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Top 15 Best IPv6 Test Alternatives In 2022

IPv6 Test

This post will explain IPv6 Test alternative. IPv6 test is one of the well-known services that evaluates your connectivity and speed for IPv4 and IPv6. You can utilise the addresses you use to explore the web to look for connection issues by viewing them. When versions 4 and 6 are available, it also offers additional crucial details like the preferred browser protocol. Anyone can easily access the website using their favourite browser from any location at any time.

The responsive layout of the website looks fantastic on all screen sizes and gadgets. A variety of data is displayed by the IPv4 connectivity, including Address, Hostname, and ISP. Additionally, the service will state whether or not IPv6 is used to connect to the network. The score can be shown on the interface’s right side, to sum up.

Top 15 Best IPv6 Test Alternatives In 2022

In this article, you can know about ipv6 test here are the details below;

1. TrueIP


TrueIP is a little piece of software that runs in the system tray and continuously tracks your IP address. You may view information like the IP hostname and address. This strategy can be helpful for those who own computers but are unable to access them remotely because they lack a static IP address. Also check Cybersecurity Software

This is another IPv6 Test alternative. The application, despite its small size, is stuffed with important features, such as the ability to monitor both internal and external IP addresses, log recent IP addresses for later research, and receive alerts when an IP address changes via free internet services, FTP, and pop-up windows. The software runs covertly in the system tray of the PC. You can instantly get the necessary information whenever you need by clicking on its symbol.

2. My Public IP

My Public IP

Anyone can monitor their IP address at any time and from any location with the immensely handy iPhone app My Public IP. It runs in the background and you may launch it whenever you want to get the most recent IP information. When launched, it will show crucial information like the active servers and IP address. As an alternative, you can select “Get” and take additional actions or copy the IP address for later use.

In a variety of situations, such as while using Wi-Fi or the open internet, the application is helpful for determining the IP address. Additionally, it can be used to check the proxy’s efficiency. Last but not least, you can view the server information by choosing the appropriate button.

3. is one of the famous websites for checking information about the current IP Address. It can be easily accessed by any device with a web browser because it is online-based. Among the information you may get with it are the IP address, hostname, ISP, and organisation. The platform’s organised delivery of all the details enables you to swiftly and easily obtain the information you require.

In addition to IP information, the platform shows the user’s location, City, Zip-Code, Region, Region-name, Country, and Country-Code. The best benefit is that you may access all the material as soon as the website is opened; you don’t need to register or submit any personal information. This is another IPv6 Test alternative.

4. GRC Port Scan

GRC Port Scan

A web-based port scanner for internet security called GRC Port Scan looks at open ports on your external IP address. The web tool can be used by anyone, from anywhere, to test if their external IP address has any open ports. By accessing it with any web browser and checking the provided IP information, you can start utilising it.

The platform’s objective is to simplify network security for everyone. Once the information is available, you can decide what to do next. The main benefit of the online tool is that you may use it without signing up or registering. Additionally, you won’t need to download any additional software because the entire process is done online.

5. G-NetWiFi


G-NetWiFi is a powerful mobile app that functions as an excellent network monitor and driving test solution for all Android OS-powered devices. Without the need for specialised tools or technical expertise, it makes it simple for you to keep an eye on the Wi-Fi and record all of the network parameters. Consider it a tool and toy for tinkering and learning more about it.

This is another IPv6 Test alternative. Professionals can utilise it to learn more about the network. It can also be used by radio hobbyists to accurately learn about Wi-Fi networks. The software is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use because it can load floorplans. Automatically connecting to the best Wi-Fi, displaying measured data on a map view, and analysing Wi-Fi network properties are some of the main features. A pro edition of the software is also available, which users can buy to obtain access to other features including extended text logging, log reduction factor, app folder change, planned routes load, data sequence, and extended kml export.

6. Skeebus


The most recent public speech is shown in the menu bar of the well-known and versatile Mac programme Skeebus. You can also see other significant information like the country’s flag and more. The app uses the GeoIP services from to deliver important data such as hostname, nation, region, ISP, city, latitude/longitude, and postal code.

By clicking on the lat/long coordinates, you may additionally annotate the location on a map. The inclusion of an IP address that may be utilised with each and every local interface to give expanded information is the solution’s finest feature. The audience can utilise the software without any technological knowledge.


The website allows anyone to easily and quickly view their current IP address. It serves as a straightforward yet thorough database of every IP address currently in use worldwide. The website’s designers seek to provide accurate IP address information to everyone. Using the programme, you may easily learn IP address information.

Due to the accurate and recent discoveries, it is the best website for anyone attempting to find IP information. By entering your IP address and clicking “Submit,” you can begin using it right away. In the results, you may see details like IP Address, Hostname, ISP, Continent, Country, City, Timezone, and Latitude. This is another IPv6 Test alternative.

8. Which is my IP?

Which is my IP?

Which IP is mine? is a web tool that anyone can use to easily find their current IP address. When it comes to providing everyone with access to precise IP information, this internet service is among the best in its industry. You can use it from any web browser because it is cross-browser compatible. The application performs effectively when someone has to quickly find the current IP address. Also check Lead Generation Tools

Additionally, it can be used to verify if the proxy is functioning properly. The website contains a wealth of information on the IP, including its location and ISP. The best feature is that it will also show whether an IP address is IPv4 or IPv6. Last but not least, thanks to the mobile-responsive design, anyone may access the website on small devices like smartphones and tablets.

9. What is my IP live?

What is my IP live?

IP address of me Real-time displays of your public IPv4 or IPv6 address are available. To make it easier for everyone to check their IP address, this website tool was developed. It is reachable at any time and from any location. There is no need to supply any information because the IP Address would be visible as soon as the user enters the page. You may get more details by clicking “Get Location,” which is adjacent to the IP Address. As a result, more information will subsequently become visible.

The improved data also includes TimeZone, City, Region, ASN, Blacklist Status, TimeZone, Currency, Calling Code, Zipcode/Postcode, and Languages. The best feature is that there is no registration or sign-up needed, and the entire procedure is really simple. The website also provides a mobile app that you can download to your Android smartphone and use to keep track of your IP address while on the go.


This is another IPv6 Test alternative. is a straightforward and useful tool that enables you to confirm the current IP address as well as a number of other facts. It distinguishes itself from the competition by getting right to the point. The information is displayed to users as soon as the site is opened. Everything is really simple for you because there is only information on the page that is related to the IP address.

You can access extra data in addition to IP, such as The User-Agent, AppleWebKit, and more. Any web browser and any device can access the website without any limitations. The site is useful for a variety of purposes, such as checking to see if the proxy is functioning properly.

11. has a reliable API and a database with accurate IP addresses. It offers latitude and longitude from any IPv6 and IPv4 address, country, ISP lookup, state, time zone, city, moonrise and moonset time, company detail, and sunset and sunrise times in XML, REST, and JSON over HTTPS. Around the world, numerous well-known businesses have faith in it. More information than only domain, geolocation, ISP, and ASN information can be found in an IP address. It uses its IP Intelligence Ecosystem to recover significant insights each month. User-Agent Parser API, Accurate IP Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Astronomy API, and IP Geolocation Database are just a few of the features.

You may determine the precise moonrise, moonset, sunrise, and sunset times from GPS coordinates or an IP address using the Astronomy API. The device user agent string can be used to extract information about the operating system, device manufacturer, browser name, device name, and version. With the use of IP addresses, time zone strings, and GPS coordinates, you may retrieve precise local time and date-time data.

12. is an open-source and one of the best websites for locating your IP address and all of the information related to it. Country, User-agent, ASN, Latitude, Longitude, City, Postal code, Region code, and Region are among the extracted data. A simple, easy-to-remember domain name, port testing, HTTPS and IPV6 support, JSON output, high-performance ASN, city, and country search using the MaxMind GeoIP database, and support for widely used command-line clients like fetch, curl, wget, httpie, and ht are among the features. This is another IPv6 Test alternative.

13. is an IP Geolocation and Proxy Detection API that enables you to look up the location of any IP Address in order to localise adverts, website content, enrich forms, analyse logs, block countries, ensure GDPR compliance, and other things. Some of the multiple well-known companies in the planet, including Adobe and NASA, trust it. The system provides a fast, high-performance IP Geolocation API with reliable information.

One of its functions is Proxy and VPN Detection, which enables you to recognise anonymous individuals and safeguard your company from abuse and fraud. Every 15 minutes, all the data is refreshed, ensuring that you never have to work with stale information. The main advantage is that makes it simple to quickly determine whether an IP Address is included in any of the 200+ OSINT Threads feeds. Above all, you can determine whether an IP Address is associated with a specific company, ISP, or datacenter/hosting.

14. Ipstack


You can easily find and identify website visitors by entering their IP addresses thanks to Ipstack’s one of the best IP to geolocation APIs and global IP database services available anywhere in the world. Zip, IP, city, type, region code, region name, continent code, and continent name are among the extracted details. Many global large organisations, developers, and SMBs use the real-time geolocation API service. Its enormous renown stems from the fact that it offers information about users accessing the website and enables you to tailor user experiences using their IP. Also check online photo printing software

This is another IPv6 Test alternative. The API now has a collaboration with major ISPs to keep accurate and consistent data regardless of the data and includes more than 2 million unique locations in hundreds of thousands of cities throughout the world. Customers can contact the support staff in the event of problems and receive immediate assistance to resolve the situation. Bank-Grade Security, Powerful and Scalable, XML or JSON, and World-Class Documentation are further benefits. Use the supplied Location Module to implement geographic limitations on a personal website, enhance ad targeting, or give location-based user experiences.

The Currency Module’s ability to provide accurate and immediate information about the principal currency in use in the location returned for the processed IP address is another advantage. By using the Time Zone Module, you may determine each visitor’s time zone without requiring them to fill out any forms. Utilize the Connection Module to gain essential knowledge about the hostname and ASN of the ISP used by website visitors. Last but not least, the security module helps to protect the website and application from potential dangers by promptly identifying tor users, proxies, and crawlers.


Your IP address may be found on the website along with other important details about it, such the User-Agent, Language, Referer, Method, Encoding, MIME Type, X-Forwarded-For, and Charset. You can access the website from any instrument and with your favourite web browser. provides a list of commands under the “Command Line Interface” section, along with descriptions of each command and the output it produces. Overall, the website is an excellent way to retrieve crucial IP address information whenever and wherever you need it. This is another IPv6 Test alternative.

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