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Top 15 Best DeepBrain Alternative In 2024


Best DeepBrain Alternative will be discussed in this article. Developed by DeepBrain AI Studios, DeepBrain AI Studio is a cloud-based forum that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence to make videos that appear professional and have lifelike human-based avatars. But in contrast to other applications, the platform might only offer a small range of avatars and lacks hand motions.

Top 15 Best DeepBrain Alternative In 2024

In this article, you can know about Top 15 Best DeepBrain Alternative In 2024 here are the details below;

1. Fliki

What is Fliki?

With Fliki, users can fast and easily turn text-based information into films with voiceovers of the highest caliber. Fliki is an AI-based video generator.

Fliki’s user-friendly interface is one of its main advantages because it allows even non-professionals to generate high-quality video material.

Fliki provides a level of personalization unrivaled in the video creation business, with a wide range of over 1900 voices accessible in over 77 languages and dialects.


Who is Fliki for?

If you’re looking to produce engaging audio and video content at scale, Fliki is a versatile AI-powered platform that can change the game. If you’re an audiobook or podcast creator, Fliki can help you quickly & easily create and publish content on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Fliki can assist you in creating short, captivating videos for social media sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Additionally, if you’re a blogger or digital marketer, Fliki can help you turn blog posts into audio files or produce captivating video advertisements for social media. Anyone can use Fliki thanks to its simple and easy-to-use interface, regardless of experience or skill level. The possibilities are unlimited when using Fliki because it provides users with all the resources and assistance they need to produce amazing audio and video material.

Key features features of Fliki:

Pros of Fliki:

A streamlined process and an easy-to-use storyboard interface

Quickest video creation tool

Outstanding voice quality is maintained even in regional tongues.

analyzes blogs automatically for interesting video content

autoselects material according to content

encourages more interaction with burned-in captions

Friendly and quick customer service

Cons of Fliki:

Credits are limited on the free plan.


G2: 4.8

Capterra: 4.8

Trustpilot rating: 4.8


Basic- $8/month

Standard- $28/month

Premium- $88/month


Basic- $8/month

Standard- $28/month

Premium- $88/month

2. Synthesia

What is Synthesia?

With Synthesia, users can easily create professional-looking videos with little to no work thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). It provides a range of templates for making presentations, explainer films, and other interesting content.

To make high-quality videos, users can upload PowerPoint slides and include animations, text, photos, and video clips!

In order to give each brand a distinctive appearance, Synthesia’s video generator lets users add speaker comments to the slides and provides a variety of language and avatar customization choices.


Who is Synthesia for?

A video making program called Synthesia is geared toward commercial customers who can afford a slightly more expensive equipment. It’s perfect for companies, bloggers, freelancers, YouTubers, online retailers, course developers, and anyone else searching for a simple way to produce high-quality video content because of its user-friendly features and straightforward UI.

Synthesia’s AI video generator and avatar creator makes it easy to generate marketing videos, product demos, corporate presentations, social media ads, online courses, and blog articles.

With all of its features—animations, text, photos, background music, and more—users with no prior video editing knowledge can simply produce videos that seem professional.

Key features of synthesia:

Pros of Synthesia:

artistically beautiful, high-quality videos that are simple enough for non-pros to make.

provides a multitude of customizable options that make it ideal for corporate videos, teasers, and quick promos.

Cons of Synthesia:

You can only create a certain amount of videos with the Personal Plan.

Does not have access to API, which restricts the amount of movies you can make.

high subscription cost, which many users may not be able to pay


G2: 4.8

Capterra (5.0)

Trustpilot rating: 4.3


Personal- $30/month


Personal- $30/month

3. Heygen  (Movio)

What is Heygen (Movio)?

With the help of the video creation app Heygen (formerly known as Movio), anyone can quickly and easily produce authentic, professional videos without the need for acting, filming, or editing expertise. Its goal is to simplify and increase accessibility to video making for anyone.

It has many capabilities, including editing tools for typing, clicking, and dragging, a spokesperson that lip syncs to your text or audio recordings, and more than 60 AI avatars in more than 20 languages with a variety of accents. Heygen makes it simple and easy to create beautiful 1080p videos right from your browser.


Who is Heygen (Movio) for?

Heygen caters to companies, schools, and advertisers who want to produce interesting video content fast and simply. At the moment, it can only produce talking heads for videos. To become an all-in-one AI video creation platform, the company is endeavoring to build whole-body movement generation capabilities.

The platform can also be used for customer support, corporate training, and other purposes. Users are assessed according to the length of their films and the degree of customization they want. While making up a minor portion of the AI-generated content market, AI-generated video aims to upend it by providing its users with a distinctive value proposition.

Key features of Heygen (Movio):

Pros of Heygen (Movio):

Innovative personalized avatar function with a wide range of customisation choices

Plenty of voices and avatars to choose from Mouth and face movements of AI-generated avatars are far superior than those of certain rivals

Cons of Heygen (Movio):

The cost can be a little high for regular users.

Because of the platform’s sophisticated features and capabilities, some users may find it confusing and overwhelming. Avatars’ body language can come across as clumsy and restless.


G2: 4.8

Capterra: 4.5

Trustpilot rating: 3.8


Essential- $30/$180/month

Pro- $225–$600/month


Essential- $30/$180/month

Pro- $225–$600/month

4. RunwayML

What is RunwayML?

A browser-based video editing tool called RunwayML makes use of machine learning to speed up the editing process. It provides a number of tools, such as VFX, color correction, compositing, and masking.

The program also has a multiband video stream format, an inpainting tool, and rotoscoping capabilities. RunwayML can produce precise and unique depth maps to increase the realism of the photos, as well as utilize AI-generated analysis and metadata to boost the movies’ aesthetic appeal.


Who is RunwayML for?

For artists and creatives interested in investigating the creative potential of artificial intelligence, RunwayML is a machine-learning platform. It enables users to experiment with and develop state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models in fields including music production, natural language processing, and picture and video processing.

For creatives that wish to include AI into their creative processes, artists, designers, and other professionals should use RunwayML. For instance, RunwayML may create remarkable AI-powered digital experiences or produce original music and visual effects based on user input. It can also be applied to research and teaching, giving scholars and students the opportunity to conduct practical experiments with AI.

Key features of RunwayML:

Pros of RunwayML:

Cloud storage and real-time collaboration allow for remote project access.

The video editor offers a range of editing capabilities, from basic editing to advanced post-production. Its web-based mobility enables users to work anywhere. Also check FzMovies Alternatives

Cons of RunwayML:

may be too much for beginners

Absence of Blog to Video Capabilities

Compared to its rivals, there is a higher learning curve for users.


G2: 5.0

Trustpilot rating: 0.0


Pro- $15/month

Team- $35/month


Pro- $15/month

Team- $35/month

5. InVideo

What Is InVideo?

Custom templates and automated editing are only two of the features that make InVideo, an AI-powered video editing tool, seem professional. With over 5000 customizable custom templates, it seeks to streamline the video editing process for consumers.

Users can generate customized video content using its AI-powered features, which include text, facial, and voice recognition. Content producers and marketers who wish to produce professional-looking videos with little work are drawn to InVideo.


Who is InVideo for?

Media firms, small enterprises, content marketers, content creators, and job seekers in the creative industry are all served by InVideo. Users may generate interesting video content for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and the Twitter, and other social media sites with the platform’s many capabilities and user-friendly interface.

Regardless of experience level, InVideo offers a simple, quick method to wow clients with presentations. With InVideo, users may produce marketing campaigns and promotional content for companies. Furthermore, job searchers can create video resumes with InVideo’s video editor without having to buy pricey video production equipment.

Key features of InVideo:

Pros of InVideo:

There are royalty-free music tracks for voiceovers in any language, accent, or tone, as well as background music.

offers more than 6000 video templates to facilitate quicker editing.

After purchasing a paid plan, users also receive their membership to mobile apps.

Cons of InVideo:

Voices generated by the auto voice-over feature could sound robotic.

Videos might occasionally look random and lack a human touch.


G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.7

Trustpilot rating: 4.5


Business- $30/month

Unlimited – $60/month


Business- $30/month

Unlimited – $60/month

6. Veed

What is Veed?

With its extensive editing features, including splicing, overlaying text and images, applying filters, and adding sound effects, is a browser-based video editing application.

It has an automatic subtitle option and is mostly focused on social media video creation. Additionally, Veed provides preconfigured video templates, explanatory films, and a variety of support topics.


Who is Veed for?

Veed is a browser-based video editing tool designed for marketers, producers, and companies who want to edit videos fast and effectively. It’s perfect for people who want to edit their films for social media platforms and social media managers who have to provide excellent content for their customers.

Moreover, Veed provides capabilities for team communication, which makes it advantageous for small firms and remote workers. With Veed, you can create excellent video content without needing expensive tools or a lot of video editing knowledge.

Key features of Veed:

Pros of Veed:

software that is hosted in the cloud and accessible from any internet-connected device. provides a large number of editing tools and capabilities, such as audio editing, text and image overlays, and more.

supports several languages and generates subtitles automatically.

Cons of Veed:

The Text to Speech feature’s layer-based editing might be challenging for novices, and it lacks high-quality voices.

Very few functions are available with the free plan.


G2: 4.2

Capterra: 3.5

Trustpilot rating: 3.8


Basic- $25/month

Pro- $38/month

Business – $70/month



30 minutes of automatic subtitles

1GB is the upload limit.

Ten minutes is the export length.

Basic- $25/month

Pro- $38/month

Business – $70/month

7. Lumen5

What is Lumen5?

An AI-powered online video editing application with a drag-and-drop interface and a sizable media collection is called Lumen5. Even if you have no previous video editing knowledge, you can quickly produce polished videos with it.

Pre-made layouts, the option to turn articles into videos, and compatibility for numerous video formats are all provided by Lumen5. Its video editing options allow you to add text, images, & subtitles to your videos in addition to chopping, combining, compressing, and resizing them.


Who is Lumen5 for?

Content producers who wish to produce excellent videos for their marketing purposes might use Lumen5. Because of its user-friendly interface, this cloud-based video generator is available to agencies, marketing teams, and freelancers with varying degrees of expertise. The platform’s extensive stock material library, royalty-free audio library, and robust editing features can be quite useful.

Moreover, companies can use Lumen5’s brand kits and templates to create video ad campaigns. Lumen5 is the perfect solution for businesses looking to start their own YouTube channels or expand their presence on other social networks because it allows users to effortlessly make professional-quality movies.

Key feature of Lumen5:

Pros of Lumen5:

Easy, effective method for creating high-quality films

selection of templates in line with branding

generating content for marketing campaigns quickly

Outstanding client service

Cons of Lumen5:

Lack of capability to incorporate brief “talking head” interviews into films

Post excerpts occasionally need additional editing

It would be beneficial to improve the tagging and searching of projects and assets.

It is challenging to subtitle non-Latin based alphabets.

Selecting the ideal background music can take a lot of time.


G2 – 4.5

Capterra: 4.6

Trustpilot rating: 3.9






Countless videos

includes the Lumen5 watermark.

Video resolution of 720p

Basic- $29/month

Starter- $79month

Professional- $199/month

8. Pictory

What is Pictory?

Using stock footage, music, and voiceovers, Pictory is an AI-powered movie creation tool that lets users turn text into polished films.

It offers video content customization and editing tools, templates, and the option to include text, photos, and music in your films. Pictory provides useful tutorials with videos that walk you through every step of the process.


Who is Pictory for?

Pictory is a user-friendly, multipurpose tool for creating videos. YouTubers, bloggers, advertisers, educators, coaches, social media managers, and agencies can all benefit from the tool.

Pictory gives YouTubers a simple way to make interesting videos without having to be in front of the camera. With this tool, agencies and marketers can produce movies that seem professional for their clients without having to spend a lot of money on software or expensive equipment.

With Pictory, instructors and coaches may produce video content that complements course materials. To sum up, it’s a good tool for fast and simply making videos.

Key features of Pictory:

Pros of Pictory:

A wide range of stock photos and movies

Synchronization of the script and video automatically

provides a money-back promise.

Cons of Pictory:

Certain voiceovers seem robotic.

Few possibilities for modification

The user experience might be enhanced.

Hootsuite integration is limited to premium plans only.

Not all plans include branded intros and outros.


G2: 4.7

Capterra: 4.7

4.2 on Trustpilot


Standard- $23/month

Premium- $47/month


Standard- $23/month

Premium- $47/month

9. Steve

what is Steve?

Steve.AI is a live and animated video creation tool driven by artificial intelligence. With the use of customizable text layouts, scene duration adjustments, and color themes, you can enhance your videos with a variety of stock footage, characters, and audio tracks.

With a variety of capabilities, Steve.AI provides an easy-to-use interface that completes it simple for users to produce videos that appear professional. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to generate interesting videos without having to know a lot about video editing because of its AI-powered technology and configurable settings.


Who is Steve for?

An AI-powered application called was created to assist marketers, corporations, and educators in producing interesting movies with unique scenes and animations. With its blog-to-video feature, bloggers may repurpose their current material and reach a larger audience.

For individuals without experience in design or video creation, its conversational interface makes it simple to use. With the program, users may also add text, music, and sound effects to movies, allowing them to tailor their videos to their specific requirements.

Key features of Steve:

Pros of Steve:

able to simply use AI to produce animated and live videos of excellent quality

Support for immediate chat and the ability to add team members

Cons of Steve:

For animation videos, only landscape videos are accessible.

Few themes and templates for video design styles

The quality of the voiceover has to be improved.


G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.5

Trustpilot rating: 3.4


Basic- $20/month


Pro- $80/month


Basic- $20/month


Pro- $80/month

10. Descript

What Is Descript?

Developed specifically for podcasters, Descript is a cutting-edge audio and video editing application that can also be used effectively by anybody wishing to edit audio or video content.

For podcasters, YouTubers, and content creators, Descript’s AI-powered capabilities, such as “Overdub” and its capacity to automatically generate transcriptions, make it a productive and time-saving tool.

Descript is an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution that is ideal for remote collaboration. Its capabilities include transcription, screen recording, publication, and full multitrack editing.


Who is Descript for?

Descript is a video editing software that is easy to use and efficient, making it suitable for both individuals and corporations without requiring a deep understanding of standard video editing tools. It is appropriate for content producers that wish to release audio or video content fast and without devoting a lot of time to editing.

Descript is also a dependable platform that makes video creation and editing simple with text-based editing, drag-and-drop content addition, one-click audio upgrades, and multitrack recording for both screen and camera.

Educational films, marketing videos, sales videos, business videos, & creative videotapes for social media or YouTube channels are a few well-known use cases for Descript.

Key features of Descript:

Pros of Descript:

Editing textual content is effective.

Using audio improvements is simple.

For text editing and subtitles, video transcription

Excellent for producing audiobooks and enhancing speech

a prompt and user-friendly interface

Cons of Descript:

Small device crashes

Longer sentences won’t have an AI voice substitute.

freezing or lagging problems when transcribing

There’s a chance the audio and visual don’t match the transcript.

complaints about exported video segments being blank.


G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.8

Trustpilot (2.3)


Creator -$15/month

Pro- $30/month



Pro- $30/month

thirty hours a month for transcription

exporting 4K video

Elimination of 18 Filler Words

Unrestricted Overdubbing

AI-Green Screen Unlimited

Unrestricted Studio Audio

An infinite stock collection

Free Exports with Watermarks

11. Elai

what is Elai?

With the help of the text-to-video platform Elai, users can create interesting videos with actual people by simply entering text. Customers can request a personalized avatar from their video footage or select digital avatars from a library. Elai is user-friendly and available in more than 75 languages.


Who is Elai for?

Elai is intended for people and companies who wish to make expert videos without any prior video production knowledge. Because it enables users to swiftly turn text scripts into interesting video content, it is great for training content. Whether you own a small business, are in marketing, or are an instructor, Elai can make producing excellent films easier.

Key features of Elai:

Pros of Elai:

Because of the user-friendly interface, users may create great videos even if they have no prior video editing knowledge.

Clients can request a personalized avatar created from their own video footage, or they can select from a collection of digital avatars.

Elai is a good choice for people from various locations and cultural backgrounds because it supports more than 75 languages.

Cons of Elai:

More typeface effects are something that several users have requested in order to improve the visual attractiveness of their videos.

Users making movies in certain languages may encounter difficulties since the AI avatar may mispronounce things in those languages.


G2: 4.7

Capterra – 5

Trustpilot rating: 4.3



Advanced- $125/$440/month


One slide per render, one minute of free credit

Basic- $29–$100/month

Advanced- $125/$440/month

12. Hour One

What is Hour One?

Hour One is an AI-powered video generator that makes it simple and quick for businesses to produce interesting product videos. With Hour One, users may input their words, select a character and theme, and create a video in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it interacts with well-known programs like OneDrive, Slack, and PowerPoint, which streamlines the process of creating and sharing videos.

Hour One

Who is Hour One for?

Any company that needs to produce high-quality product videos on a large scale can use Hour One. For companies searching for a quick and economical way to produce videos that appear professional, this is perfect. Whether you run a small business, are an entrepreneur, or are a marketer, Hour One can help you organize and streamline the process of making videos.

Key features of Hour One:

Pros of Hour One:

With Hour One’s AI-powered video generator, customers can quickly and simply produce captivating product videos on a large scale.

The production and distribution of videos can be made easier with Hour One’s smooth integration with well-known programs like PowerPoint, Slack, and OneDrive.

Cons of Hour One:

According to certain users, Hour One’s audio and visuals may not always appear as realistic as one would like. Still, it might only be seen if closely examined.

There have been issues for certain users when inviting others to Hour One. The invite link requires extra steps to create an account and confuses users when it reroutes them to a login page.

In order to help new users navigate the video creation process and make the most of the tool’s capabilities, some users have stated a desire for more comprehensive knowledge base tutorials and instructional materials.


G2 – 4.5

Trustpilot rating: 2.9



Business – $112-$192/month


Lite- $30/month

Business – $112/$192/month

13. Rephrase

What Is Rephrase?

Users can produce videos with Rephrase, an AI-powered synthetic video creation tool, without any equipment or prior video production knowledge. Rephrase Studio, an easy-to-use platform for creating videos with somewhat accurate lip sync and language support, and Rephrase Personalization, which lets users create highly customized video campaigns with AI representations of celebrities and brand ambassadors, are its two primary products.


Who is Rephrase  for?

Rephrase is intended for a wide range of users, such as companies, marketers, business owners, and private citizens who wish to produce content without having to deal with intricate video production procedures. Rephrase offers the tools and skills to simplify and expedite the development of videos, whether your goal is to improve brand engagement, generate captivating learning materials, or improve marketing campaigns.

Key features of Rephrase:

Pros of Rephrase:

removes the requirement for tools and previous knowledge of video production.

produces videos with vocals that sound genuine and are perfectly lip synced.

supports more than 100 languages & dialects for videos, enabling audience targeting and a worldwide reach.

Cons to Rephrase:

Its video editing customization choices could seem a little limiting to some users, particularly if they need more sophisticated editing features to polish their recordings.

The restricted availability of AI avatars may hinder customers who want more customization options for their videos.


G2: 4.7


Personal- $25/month



14. Colossyan

What is Colossyan?

An AI video platform called Colossyan was created for workplace education. By offering a straightforward editor that enables individuals to produce studio-caliber videos at a fraction of the price of conventional techniques, it seeks to democratize the creation of video content. Colossyan Creator is well-liked by users because of its capacity to produce excellent material fast.


Who Colossyan for?

Content producers, business owners, and learning and development teams may all benefit from using Colossyan to create and deliver incredibly powerful learning experiences. It provides top-notch customer support and is always coming up with new features through innovation. Although there are a few little issues that may be fixed, such improved symbol handling, users are generally happy with the product.

Key features of Colossyan:

Pros of Colossyan:

enables users to produce videos with studio quality for a fraction of the price of more conventional techniques.

Colossyan’s simple editor makes it possible to deliver learning experiences that are far more effective than text-only materials.

Colossyan continuously releases new features that infuse the production process with creativity and scalability. Also check  AnimeYT Alternatives 

Cons of Colossyan:

Certain users have mentioned that Colossyan Creator has issues with symbols, especially those representing money. Users that frequently employ symbols in their movies can find it inconvenient.

The incapacity to add marker points for fading in screen recordings or designs in discussions with numerous narrators has been criticized by users. It may make it difficult to precisely time and synchronize audio and visual components.


G2: 4.7

Trustpilot rating: 3.6


Starter- $35–$192/month

Pro- $120-$600/month


Starter- $35–$192/month

Pro- $120-$600/month

15. Synthesys

What is Synthesys?

With the help of Synthesys AI Video Generator, users can produce eye-catching and visually stunning videos for their brands. There are more than 140 languages accessible with over 480 voices, so customers have a lot of choices. It can be used to make e-learning modules, training materials, and video advertisements, among other things.


Who is Synthesys for?

For people and companies who want to make engaging videos without investing in traditional studio time, Synthesys AI Video Generator is a good option. It is a flexible platform that helps content producers, trainers, and marketers improve the visual presence of their brands. With Synthesys AI Video Generator, you can easily generate excellent videos regardless of your role as a freelancer or small business owner.

Key features of Synthesys:

Pros of Synthesys:

saves time and money by doing away with the necessity for expensive video production and traditional studio time.

gives customers the ability to produce high-quality films without revealing their faces by providing realistic and natural-sounding voices.

Cons of Synthesys:

A number of customers have expressed annoyance and disappointment over the app malfunctioning or not delivering videos.

Making films can be a time-consuming procedure; some users report waiting hours for the production of a short, basic video, which leads to lost time and lower productivity.


G2 – 4.5

Capterra: 4.5

Trustpilot rating: 3.7


AI voices- $23–$119/month

AI Human- $35–119/month

AI Studio Bundle- $239/month


every five minutes

Thirty Humatars

40 Stunningly Real Voices

370 High-quality Voices

140 Different Languages

Cloning Voices

AI voices- $23–$119/month

100–18,000 minutes per month

10–50 Stunningly Realistic Voices

370 High-quality Voices

140 Different Languages

  1. Cloning 10 Voices

AI Human- $35–119/month

50–1200 minutes per month

30-70 Humans

40–115 Exceptionally Lifelike Voices

370 High-quality Voices

140 Different Languages

  1. Cloning 10 Voices

AI Studio Bundle- $239/month

AI Speech Infinite (60 hours maximum)

AI People indefinitely (up to 30 hours)

AI Picture Unlimited (Purchase)

Cloning Voices: Ten Voices

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