Pay-as-you-go plans are offered by the agency. Businesses can only commit to Influx’s dynamic system for the following month. A seasonal firm would do well with this strategy.

Join forces with Influx.

9. Skycom

Skycom has been around for more than 17 years. Skycom has operations in both Europe and America and provides its clients with cross-continental service. The business has a distinctive hybrid structure. Skycom blends traditional and remote workers to provide flexible scheduling and top-notch service.

The business holds numerous certifications, such as:



SOC 1-2

All kinds of organizations can work with Skycom. Artificial intelligence is another tool the business uses to improve its operations. Without any setup or license costs, Skycom offers free consultancy and a swift boost to your business. The firm adjusts its pricing to meet the demands of each client.

Cooperate with Skycom.

10. Support Your App

In Kyiv, Ukraine, Support Your App is headquartered. Over five different locations make up the company’s global operations. With ten years of experience, help Your App offers 24/7 help.

The company that provides customer service solutions offers flexible price plans. Support Your App employs 55 distinct languages across a variety of communication methods. All customers will be able to easily get help thanks to these methods.

The agents at Support Your App have experience working in the tech sector. The business provides inbound and outbound call centers in addition to Amazon assistance. The QCRM for Support Your App adds another another communication channel choice.

Get to know Support Your App.

11. Back Office Betties

A group of virtual legal receptionists are available through Back Office Betties. This group assists lawyers in working more quickly and efficiently. The front desk staff completes customer intakes, screens for solicitors, and handles administrative duties.

The services let lawyers concentrate on billable hours. Setting up the service is simple. Calls should be directed to a certain number, and the receptionists will answer them. Never do the receptionists put calls on wait. During regular business hours, they also respond to outbound call requests within 90 minutes.

The service has time-saving advantages in addition to a guarantee. If the business doesn’t fulfill all of the promises made, it will give the business a $100 gift card and donate $100 to the charity of the customer’s choosing. The monthly fee for the service is $349. Lawyers may simplify their burden and provide better client service with Back Office Betties.

With Back Office Betties, your customer service will be improved.

12. MicroSourcing

The Philippines is the location of MicroSourcing. The business streamlines the process of creating devoted teams for organizations. The company’s staff members and equipment can save your labor and occupancy expenditures by up to 70%.

Clients can manage productivity, workflow, KPIs, and quality thanks to microsourcing. With 6,000 staff and more than 500 customers, the business offers 24/7 customer service. MicroSourcing has grown to be one of the leading suppliers of top-notch customer service.

The customer service team is equipped with a strong infrastructure to provide quick turnaround times. A flexible price structure and business expansion and scaling prospects are provided by MicroSourcing.

Based on experience, MicroSourcing divides its customer service representatives into three levels. The levels consist of:

agents at the junior level, or those with under two years of experience

for agents with two to four years of experience, intermediate level

for brokers with more than four years of experience, senior level

Different communication routes are used in MicroSourcing. Using a CRM database, the agents keep track of customer problems, transactions, and complaints.

The senior agents can assist with team training for your business as well. The agents also give management teams end-of-year KPI updates. MicroSourcing has a strong risk management framework and an excellent insurance policy. In the event of unanticipated disasters, its recovery and contingency strategies safeguard clients’ investments.

MicroSourcing adheres to lSO and PCI-DSS standards. Credit card data is conveniently accepted and saved by the business.

MicroSourcing should assemble a support staff.

13. PartnerHero

PartnerHero teaches its customer service representatives to understand your company’s objectives as well as the demands and cultures of your clients. The company’s global personnel are accessible round-the-clock. They also provide possibilities that are onshore, offshore, and nearshore.

Customer service representatives offer assistance via a variety of ways. These include calls, emails, SMS, and video and web chats. More sophisticated jobs can also be helped with by technical expertise. These include regression, refactor, snapshot, and black box testing.

In addition to these services, PartnerHero provides online policy, workflow, and risk abatement advice. The business also offers system integration testing and real-world risk reduction. The organization offers personalized quotations for extended coverage with pricing starting at $10 per hour.

14. TELUS International

Technical support services are offered by TELUS International. The business creates a special customer experience for your clients.Your new system promises to be seamless & intuitive. The business can also add more than 50 other languages to the experience.

Telus International currently serves many initiatives, including:

TELUS International provides AI Data Solutions, game analytics, and in-game assistance in the gaming industry.In healthcare, the company delivers medical hotlines, digital integration, and patient/provider engagements. Additionally, TELUS International provides inbound and outbound calls to aid with telemarketing and company expansion.

The business additionally provides a chatbot assistant to enhance customer service while reducing costs. The well-established fraud detection and prevention services offered by TELUS International are renowned. Companies and businesses work together to manage reputation, risk, and compliance.

For multinational and pan-European companies looking to increase conversion, TELUS International is a great option.

15. UpCall

UpCall is a US-based company. Through phone, text, and email discussions, the business converts leads.

Agents for Upcallers can assist with the following as well:

generating leads

market analysis

Calls to sell

Brands can monitor conversions, make projections, and note advancements thanks to the company’s software. For service companies trying to create leads and grow their customer base, UpCall is a smart option. Additionally, the business provides a campaign builder with hand-picked templates, a regional caller ID, unique data fields, and custom call scripts.

Upcall offers basic to enterprise programs and a customizable payment structure. With reductions for bigger quantities, these plans are suitable for teams of all sizes. UpCall complies with the TCPA in full. This compliance assures that there are no automated calls, prerecorded messages, or robocalls.

Upcall can help you increase customer satisfaction.

16. LiveOps

LiveOps is a US-based business that employs independent agents in a virtual environment. These productive, customer-focused agents are adept at connecting with clients across all forms of communication. The agents charge by the minute and labor around the clock to deliver the greatest results for customers.

LiveOps also provides the following services:

Sales both inbound and outbound

program creation

daily creation of data

Facilities, systems, and networks that are compliant

If unforeseen demand arises, LiveOps has the ability to scale its services. LiveOps offers support for disaster recovery. To guarantee a top-notch customer experience, its Quality Assurance team assesses and rates its agents.

Create a customer service team using LiveOps.

17. Sensée

Sensée, a customer care company with headquarters in the UK, assists UK companies in performing better. The business offers exceptional customer service and accessible job opportunities. Several full-time remote UK agents make up the team.

Each agent responds to customer enquiries with knowledge and expertise while working for a single company. Sensée is accredited by the ISO and permitted to provide financial services. Companies in the financial sector should consider Sensée because of these qualities.

The business also offers services for business continuity and disaster recovery. Sensée also offers assistance with critical customer service issues and case studies. Sensée offers Live Desk, a cloud-based contact center. Live Desk offers ordinary and enterprise plans, as well as a 60-day trial.

Obtain support staff at Sensée.

18. Arise

Arise is an American business. This company links top-tier companies with a wide range of service providers. From their homes, these partners offer sales and technical support services.

Additionally, they offer customer service over the phone, via SMS, email, and on social media. Arise can scale up to 400% to fulfill demand in order to address unanticipated and unforeseen growth spikes.

The business also intends to account for yearly seasonal surges. Arise employs a multi-tiered security system. The business also complies with legal and regulatory standards and security procedures.

Through Arise, contact customer service representatives.

19. Ventrica

The UK-based company Ventrica provides customer service. The business offers salespeople who are confined to their homes or who operate from a single place. The business provides customer and lead nurturing services through a 24-hour outbound and inbound call center.

Following are some of their new technological channels for an efficient customer experience strategy:

Synchronous communication

Automating Process Robotically


Being the top customer service provider in the UK is Ventrica’s ambition. To do this, the business evaluates the passion and acceptability of each product and service among its employees. Ventrica additionally adds training that is customized for your company to this. All of Ventrica’s agents are proficient on social media. All customer issues and interactions from social media sites can be handled by the business.

With Ventrica, you can increase customer loyalty.

20. Helpware

Helpware is a company that outsources customer service and builds customized teams for companies. Leading startups and contemporary companies receive support from the company via incoming calls.

California, Germany, the Philippines, the US, & Mexico all host offices for Helpware. A startup that catered to other startups was called Helpware. Now, this company also collaborates with big businesses. Helpware is a specialist in data entry, account setup, and annotation back-office help.

Look into Helpware.


Outstanding customer service doesn’t only enhance your operations, it also boosts your bottom line.  Additionally, customer support is a key brand building opportunity. Companies that provide customer service assist you in providing outstanding support at all touchpoints.These businesses increase customer loyalty, produce leads, and increase sales.Hence, you reap the benefits of influential support in more business.

If you only have a small crew and a growing customer base, customer service companies are crucial.Before developing your internal asset team to meet demand, outsourced services can help you keep your customers satisfied. Seasonal businesses also leverage outside support help, so do large businesses with international customer bases.

Next, look up quotes and literature about customer service.

Companies that offer customer service

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Customer service companies: what are they?

Through customer assistance, customer service companies give your consumers a satisfying experience. For firms to expand, these companies are crucial. These businesses are pros at retaining and fostering customer loyalty.

Which customer service companies offer the greatest services?

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You can choose representatives with expertise in your business from many customer service companies.

Why contract with a customer service firm?

Customer service companies are hired by businesses for the following reasons:

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