Top 10 Best Media Server Software for Streaming

Are you looking for the best media server software in 2021? With smartphones and powerful computers, technological advancement has added multiple dimensions of entertainment.

You can stream movies and TV shows, listen to music, look at your photos, and other things on your phone without having to go to the movies or using separate devices.

The world is moving online, allowing you to access a wealth of convenience and entertainment from the comfort of your own home. No matter where you live, you can watch live streaming of sports, news, and other events; all you need is an internet connection and a few useful media server software tools.

A media streaming server is one such media server software that has made it simple for you to watch videos and other media without any hassles or lags. Let’s see what we can find out media server software!

What is Media Server Software and How Does It Work?

A media server software programme stores digital media such as videos, audio, images, and other types of files and makes them accessible over a network for viewing. It can stream any type of digital media to NAS, smart TVs, computers, Apple, and Android devices, among other things.

To use a media server, you’ll need a cloud server or a computer, as well as software to help you organize your digital media. The software has an easy-to-use user interface that makes collecting and viewing media content at your fingertips a breeze.

You can also share the files with your family and friends, as well as your coworkers. You can use a variety of media server software with Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, and other devices.

Why Should You Use Media Server Software?

Both personally and professionally, media server software is beneficial. You can watch or view your media on any device because it allows you to play it on multiple devices at the same time.

Top 10 Best Media Server software For Streaming

Examine these best media server software and see what works best for you.

PlayOn Desktop


PlayOn Desktop offers a whole new way to watch TV and is jam-packed with features you’ll enjoy. This powerful PC application serves as a portal to the best streaming sites, which have been compiled into an easy-to-use video streaming interface for you.

PlayOn is a large media server that allows you to collect and organise your music, videos, and photos for easy access. You can also upgrade your plan to include a powerful Streaming Video Recorder (SVR) that doubles as a DVR. You can use this SVR to stream movies and shows and watch them whenever, wherever, and even offline.

PlayOn Desktop allows you to record streaming video content from sites like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Hulu, HBO Max, and others. Their monthly plans start at $2.99 for 50GB of storage, 100+ SD hours, and 10 recording credits.



Use Jellyfin, a volunteer-built media software, to gain better control over all of your media. It allows you to stream videos from your server to any device you want, with no restrictions. Jellyfin makes it simple to collect, manage, stream, and enjoy your media. To use this free entertainment software, simply run your Jellyfin server over your device.

Using a variety of beautiful posters, you can keep track of your entire movie collection. Choose your movies and TV shows and let them automatically organise the content by season. The best part is that the Jellyfin server is completely free to download and use indefinitely. It can be used for personal or business purposes. The GNU GPL licence allows you to freely use, modify, study, build, and distribute this open-source software.

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Emby allows you to take your media with you wherever you go and watch your favourite video content. It easily gathers all of your home videos, photos, and music in one place and automatically converts and streams your media while you’re on the go so you can watch them on your device.

Emby Connect allows you to easily enjoy your media while away from home without having to worry about IP addresses. All you have to do now is log in to Emby and press the play button. It enables you to stream and watch live television on any device, as well as enjoy your recordings and manage your DVR.

Emby apps are available for Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Home Theatre PC, and more, so you can watch videos from the comfort of your own living room. Emby detects Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) devices on your home network, allowing you to control and send content from a distance.



OSMC is a free and open-source media centre that is designed to provide you with a high level of entertainment. You can listen to music, see pictures, watch movies, watch videos, and watch TV shows here, with information such as the year, actors, genres, singers, directors, and so on. OSMC has been designed to be extremely user-friendly and simple to use while still looking fantastic.

It is secure and you can rely on it because it is open-source. OSMC is based on Debian Linux and Kodi Media Center. Furthermore, you can use Vero 4K+, OSMC’s flagship device, which can play anything with full 4K support, 10-bit content, HD audio, and HEVC.



Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a free and open-source media player. It was created by the Kodi/XBMC Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. This media player is compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems. Kodi comes with a 10-foot user interface that works with remote controls and televisions.

It allows you to easily view and play most videos, podcasts, music, and other media files from the internet as well as local storage media. Any device, including Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, tvOS, OSX, and iOS, can run Kodi. Kodi supports nearly all formats, party mixes, playlists, and more, so you can organise your music collection like never before.

You can also install their PVR addon to record TV shows and watch them later, or choose a new skin to change the way Kodi looks on your device. You can also use Kodi to stream a radio station over the internet and control it from your phone or browser.



Want to get free video content and stream it on multiple devices? Serviio is a free media server that allows you to stream images, videos, and music to a variety of devices including TVs, game consoles, mobile phones, Playstation 3, Bluray media, Xbox 360, tablets, MusicPal, ROKU, Xbox One, and more.

Serviio supports profiles to increase the device’s potential and reduce the lack of media format playback support for a better experience while playing media (via transcoding). Serviio’s technology is Java, which is why it runs on all major platforms, including Mac, Linux, NAS platforms, and Windows.

The Pro edition gives you more sharing options and allows you to use it on any device. You can also use Alexa devices and your voice to control it. Simply tell Serviio what you want to watch and he will play it for you. To stream online content such as live audio/video, web page content, and RSS feeds, it employs a plugin system.

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Subsonic is an extremely user-friendly personal media player. It allows you to watch movies, TV shows, music, and more using Subsonic apps on a variety of devices from anywhere, or through a web browser on your computer. The simple, intuitive interface is well-suited to browsing large content collections quickly.

You can quickly find your favourite tracks by using the free-text search. Cover arts, such as images embedded in ID3 tags, are also displayed. It also allows you to secure your account by using HTTP/SSL and supporting LDAP. Extra features include Sonos and Chromecast streaming, podcast downloads, radio station and internet TV management, media playback on supported UPnP/DLNA devices, and more.



Transform your computer into a brand new media solution by switching to MediaPortal. The platform runs on standard hardware, connects directly to your TV, and dynamically displays your series, photos, movies, and music, among other things. In the comfort of your own home, watch your favourite content on a big screen plasma TV, LCD, LED TV, or projector.

You can watch, record, and schedule live TV for free, just like a TiVo. It can play movies, videos, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, as well as radio and music. You can upload photos and home videos, as well as create a slideshow for easy viewing. For added convenience, you can control the playing media with a remote while sitting on your couch.

You can check the news, weather, and other information using MediaPortal on your mobile or web device. Monitor your HTPC, view scores and movie showtimes, stream web TV and download it, play YouTube videos, Apple trailers, internet radio, and music or genres from your set playlist with their hundreds of available skins and plugins.



Plex lets you watch live TV and DVR, favorite web shows, podcasts, and news all in one app, no matter what device you’re using or where you are. It allows you to watch 130+ channels for free, and you can upgrade to get an amazing TV experience with local sports, news, and shows recorded and watched.

Plex also provides free access to over 20,000 on-demand shows and movies from major studios such as Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, MGM, Crackle, and others. Plex Arcade has also been introduced as a result of the collaboration between Atari and Plex. It’s where you can play Atari classics on your preferred devices, as well as your own game collection of emulators and ROMs.



Stremio, a modern media solution for nonstop entertainment, allows you to find, organize, and watch video content. This platform is your one-stop shop for TV shows, movies, sports, web channels, and live TV. Stremio is available for Android and Apple smartphones on Google Play and the App Store, as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

It’s simple to set up on any device and has an infinitely expandable library of your favourite videos. After installing Stremio, create an account and go to the addon catalogue to choose an addon from the 50+ options available. Then, to learn more about video content, go to the Board or Discover sections.

Because Stremio is open-source, it is a safe software to use. Its code is open to the public and can be audited by anyone.


The purpose of media server software is to make your life easier while you stream your favourite media content to your television. Check out all of the above-mentioned software’s features and benefits, compare their prices, and choose the best fit for your personal or business needs.

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