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12 Best Hiring Platforms For Startups

hiring platforms for startups

This post will explain hiring platforms for startups. There’re hundreds of job sites in the market, each offering access to a large community of developers, writers, managers, and tons of top talents. With the right platform, you can cut down your workload and hire the ideal candidate faster.

In this article, I have shared the 12 best job sites startups should consider for recruitment. Before we explore them, let me tell you a wee bit around hiring platforms.

12 Best Hiring Platforms For Startups

In this article, you can know about 12 Best Hiring Platforms For Startups here are the details below;

What Is A Hiring Platform?

A Hiring platform refers to any third-party marketplace, search engine, or SaaS tool that allows you to search and recruit contractors, freelancers, and full-time employees.

They typically provide job boards, resume screening, hiring, and payment disbursement features, but some agencies also offer in-house assistance to help you with recruitment.

Why Should You Consider It?

Statistically, out of 100, only 30% of people actively seek jobs on the internet. The rest are employed professionals who keep an active profile on several sites for better future opportunities.

It makes finding the available ideal candidate incredibly difficult for startups, especially with limited resources.

Hiring platforms deliver the necessary tools to recruit relevant professionals more quickly and efficiently. Some also share advanced automation and admin support to help you optimize your strategy.

Below are some of the best marketplaces for talent sourcing. The list covers a versatile range of both generic and niche sites.

1. Upwork


Upwork is a go-to platform for outsourcing short and long-term projects. It’s a third-party marketplace that gets you in touch with freelancers and charges a certain percentage on successful orders.

Startups companies can leverage it to hire people for versatile side jobs from graphic designing and content writing to admin support. Also check PRTG Alternatives

It offers different rates to match your budget and handles the payment process in-house.

Besides a marketplace, Upwork also provides other assistance for a smooth user experience. You can engage its experts to screen candidates and send direct payment without opening an account on the platform.

Core Features


Flexible rates.

A diverse range of categories.

In-house recruitment services.

Direct payment options.

Enterprise solution.


You can open an account on Upwork for free. It charges 3 to 5% for each project.

2. Hirebeat


Hirebeat is an applicant tracking software that delivers a powerful sourcing feature for startups and small businesses.

It provides you access to tons of sites and shares advanced filters to quickly find and recruit ideal candidates. You don’t even have to upload advertisements on each site. Hirebeat broadcasts the message on your behalf.

Other notable features include a job portal as a point of contact, analytics to track progress, and team collaboration.

The best thing about Hirebeat is its automation. You can set the screening process on autopilot and take pre-recorded interviews. The platform also delivers pre-made questions to help you optimize your script.

Core Features

Job advertisements.

Resume screening.


Interview tools.


Career page.

Team collaboration.



Hirebeat charges $99 to $399 per month for its software.

3. Turing


Turning exclusively provides web development services.

It employs smart tech to automatically source the best-matching developers and connects you to shortlisted candidates to negotiate prices and work schedules.

You can fill fifteen different tech positions using this platform, choose from 100 tech skills, and hire people from overseas. It also lets you take a risk-free trial to make an informed decision.

Another thing you’ll like is the team option. You can engage Turing experts to put together a team of developers for you.

If you’re a US-based startup looking for independent professionals for full-time positions but on a contract, go for Turing.

Core Features

A digital platform to find full-time developers.

Fast hiring.

Candidate screening process.

Over 100 skillsets.

Global reach.

No-risk trial period.

Scalable features.


You can sign up on Turing for free. It takes premium charges after the trial period.

4. Crewscale


Crewscale is also an excellent website for hiring developers. It attracts thousands of professionals from over 110 countries, proficient in thirty different technical skills.

The platform has an extremely thorough and transparent vetting process to match you with the most relevant candidate. Applicants go through skills evaluation, assessment tests, and video interviews before they’re sent your way. From your side, you’d only need to provide your prerequisites. The Crewscale manager will deliver the shortlisted profiles.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to ask questions or interview the selected individuals yourself if needed. You can also take a two-week trial to be completely sure before signing a long-term contract.

The entire process is designed to expedite recruitment.

Core Features


A large community of developers.

Over 30 remote services.

Intensive vetting.

Risk-free trial.

Flexible contracts.

Dedicated account manager.


Crewscale charges by the hour. The average price range is between $15 and $60.

5. Remoteok


Remoteok helps startups find remote employees for versatile vacancies. The platform has a user-friendly job board and attracts millions of skilled professionals on a monthly basis.

Most of the categories here fall in the tech industry, but you can post an ad for non-tech and admin jobs as well. Additionally, you can personalize the salary range and choose a location to narrow down your target market.

What makes Remoteok unique is its benefit to filter and customization.

You can tailor your job as you see fit and add several benefits like insurance and free memberships to make your post appealing to jobseekers looking for full-time opportunities.

Core Features

Tech and non-tech professionals.

Full and part-time offers.

Global network.

Job board.


Salary and benefits.

Promotion tools


Remoteok starting price is $549. You can also buy add-ons for promotion.

6. Toptal


Toptal is ideal for senior and technical positions. Through this platform, you can hire web developers, finance professionals, project managers, and designers. Also check Spiceworks 

It has an extensive screening procedure that generally filters mediocre skill sets for best results. With its rich pool of resources and flexible features, you can recruit people from over 100 countries and offer a working schedule that’s well-suited for both you and the sellers.

It also allows an initial free trial period.

During that time, if you’re not satisfied with the services or don’t find the correct someone for the position, you can get your deposit back and cancel the account.

Core Features

Website for mid-level positions.

Top screening process.

Cover technical and corporate jobs.

Global access.

Smooth payments.

No-risk trial period.

Customer support.


Toptal asks for an initial deposit of approx $500 and later takes a portion of the gig amount as its commission.

7. Angelist Talent

Angelist Talent

Angelist is specifically built for tech startups. The platform not only connects you with potential investors, but it also offers a job board to recruit in-house teams.

You can tap into a network of over eight million fresh and experienced US and overseas professionals who are actively seeking jobs in emerging organizations like yours.

Most candidate profiles showcase detailed information, including salary expectations and time zones, to help you filter out irrelevant entries. In addition, you can integrate your ATS to screen applicants and manage the hiring cycle.

Here, you can post jobs for free, promote your ads, and publish a business profile to offer company information.

Core Features

A large pool of resources.

Candidate profiles.

Job posting and promotion.

Sales pitch templates.

ATS software.



Angelist’s prices start from $249. It covers sourcing, ATS, company profiles, and in-house vetting services.

8. Hired


Hired is one of the leading recruitment platforms for full-time sales and tech positions. It features qualified professionals skilled in engineering, development, designing, and operation fields.

Most of the candidate profiles here show salary and work expectations upfront to make screening easier. But you can also use several features to add more transparency to the sourcing process. For instance, you can put a filter to shortlist applicants who have taken the assessment test.

The platform additionally provides a bias reduce filter that automatically glosses over the background to help you evaluate applicants objectively.

Core Features

The job marketplace for tech and sales.

Great response rate.

Advanced search.

Assessment tests.

Reduce Bias filter.

Upfront salary expectations and work preferences.



Hired charges are flexible and fixed rates depending upon the plan you choose. Contact sales to get the quotes.

9. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is one of the oldest job sites for remote talent recruitment.

It allows you to post as many advertisements as you want, have unlimited access to profiles, and integrate ATS to easily shortlist resumes.

You can use advanced filters to narrow down the search results, offer flexible working hours to attract the best talent, and buy add-ons to increase your company’s visibility. It also shares guides on WFH culture to help you successfully implement a remote workspace.

One thing that particularly works in its favor is its paid membership.

The platform charges subscription fees from buyers and sellers, which weeds out most of the irrelevant profiles from both sides.

Core Features

Job board.

Vetted profiles.

Unlimited posting and screening.

Employer page.

ATS integration.

Branding Add-ons.

Expert articles.

Customer support.


FlexJobs’ monthly subscriptions start from $399.

10. Penji


Penji is a graphic designing services provider.

It hosts a team of expert, well-versed in over 120 types of skills, including logos, illustrations, books cover, advertisement content, and more.

You can submit unlimited projects without paying extra fees, ask for multiple revisions, and dedicate some of your tasks to your team.

The package also comes with a dashboard that gives you access to your projects, designers, and all features in a single panel. Also check playstation vue alternatives

Another thing. Penji’s manager typically assigns a designer from its team to work with you. But if you aren’t satisfied with their services, you can request another one anytime. It’s one of Penji’s best-selling points.

Core Features

A diverse range of services.

No limit on design requests.

Unlimited revisions.

Quick turnaround time.

Switch designers at your convenience.

Dashboard to manage folders.


Penji charges fixed monthly subscriptions. The basic plan costs $499.

11. Fiverr


Fiverr is a budget-friendly alternative to Upwork. It offers you a place to hire both aspiring and seasoned professionals at affordable rates.

The platform covers around nine career fields and over 550 skill categories. You can find related gigs with the search filter, post job ads for custom projects, and drop direct messages to negotiate terms.

One of the best things about Fiverr is its regulatory policies. Its strict terms and conditions make it a secure platform specifically for buyers.

It also offers a business workspace that lets you hire, onboard, and manage your team in a single dashboard.

Core Features

Marketplace for freelancers and companies.

Rich categories.

Access to 160 countries.

Secure payments and refunds.

Fixed and hourly rates.


In-house recruitment services.


Fiverr charges around 5.5% per order from buyers. Its workspace comes in a separate plan, which costs $24 per month.

12. ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter holds a massive database of jobseekers and clients.

The company was founded in 2010, but has already amassed over 110 million profiles. Tons of businesses use this search engine to hire quality talent.

Let’s look at its features. The platform comes with an AI tech that automatically finds relevant resumes and invites them on your behalf. You can include pre-screening questions in the advertisement, manually send invitations to selected candidates, and monitor the process on its built-in dashboard.

The website is easy to use and offers a rich library of job description templates to save time.

Core Features

Hire in-house and remote employees.

AI-powered candidate matching.

Template library.

Pre-screening questions.

Mobile friendly.


ATS integrations.


ZipRecruiter provides three plans for small to mid-size businesses. You may have to contact sales to get the quotes.

Final Word

Hiring platforms offer cost-effective talent-sourcing solutions.

They allow easy access to a diverse range of professionals and automate time-consuming processes to make your job easier.

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