Moon-Shaped Mountain House

Mountain minecraft house ideas have long been a favorite among Minecraft builders. It provides a solid foundation to build on, but players should not feel constrained by their surroundings. The proof is in this moon-shaped mountain-side house, which is stunning despite its small size.

Modern Mansion Base

When it comes to new Minecraft house ideas, most players prefer traditional building styles and mediaeval homes, but it’s a good idea to step outside one’s comfort zone. That is why modern bases are an excellent choice. This modern mansion built by Bladjomir on Reddit is massive in size but large enough to house everything a survival Minecraft base could need. It’s always preferable to have a little extra space than not enough.

Rustic Savanna Home

The choice of biome is an important consideration when looking for Minecraft house ideas. Biomes and environments can have a big impact on how the build looks and what materials and resources look good. The savanna biome is not many people’s first choice, but it has a lot of potential. While RavenTheDawg’s house only has a savanna in the background, it fits in perfectly as a more traditional and mediaeval Minecraft house in the arid environment. Furthermore, it makes use of some of the new blocks initiated in 1.17.

Minecraft Amethyst Geode Home

Players who dislike building houses and prefer to furnish their new Minecraft home may choose to build it inside an existing structure, such as an amethyst geode. These geodes, which were added in the 1.17 update, are fairly common underground or underwater and are quite beautiful on the inside.

Reddit user widici created this brilliant Minecraft house idea. It makes use of some of the best purple blocks in the game to create a very unique and cool Minecraft base that includes the basics. The side of the geode that is typically broken open has been transformed into a large window that looks out into the ocean, making it a cheap underwater home as well.

Multiplayer-Friendly Minecraft Base

Minecraft is a lot of fun to play with friends, and taking on large building projects becomes more feasible when you have a large group of people on board. When it comes to house ideas in Minecraft, players building on survival multiplayer servers who plan on making a joint base with friends have a lot of options.

AmazingCandle, a Reddit user, shared their Minecraft SMP server build, which is a massive Minecraft base suspended in the sky with multiple circular rooms. Its sheer size is impressive, and the best part is that everyone who lives there has plenty of space for everything they require.

Diagonal Minecraft Home

When it comes to building a Minecraft house, most players approach the task with a very straightforward mindset. However, having to build an old regular box and afterwards trying to expand on it isn’t the worst way to create a fantastic house in the game.

Those looking to spice things up only need to change directions. Instead, Swordself MC chose a diagonal build, with the actual house having a diagonally built side right next to its front-facing entrance. This cool Minecraft house design adds an unexpected depth to the build, which looks fantastic, especially in this classic cottage style.

Wooden Mansion

Large Minecraft house designs are difficult projects because they require a lot of making plans and decoration to look good. Unless such a player manages to create shape and intensity in a way that gives the house a much more interesting look, they usually end up looking too boxy.

Zach4455 nailed it with this four-poster mansion created with only a few of the game’s basic blocks. The shaped windows, as well as the use of fence posts, gates, and lanterns, contribute significantly to the build’s beauty and detail. They’ve even included a tutorial for their build.

The Palo Alto Lantern House

When all else fails, the real world is the best place to look for inspiration. However, translating that into Minecraft is a difficult task due to the various constraints the game imposes on blocks and placement. That being said, this Minecraft house concept is very close to its real-world counterpart.

Doodlemerson was inspired by the real-life Palo Alto Lantern House in California. A stunning, luxurious modern design that translates excellently into the game and appears just as luxurious as the real thing.

Island Temple

Great landscaping can make or break a Minecraft house idea, no matter how simple. Even the construction is fantastic in this case, displaying a somewhat Asian style architecture with its curved pagoda style roof.

This temple was built by besafewearshoes, who paid close attention to the small details of the gardens, including a plethora of flowers and lanterns, to give this building an ethereal appearance. Furthermore, rather than growing actual trees, they simply created their own by constructing an organic trunk and inserting the leaves.

Cat House

A house does not have to look like a house all of the time. In fact, it can appear to be anything the player desires. When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, the sky’s the limit, as this white kitty-shaped house surrounded by cats and made of glass and concrete clearly demonstrates.

Xxcutebuildxx lives up to their name with this incredibly cute cat-shaped build. The cat face only serves as the front facade of the house, so it also works on the inside. This house will look even better when combined with a cutesy texture pack.

Desert House

Deserts are widely regarded as one of the most despised biomes in the game. Living in a desert is pretty boring due to the lack of plants and other structures. Furthermore, it is difficult to obtain food when the world’s spawn point is a desert biome. However, after a good start, some cool Minecraft house ideas can be built.

Houses like this one by Antonio M8 stand out in the biome by utilising the various types of sandstone available. With its airy second floor balcony and the number of windows that open up the home, it even looks like a vacation home. It’s also a nice touch to include some plants to liven up an otherwise monotonous build.

Ice Spike Mini Home

Minecraft has some pretty unique biomes, such as the extremely rare but visually appealing Ice Plains Spikes biome. This cold, snowy biome is teeming with icy stalagmite-like structures that rise high into the sky. And, yes, as DrillTrill demonstrated, they can be turned into crazy Minecraft house ideas.

One thing to keep in mind is that ice melts when nearby torches are lit. Instead, using End Rods as lighting is much more effective and complements the overall style of the build. Nobody will ever suspect that one ice spike is someone’s house, and even if they do, they’ll be too impressed to grief or steal the house’s contents. Not to mention that mobs will have a difficult time getting in here.

Wooden Starter House

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go. Wood and stone are the bread and butter of Minecraft, which is why so many starter homes are built with those two materials. They’re also cheap, and with a few tricks and design ideas, they can be made to look really nice, like Dekunaa’s house here.

Try building a truly traditional rustic house the next time you’re looking for Minecraft house ideas. It’s surprising how good the results look, especially with the addition of lanterns, barrels, and other villager items that help to tie the build together into a cosy little lodge.

Tree House

A tree house is one of the many popular house ideas in Minecraft. In many ways, it’s a childhood dream for many of the players, and it’s finally becoming a reality. Tree houses can be very rustic and shack-like, or they can be ultra modern, such as this one by AnuTCS.

The jungle is the best biome to build a tree house in, but if no such biome is nearby, a mock tree can be built first to mimic a regular tree. Once the foundations are in place, the house can be built at various levels on the branches to create the illusion of a tree growing from around the house.

Modern Beach House

Given that Minecraft’s blocks have a very traditional and rustic appearance, it’s difficult to create truly modern-looking builds. However, it’s surprising how good they can look with just a little imagination, as evidenced by this beach house by KugioMC. When building a modern home, it is best to prioritise materials that are very simple.

Concrete is an excellent material for modern Minecraft house ideas, especially when combined with wooden planks of almost any colour. Glass can also be used to make glass railings and large windows in most modern buildings. Sugarcane is another plant that fits the modern aesthetic.

Abandoned House At Sea

If building underwater isn’t an alternative in a game called just yet, building a house floating on water might be the next best Minecraft house idea. Tkapplez shared a stunning photo of his abandoned house at sea, complete with realistic shaders, on the Internet.

This build demonstrates the power of wood and stone, as well as the importance of understanding the build’s palette. While there are many different blocks and patterns in this house, nothing deviates from the colour scheme. The variation, if anything, adds much-needed texture and shape to an otherwise oddly shaped build that comes together beautifully.