Top 10 Games like Corruption of Champions For 2022

Games like “Corruption of Champions” show that games are an important part of our lives. Regardless of the genre of game that people are interested in, we observe a lot of people playing a game to unwind from their stressful routine. It has become a revitalising element of life for people of all ages, from students to the elderly.

The Corruption of Champions (CoC) is the talk of the gaming town, and it’s causing quite a stir in the industry. The Corruption of Champions is an erotic video game in which the players take on the roles of the people of a hamlet who, as per custom, choose a champion from their town every year.

With several jobs and activities, the game further piques the player’s interest. Many video game fans have become interested in the concept of CoC, and they are now looking for games like Corruption of Champions. So, if you fall into this group, we’ve compiled a list of the best games for you.

10 Games like Corruption of Champions

If you prefer games that share the same genre or plot as Corruption of Champions, or games that are similar to Corruption of Champions, then the list below contains the most thrilling and fascinating games. Let’s get started on finding the best gaming options!

My very own Lith

This falls under the category of “Games like Corruption of Champions.” This is a slightly more advanced game. It necessitates the use of a flash player, which may be accessed through a web browser without the need to download it to your computer. The game “My Very Own Lith” properly satisfies the players’ desire for excitement. It provides a variety of game variants, including support versions with extra hands for the player, such as cheats, premium versions, and public versions.

Surprisingly, the player will be assigned to the character of Lith, a cat. Well, the player can choose Lith’s gender, and the character can also be customised in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the game offers a wide range of choices for communicating with Lith, including conversing, flirting, seducing, and removing clothing.


Flexible Survival

If you’re looking for games like “Corruption of Champions,” this might be a good fit. Nuku Valente created the storyline for Flexible Survival, which is based on the events of 2008. The game runs on Windows, Android, iOS, and more platforms. It starts with a scene from the end of the world, when a virus has spread throughout the world and you, as the main character, must keep yourself safe until the military arrives to help. The game has a variety of character and environment customization choices, as well as slash and hack combat, stunning graphics, and more.

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Carnal Souls

This will appeal to those who enjoy close gaming. Carnal Souls is an open-world adventure video game with a lot of sexual content that is based on an RPG. It has combat types that are reminiscent of the Witcher series, as well as the ability to book bosses and opponents. You have several possibilities for seducing the demons. This game has a fantastic storyline, as well as several choices for customising the characters, solving and uncovering storylines, looting treasure, and exploring beautiful new locations.

Fall of Eden

Fenox created this game with a supernatural theme that includes imps and demons. The game begins with the player exploring an abandoned neighbourhood and discovering an unintentional portal between earth and hell.The players will have to seek the goddess Queen Aria’s protection. Players can customise their characters to their liking. The game works in a variety of browsers.


Kingdom of Loathing

The game is available in two modes: multiplayer and single-player. It may be played in your browser and there is no need to download the game. This game lets you design your own images and characters for your gaming universe. To earn rewards, experience points, increase skills, collect items and meat, and much more, the player must battle and slay monsters.

It also enables the player to engage in commerce or farming in order to boost his or her economy. You must first choose your character’s gender before selecting a style from six options: seal clubber, Sauceror, Turtle tamer, Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, and Pastamancer. Because the game has a multiplayer mode, you can form a team with other players by engaging with them through a chat feature.

Free cities

Consider this an erotic and slavery-management game in the vein of Corruption of Champions. This game was created for Twine 2 and is compatible with the browser, allowing it to be played online. Despite the fact that the game does not allow players to customise their characters, they have remarkable abilities and can accomplish activities such as training, buying, selling, and administering the slave course, among others. The player will try to put his best foot forward for the slaving fetish while looking for realistic and peaceful enslavement.

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The Poor Whore

This can be a pleasure for individuals who enjoy text-based games. This game is compatible with the Windows operating system and may be downloaded and played in first-person mode. The game allows players to do things like explore the surrounding world, communicate with new characters, and complete objectives in order to progress to the next stage. The game has a lot of customising possibilities and includes sex in the second person.

Trials in Tainted Space

The game plot, which is another lustful game on the list, involves the player researching new experiences, talking with other people, and having sex with them. It all starts with a ship that a dying father has left behind. The plot unfolds several turns and is immensely lust-driven as the player sets the world to achieve authority and money. The game was developed by two firms, Crew and Fenoxa. It’s also known as TITs, and it’s based on the RPG that came out after the CoC.

Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

This is not a browser game; instead, users must download the game on their system in order to play it. There are two versions of the game to play: one is text-based, and the other is multimedia-based. The gamers will take on the role of Dalia, a 14-year-old princess. The game is separated into several phases, and you will encounter some intimate situations at points.

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

This is another text-based adventure game that falls under the category of games like Corruption of Champions, which provide players with a realistic experience through great sound effects and background music. The game was created by the Cabrera Brothers in 2012. The game begins with the player describing the individual, the surrounding environment, and the plot’s location. The game is well-designed, and it demands that players follow the exploits of a man who uses cybernetic implants to deliver private information to customers.


Final Thoughts

If you prefer text-based and adventurous lust games, the list of games like Corruption of Champions above will help you find your true gaming passion.The games described above provide gamers with real-world experience and entertainment. So, let’s hope you’ve got a lot of games to choose from. Go ahead and download them if necessary, or watch them online. Have fun gaming.

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