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Top 10 Facility Management Software In 2024

facility management software

This post will explain facility management software. The facility management definition refers to the use of services and tools to support the safety, functionality, and sustainability of an organization’s infrastructure, buildings, grounds, and other such real estates. It contributes to ensuring that these facilities remain functional and efficient while maintaining safety and comfort at all times.

What is Facility Management Software?

Facility Management Software (FMS) is intended to manage and monitor equipment, assets, work order procedures, and to save space and overhead expenses. Most Facility Management software includes an automated system for managing the organization’s buildings and assets. It offers advanced tools for working efficiently and entering data on parts, repairs, and materials. It also provides managers with a control and visibility check mechanism into maintenance histories and the state of company property.

Facility Management Software is intended to manage assets, equipment, and work order procedures, as well as to save space and maintenance costs. The majority of such software provides an automated approach for managing the organization’s facilities and assets. It equips lower-level employees with the tools they need to operate efficiently and enter data regarding repairs, parts, and materials. It also provides managers with access to and visibility into maintenance histories and the condition of company property.

Top 10 Facility Management Software In 2024

In this article, you can know about facility management software here are the details below;

Facility maintenance software (also known as facility management software) is used to organise and manage responsibilities in a variety of industries, including government offices, campuses, various institutions, manufacturing centres, corporate offices, and so on. Because of its adaptability, facility maintenance software can be used for nearly any purpose. Facility maintenance software is essential to the smooth operation of any institution, from schools to offices to government bodies.

ServiceChannel allows the user complete control over the billing process. The user gets visibility across the whole enterprise, from mobile creation to automatically created task orders. Asset Manager, a ServiceChannel FMS feature, allows the user to track all physical equipment across many locations, create work orders, and avoid wasteful spending. This software assists in making more informed, data-driven judgments.



IBM TRIRIGA has extensive experience in space optimization, occupant experience, capital projects, leasing administration and accounting. TRIRIGA tracks floor, building, and organisation usage and occupancy. To stay on top of crucial lease renewals while adhering to the most recent accounting standards and regulations, automated tracking is used. This software makes it simple to manage budgets, expenditures and timelines, relocation requests, management approvals, and tracking information.

2. OfficeSpace Software

OfficeSpace Software

This straightforward software, designed to function on any device, assists users in completing any task in as few steps as possible. OfficeSpace, due to its speed and efficiency, allows the user to modify numerous processes to properly suit the specific workplace and promote company culture. This software handles everything from scheduling to budgeting to costing analysis to recording all entered data. This is another facility management software.

3. Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS

This is facility management software that focuses on and excels in the following tasks: generating, prioritising, closing out, and tracking work orders. Third-party vendors and suppliers can also be managed concurrently. Hippo CMMS allows you to efficiently set and control inventory levels. The software makes it simple to create preventative maintenance schedules. With this software, you can easily distribute labour and resources and plan inspections in an organised manner. You can also generate reports depending on KPIs that you define. Also check tutoring software.

4. Axonator FM

Axonator FM

Axonator FM is an award-winning, enterprise-grade, secure, and scalable app! Axonator FM uses the Micro App concept to enable facility management departments and businesses go digital in small steps! All information is promptly routed to a centralised location to automatically generate reports for submission to senior management for decision making, performance tracking, and compliance monitoring. This is another facility management software.

5. Infraspeak


Infraspeak features advanced communication techniques, complete transparency, and improved integration. It enables the user to speak directly with consumers, save maintenance times, and ensure proper facility upkeep. The SLA add-on from Infraspeak completely conforms with all corrective and preventive maintenance quality standards and aids in meeting deadlines.

6. TheHouseMonk


This is another facility management software. TheHouseMonk is a major provider of SaaS technology that assists rental real estate enterprises in growing and managing their portfolio. The technological platform serves 100+ clients in 10+ countries and is rapidly expanding. Coliving operators, Student Housing operators, residential rental leaders, property and facility managers, and others are among our clients.

7. UpKeep


UpKeep automates normal maintenance tasks in order to increase operational efficiency at your facility. The analytics dashboard makes it simple to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. It analyses which facilities, locations, and equipment are using resources and which technicians are completing the most work orders. UpKeep makes time available for strategic planning and collaboration. Usability, collaboration, system maintenance, and reporting are all important aspects of how software works.

8. FacilityBot


FacilityBot is a cloud-based Software-as-a Service facilities management chatbot system that provides a streamlined user experience that requires no downloads or logins. FacilityBot includes fault reporting, preventative maintenance management, asset management, hot desking, surveys, broadcasting, audit trails, visitor management, data analytics, and other capabilities. This is another facility management software.

9. FM:Interact


FM:Interact shows the user current assets that are up to date and correct. It aids in cost-cutting while also producing cash for the firm. Scenario planning, a crucial aspect of FM:Interact, allows the user to clearly map out if the user intends to extend into new regions. Also check Lead Generation Tools

10. QuickFMS


QuickFMS is a strong, scalable, and fast Facility Management Software solution. It focuses on enhancing workforce efficiency to effect the top and bottom lines. The cloud has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. It is also incredibly user-friendly and simple to setup. The user will be back up and running in less than 48 hours while carrying on with usual operations. Using this software, data collecting is also a breeze. This is another facility management software.

11. Facilitron


The Facilitron platform handles both internal and external reservation requests and revolutionises how facility owners manage their properties. It centralises all facility scheduling, calendars, and communications. The availability of an online application and approval process saves administrators important time and simplifies and manages the workflow.

12. TrackPlan


TrackPlan manages and records all job-related data. It has a scheduler that aids in process planning. Recurring work for planned occupations can be created automatically, which aids in staying current with regulations. It is simple to submit maintenance requests and receive notifications from the team. Management and document management are simple tasks. Contractors can be assigned tasks, and progress and timeliness can be properly tracked and checked. Key benefits include simple installation and the ability to divide a project into smaller parts. This is another facility management software.

What are the components of Facility Management Software?

A Facility Management Software is utilised on a computerised platform to monitor and manage the numerous features of an environment. Aside from the special features that make each software unique in its own way, all facility management software has a few common aspects. The following are some of the features of Facility Management Software:


Facility managers are overburdened with responsibilities, and it becomes difficult for them to organise and sort each one based on priority, nature, and relevance. Facility management software allows you to create a work request with organised and complete details and tell other units about the type of service that is required. It assists in the right support and delegation of a certain task.

The option to tag critical task requests as ‘priority’ is a vital feature. This allows recipients such as contractors and suppliers to prioritise and finish the most important tasks first.


Because it is a single and completely integrated system, Facility Management Software helps to reduce the time and effort required to complete a task. The proper sectoring of jobs keeps facility managers from wandering and keeps redundancy in check.

The integrated solution has a single support network with a single point of contact for all facility management software needs. A single point of contact for all software-related difficulties, a relationship with the support team, and the ability to fix various problems with a single phone call. It also aids in the maintenance of internal and external consistency at all levels by facilitating the establishment of best practises as well as a smoother and more effective workflow.


The primary goal of tracking work orders is to maintain track of and monitor the trends of work orders for future reference. It allows you to track work orders monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. This assists facility managers in determining which areas require further focus and attention.

Facility Management Software also provides for the tracking of equipment data, such as the history of issues, errors, and problems, in order to avoid the repetition of such issues. This decreases the amount of money spent on repairing equipment that has the same problems or flaws.


Facility managers have a lot of work to do every day. Meanwhile, they overlook identifying the minimal yet critical consumable inventories that necessitate scheduled orders. The tenants may be irritated if these vital products are not available.

By configuring a notification system or a stock updating alarm-like system, facility management software allows us to maintain a careful eye on the stockpiles of all consumable and non-consumable commodities. This prevents the facility from running out of crucial supplies.


Facility managers are responsible for the building’s and its components’ upkeep. This includes chores like painting, carpentry, and plumbing. Facility management software records the history of all maintenance activities as well as the next likely maintenance date. It also keeps track of the contractors and subcontractors who provided the essential equipment or maintenance services. Also check grant management software

The facility manager software is also in charge of keeping the infrastructure in good condition and ensuring that all safety standards are met.


Facility managers require a significant deal of assistance from cloud-based or web-based facility management software in order to control various parts of the infrastructure from their mobile, computer, or other devices. With this tool, facility managers may quickly address pressing issues and access important information without having to return to their office.

Because the data is saved on a secure server, they have an added layer of security in the event of a calamity in the office building.

What are the advantages of Facility Management Software?

Asset tracking and management:

When compared to traditional techniques, facility management software enables for far more efficient tracking and management of business assets and gives real-time data for proper analysis.


Regular maintenance is required for an organization’s efficient operation. It reduces equipment downtime and boosts business productivity, resulting in a higher return on investment. Simple


The user can freely select the support units and tools required for the organisation and reject those that are not.


Because most facility management software is cloud-based, importing and exporting data is significantly easier and can be viewed from anywhere.

What is the price of Facility Management Software?

Aside from the basic functionality, each facility management software has one or more unique features. The cost of facility management software is solely determined by the size of the company and the features desired.

On average, the cost of facility management software ranges from $45 per month to $195 per month.

Most software includes a trial period after which the user can decide whether to purchase the software or try something else.


Whether one runs a factory, a building site, or a corporate office, several maintenance and organisation issues are unavoidable. This is what facility management software is for, assisting facility managers in ensuring that their buildings are in good condition and are being used to their full potential at all times.

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