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How To Fix Messenger Keeps Crashing On iOS

Fix Messenger Keeps Crashing On iOS

How To Fix Messenger Keeps Crashing On iOS will be described in this article. It can be really inconvenient when the Messenger software crashes and prevents you from viewing messages. There are now several explanations for why your iOS device’s Messenger keeps crashing. The most common cause of Messenger crashes on your smartphone is out-of-date software.

Compatibility problems, third-party apps, corrupted data, and incorrect configurations can also be to blame.

How To Fix Messenger Keeps Crashing On iOS

In this article, you can know about Fix Messenger Keeps Crashing On iOS here are the details below;

We’ve decided to provide a tutorial to assist you in the event that Messenger keeps crashing on your iOS device.


1. Restart Your Device

If you are having trouble using Messenger, try rebooting your device before making any changes to its setup. By doing this, you should replenish your system’s resources and fix any problems that might have arisen while using it.

When using an iPhone X, 11, 12, or later:


Press the Side button

For iPhone 6, 7, 8, or SE, restart iOS:

Drag the slider

After that, return to Messenger and see if the crash persists.

2. Check Messenger Status

Messenger crashes rarely, although it is conceivable that an unforeseen fault happened on the servers and that’s what caused the software to crash. You can verify this by checking to see whether there have been any reported problems with the service using outside tools like Downdetector.

The best course of action if Messenger is temporarily unavailable is to wait. Regretfully, you are unable to fix server-related issues.

However, if there are no issues with the servers, you can move on to the next solution.

3. Check Your Network

Another possible cause of Messenger crashes on your iOS device could be a sluggish or unreliable internet connection. Use to test your network and evaluate its current bandwidth in order to confirm this.


Check Your Network

Reestablishing the connection with your ISP’s servers can be accomplished by power cycling your modem or router if the result shows a problem with your connection. Before connecting your router back in, unplug it from the outlet and give it at least five seconds to cool down.

If the result indicates

Messenger Continues to Crash on iOS Retest the try afterwards to see if the issue has been resolved. Get in touch with your provider and request that they fix their service if the problem continues.

4. Update Messenger

Your current version of Messenger may have a bug, which would account for the frequent crashes. Installing the most recent version of the program on your device will automatically patch any problems and faults.

Using the instructions below, update Messenger:

tap the Update button beside the app

After that, restart your smartphone to see if Facebook Messenger is now functioning properly.

5. Update Your Device

The app may crash because of a disagreement between the iOS version you’re running and the Facebook Messenger version. We advise you to upgrade your device in order to rule out any compatibility problems as a result.

To upgrade your device, refer to the instructions below:

Tap on Software Update

Restarting your device multiple times is common throughout the update installation process. After that, try relaunching Facebook Messenger to see if the issue has been resolved. Also check CoinTracking

6. Reinstall Facebook Messenger

Try reinstalling Messenger on your iOS device if the program still crashes after you’ve updated your firmware. There’s a chance that some of its resources have become corrupted, in which case the update won’t work.

See the instructions below to remove Facebook Messenger:

Tap on Remove App to delete Messenger

Messenger Keeps Crashing on iOS After that, install the most recent version of Messenger from the App Store on your smartphone.

7. Try Another Devices

Try using your PC or an Android device to access Facebook Messenger. It’s probable that the problem is limited to iOS, and you should have no trouble accessing your account on other devices.

In the event that Messenger is functional on platforms other than iOS devices, proceed to the next solution.

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8. Reset your Settings

The problem of Messenger crashing occasionally may potentially be resolved by wiping the settings off of your device. Any configuration changes that result in application crashes should be undone with this.

To reset your settings, follow these instructions:

choose Reset All Settings

Throughout this process, your iPad or iPhone will restart multiple times.

After that, return to Facebook Messenger to check if the issue still persists.

9. Close unused Applications

It is possible that you have many open applications in the background, which uses up system memory. Close any programs you’re not using to free up RAM on your smartphone and prevent issues.

What you should do is as follows:

Return to your home screen, open Messenger, and check to see whether it crashes any more.

10. Contact Apple

The final option is to submit the problem to Apple if none of the above suggested fixes resolve the problem. To get help with the Messenger problem you’re having, go to their support page and create a request. Also check Sites Like ADP

Contact Apple

When requesting assistance, be sure to include all the information that can facilitate a quicker resolution. This should make it easier for the Apple team to comprehend the issue and suggest you the best option.

If you can’t find answers in our guide, you may also look through the other instructions on their website.

This concludes our tutorial on resolving Facebook Messenger crashes on iOS devices. Please leave a comment below with any queries you may have, and we will try our best to respond.

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