Google Maps: How to Find the Halfway Point In 2022

Google Maps is one of the most widely used navigation programs. In this fast instruction, we’ll teach you how to find the halfway point on Google Maps. Basically, there are two options: using the Measure Distance option or manually calculating the coordinates.

We’ll also include a few useful options at the end of this piece as a bonus. Want to meet up with a friend but can’t seem to find a suitable location? It’s not always convenient to go to their house or vice versa if you live miles apart.

Plus, it could be interesting to meet somewhere new in the middle. There are websites designed specifically for this type of issue, rather than opening a map program and trying to find the halfway point. So, the next time you and a friend want to meet up, use these resources to find the halfway point that’s convenient for both of you.

How to Use Google Maps to Find the Halfway Point Between Two Points

The halfway point function is not available in Google Maps. To put it another way, the software is unable to determine the find the halfway point between two different locations, or numerous places for that matter.

Calculate the distance

Simply measure the distance between the two sites and find the midway as a workaround. We’ve already written a simple instruction on how to use Google Maps to estimate distances. To mark the second place, right-click on your beginning point, select the Measure distance option, and then click on the map again.

  • Using coordinates, find the halfway point.
  • Another option is to just do the math and use coordinates to find the middle.
  • You must first obtain the coordinates of each point.
  • Then divide by two the sum of each person’s latitudes.
  • After that, multiply the longitudes of each place by two to get the answer.
  • Make a note of the new coordinates.
  • The latitudes and longitudes of the midpoint are what you get.

In Google Maps, enter the updated coordinates. Check out these two helpful guides for further information:

How to Find the Central Address Among Multiple Addresses

Find the Halfway Point

Don’t have time to manually search for the correct coordinates or measure the distance between the two points? You can use a web program to compute the halfway point between two or more addresses automatically. In fact, if you need to find the midpoint between many places, we recommend using a web app.

When to find the halfway point between two or more points that are not in the same octant of the globe, the two approaches given above lose their precision and usefulness. WhatsHalfway, MeetWays, and A Place Between Us are three amazing web tools that automatically compute the halfway point between different locations.

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Enter your addresses, choose the sort of place you want to visit and leave the rest to the tools. That’s all there is to it. As you can see, Google Maps isn’t exactly the most user-friendly tool for locating the halfway point.

Hopefully, Google will add this feature to Maps at some point in the future.

1. WhatsHalfway

WhatsHalfway calculates the distance between two points and returns the halfway point. Simply enter your two cities and the halfway point will be displayed, along with your and your friend’s journey time and distance. WhatsHalfway also provides a useful map on which you can zoom in on the halfway point or see the complete path between the two cities. You can also choose a venue type, such as nightlife, food, and drink, or shopping, when you enter your city.

When you get to your halfway, you’ll notice a link that says “Click here to find a venue.” When you click the link, you’ll be transported to a Google Maps list of those venue alternatives. You can add more locations or zip codes to see the midway point for everyone if you want to meet up with more folks. WhatsHalfway is a fantastic solution that is simple to utilize.

2. MeetWays

MeetWays has many of the same features as WhatsHalfway, but it also has a few extra features that you might find useful. You begin by providing your two cities or zip codes, as well as a point of interest, such as pizza or coffee if desired. You can choose your travel mode and if you want to avoid toll roads or motorways before hitting Go! When you look at the results for your halfway point, you’ll see the exact address in the middle, as well as the distance you’ll have to drive in miles for each of you.

The route between the two places is also shown on the map, and you can simply zoom in to see the route in greater detail. You’ll get a list of sites specific to your request and those locations will be mapped on the map if you provided a point of interest for your search. If you leave it blank, you’ll be presented with several good halfway options from which to choose. When you click on a location on the map, Yelp will provide you with additional information. The MeetWays website makes it simple to find that happy middle.

3. TravelMath

TravelMath is a website that assists you in planning your trips, whether by car or by plane. It does, however, provide a useful method for locating your midway point. When you are on the site, select Halfway Point from the dropdown box, then enter your two cities and click Go. If you prefer, you can click on the city in the find the halfway point to find hotels nearby.

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Otherwise, scroll to the bottom of the page to acquire more information about the place, such as the nearest large city or zip code. You can also check how many miles each of you will need to drive and how long it will take in hours and minutes. For your trip, TravelMath provides a handy map and links for things to do, places to stop, lodgings, and more. This site is worth checking out if you’re looking for a meeting spot in the middle of nowhere.

4. Distance Between Cities

The Distance Between Cities website provides exactly that: the distance between two cities as well as a wealth of route information. And, for your convenience, it includes a Halfway Point segment. On the main page, enter your two cities, and when you get to the results, scroll down to that area. The webpage provides information about the closest city or village to the halfway point, as well as the nearest large city and other key cities along the route.

You’ll get the journey time and distance for each of you, as well as the precise locations if you need them. Check out the gas consumption and emissions information, as well as local hotels and even rental cars. Distance Between Cities provides a wealth of information regarding the route between you and if you’re interested in more than simply what’s in the midst.

5. Trippy

Trippy is another website to check out if you’re looking for a halfway point. This tool is helpful for discovering places for you and a friend to meet in a city. Fill out the form on the main page with your inquiry. For example, you might ask Trippy about the “halfway point between [city one] and [city two]” by typing “halfway point between [city one] and [city two].” Scroll down to explore the finest cities to meet in the middle, as well as hotels, restaurants, and things to do in the region.

You’ll get the address for each choice and can click on it to gain more information from Trippy. Trippy is a great resource if you’re looking for more than just a midway, such as things to do or places to stay.


You may use Google Maps to find the halfway point between two places by measuring the distance between them or using coordinates to compute the midpoint. Alternatively, you can use a web app to perform the calculations for you. So, which of these alternatives do you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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