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Top 10 Best Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Movies In 2022

Rabbit alternatives

Searching for the best Rabbit alternatives for watching videos, movies, or listening to music with friends? It was a popular platform that let users to stream, communicate, and watch material with friends or anyone else at the same time. It was convenient to be able to watch the same movie while interacting with each other without being in the same room. will be discontinued, however, in the meanwhile, we have compiled a list of the best rabbit alternatives for you to enjoy. Furthermore, these Rabbit alternatives may become your primary platform for accessing internet material.

You may use 5KPlayer to get videos from and its Rabbit alternatives. It is a video downloader, streamer, and player that works on both Windows and Mac systems.

Top 10 Rabbit Alternatives to Watch Movies


Are you looking for Rabbit alternatives that are free to use? ShareTube is a simple app that allows you to watch YouTube videos with other people quickly and easily. To play the content in sync with other users in the room, all you need to do is create a room and a YouTube URL.

It also offers a group chat feature, which allows you to engage with other users to some extent. ShareTube is considerably simpler than Rabbit; it does exactly what it is supposed to accomplish. If you want to swiftly watch YouTube videos with other people, ShareTube is ideal.

Overall, ShareTube is best app for watching YouTube videos with friends because it is easy and straightforward, works with sync playback, and offers chat functionality. However, it is confined to YouTube and does not enable webcams or audio.


Airtime is one of the best rabbit alternatives or apps like that works on cellphones and allow you to watch together. It’s difficult to locate a comparable app like Airtime. Airtime allows you to do a variety of things, including watching videos together, listening to music in group chat utilizing animated stickers, giving sound replies, exchanging GIFs, and much more.

Airtime is rather powerful; it can support up to ten people in a single room, which should be sufficient to accommodate all of your friends and family. Airtime, like, allows for simultaneous audio commentary and media streaming.

If you didn’t already know, this feature was extremely popular on While watching videos, you may also exchange images, brief video clips, and text messages. Airtime is the best app for organizing watch parties on smartphones, and it has the potential to replace Rabbit in terms of features, making it one of the best rabbit alternatives available.


If you use Plex, you will appreciate SyncLounge. It provides an excellent solution for successfully playing synchronized media. If you’re looking for a dedicated co-watching software for Plex, go no further than SyncLounge. You can connect SyncLounge to your Plex collection to create a private room for you and your friends and family to watch together, and this is one of the best Rabbit alternatives to do so.

To give the best-synchronized playback and transfer data to several individuals, SyncLounge runs its own server. SyncLounge, like Rabbit, allows you to talk with other people while watching a video. To summarise, SyncLounge is ideal for those who want to share their Plex content with others.


One of the most popular and best Rabbit alternatives available today on the internet. Twoseven is a real-time video-sharing website where you may view videos with others and communicate with them. Twoseven, unfortunately, does not support live audio commentary.

Twoseven is focused on three things: maximal video streaming service support, live reply through webcam, and real-time experience with no latency. Twoseven offers video sync for Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and a variety of other services. Twoseven provides a Chrome plugin that allows you to stream videos from any location. Twoseven is a terrific alternative to Rabbit/rabbit watch together for anyone looking for a superb alternative to Rabbit/rabbit watch together.

Overall, Twoseven enables an infinite number of video streaming sources, char with others in the room, live webcam reaction, and has an outstanding performance with no latency. However, it does not support audio messaging.


What are the best alternatives? It offers excellent synchronized playback, which is difficult to get elsewhere. It employs patented technology to provide enhanced live broadcasting to multiple users with near-zero latency, which is fantastic.

Metastream looks fantastic as well, with on-screen chat, video queuing, and easy user administration. It also works with all of the mainstreaming providers, including Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Prime Video, and many others. The distinction is that Metastream does not have the well-known Rabb. It supports streaming downloaded media, as well as a camera, webcam, and audio. If none of that matters to you, Metrastream is as amazing as it gets.


Want to see and listen to music in real-time? TogetherTube is an alternative to, which supports a variety of sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, and You no longer have to worry about being separated from friends or family because you can watch movies and listen to music together in real-time utilizing this platform.

The intriguing aspect of this platform is that it is simple to use, entertaining, and requires no registration. Furthermore, each area includes a built-in chat system that allows you to speak with family or friends.


Syncplay is a one-of-a-kind app that differs somewhat from Airtime. It enables you to share your downloaded content with others on your computer. Syncplay works with all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can watch your offline content with common media players such as VLC, MPV, and MPC, and Syncplay will broadcast it for you in a private room. Then, you can share the private area with others, allowing them to enter and view your stuff.

It is designed in such a way that it allows you to sync your media player with multiple persons and devices, and it is really effective at this. Unfortunately, it lacks interactive elements like chat and voice messages. If you’re looking for a basic tool that allows you to share content with others, Syncplay should suffice.

Its alternatives allow you to watch together and also allows you to establish a chat room and invite your friends to join. You may also watch videos on YouTube and Vimeo, as well as create playlists. There is no need to sign up for this platform’s simple interfaces for creating and joining chat groups. The recommendations for the best free rabbi are listed above. Please select one of the alternatives you believe is best.


Parsec is primarily a game streaming platform, but it may also be used to stream video content. You can invite anyone to your video stream, and they will be able to see the content in real-time with no latency difficulties. Anyone, just like in any other game streaming, can watch together and talk with one another via the chatbox.

Merely one person can control the playback, while others can only observe and converse.
However, the synchronized playback is flawless, which was the main feature of Rabbit. Parsec can be beneficial for sharing content and allowing individuals to communicate with one another. Following the trend, a gaming streaming platform like this one has to be one of the best rabbit alternatives on the internet today.


TogetherJS is the best location to watch movies and videos with your friends or family. It is one of the websites like Rabbit built by Mozilla Labs and includes features such as real-time collaboration that allows you to watch movies with your friends or family. TogetherJS is open-source JavaScrip software that may be installed as plugins. After installing the plugin or software, you can email links to your friends or family to join the app in real-time with them.

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