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Mad Mimi vs Mailchimp In 2023

mad mimi vs mailchimp

This post will explain Mad Mimi vs Mailchimp In 2023. Reeves and Sons Limited energy receive a commission if you sign up for a service using one of the links on this page. The winner of today’s review battle between Mad Mimi and Mailchimp will be announced.

Mad Mimi vs Mailchimp In 2023

In this article, you can know about Mad Mimi vs Mailchimp In 2023 here are the details below;

The genuine pioneer is Mailchimp, which was established in 2001 and now boasts a user base of over 9 million. Considering that Mad Mini launched in 2008 and only has 125 000 customers, it may be a better fit for your needs than its more well-known rival.


Let’s start out by talking about price, which is a key determining aspect in every transaction. Each tool entices you in with a free trial. Mad Mimi only provides free services for up to 100 contacts, whereas MailChimp continues to provide free services for up to 2000 contacts (if you stay under 12000 emails per month).

What happens after you reach the free trial thresholds is described below:


In general, email companies offer a dizzying array of capabilities. Both Mailchimp and Mad Mimi provide a wide range of functions. Your anticipated email marketing tools are available in both Mad Mimi and Mailchimp’s standard paid monthly plans:

You can automatically send contacts one or more emails when they subscribe with autoresponder campaigns. Create and send HTML email Create RSS-to-email campaigns that enable you to send your database a newsletter version of each new blog post that you publish. View important data on open and click-through rates. Also check email marketing funnel

Forms for joining Facebook pages Although the functions given are similar, Mailchimp’s features are more advanced and substantial. Mailchimp provides substantially more functionality and flexibility, including form construction, autoresponder settings, reports, and analytics. Some crucial Mailchimp features that Mad Mimi noticeably lacks include:

Strong split testing: Enables you to test various subject headers and send times to see what causes your messages to be opened and clicked on. Although Mad Mimi does provide a tool known as a “campaign comparison,” it is not as helpful as the sophisticated MailChimp split testing functionality.

Delivery according to time zone:

Customer Support

First of all, it is disheartening that neither of these suppliers offers direct phone help. Technical issues can be challenging to express by text. Furthermore, it’s crucial to know that Mailchimp does not provide any customer assistance to its free members other than sporadic email.

However, Mailchimp unquestionably offers superior client service. 24/7 live chat support is really appealing. Only customers using Mad Mimi’s free plan would experience exceptional customer service.

Email templates

Email templates let you quickly and simply create stunning emails without coding. MailChimp and Mad Mimi take significantly different approaches to templates. There are thousands of email templates available on Mailchimp. These templates can be altered to give even more variation.

A blank template can also be used to create a design from scratch. Mad Mimi follows a different strategy. Mad Mimi provides one basic template that you can customise to match various colour schemes rather than a plethora of distinct themes to browse.

The ability to upload and insert graphics, such as logos and other branded materials, is offered by both Mad Mimi and Mailchimp. The less complicated choice is Mad Mimi. For instance, Mad Mimi’s simple design procedure makes it simple to include your brand. Many of the themes in MailChimp may be too cluttered for you to easily insert your logo. However, MailChimp is the email service of choice if variety is vital.

Compared to Mad Mimi, Mailchimp has more design options, such as the ability to include buttons, boxed text, and image groups. There are a tonne of different Mailchimp alternatives to take into account if you still don’t think either solution is ideal for you. Also check Free Airtable Alternatives


A more experienced and sophisticated email service provider is Mailchimp. Despite being substantially more expensive than Mad Mimi, you get the functionality and customer service you pay for. For more intricate email marketing campaigns that require a lot of statistics, A/B testing, and campaigning, Mailchimp is the best option.

Spending more money on MailChimp may be beneficial if you are a medium- to large-sized business owner in the e-commerce industry. This is especially true if you like to explore your email marketing data in great detail and have access to a variety of reports. Mad Mimi offers amazing value, nevertheless, if your company is a little bit simpler and has fewer products to offer. This is particularly valid for longer list lengths. Finally, Mailchimp is a nice, free alternative to Mad Mimi for new blogs with contact lists under 2000.

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