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10 Best reWASD Alternatives & Similar Software

reWASD Alternatives

10 Best reWASD Alternatives & Similar Software. Most gamers understand what reWASD brings to the table; the ability to customize your controller however you want. But, what if reWASD does not suit your needs? In that case, here are 10 reWASD alternatives that you can try as a substitute.

reWASD Review: What is It?

For casual gamers, the ability to remap the controller may not mean much. But, it is everything for avid gamers, especially those who like to switch platforms. That is when reWASD comes to play.

reWASD is software that enables you to adjust your keyboard and mouse to resemble your gamepad. This software aims to maximize your gaming experience, whatever your gaming platforms are.

reWASD works with pretty much every gaming controller brand out there. That includes Nintendo, Xbox One, and Dualshock controllers. The bottom line is, as long as it connects to your PC, then you can almost certainly remap them.

However, the specialty of reWASD does not stop there. Aside from remapping your gamepad, you can also build and save controller layouts for different games. That way, you do not have to assign controls every time you try to play, and you can just play instantly.

Moreover, reWASD also enables you to switch between layouts with just one click and change it back to the default settings. You can even assign broader commands, such as turning the PC on and off, setting delays, and disabling key.

The only downside, though totally worth it, is that reWASD is not a free controller mapper for PC. You can download the client app on the website or install it on your Android or iOS device. But, to use the service, you should pay a one-time-only license fee. If you are still unsure, you can enjoy the 7-day trial before purchasing.

10 Best reWASD Alternatives & Similar Software

In this article, you can know about 10 Best reWASD Alternatives & Similar Software here are the details below;

Though reWASD has quite an impressive feature, it may not be able to satisfy everybody. Are you one of them? If so, then you may like to try out on these options:

1. Xpadder


Xpadder is one of the famous names that often come up when talking about Xpadder alternatives. This emulator used to be reWASD free alternative, though it is not anymore.

With Xpadder, you can assign commands from your keyboard and mouse to your gamepad. That way, you can play PC games with your controller and enjoy it fully. You can even assign commands more than the number of buttons available.

Xpadder has a great UI that eases the users, even though it is your first time using a similar application. You must download the Xpadder emulator, run it on your PC, and set the app however you want.

Currently, Xpadder is only available on Windows PC; Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, & 11, to be exact. You can connect it to your favorite game platforms, such as Steam. Unfortunately, the emulator is unavailable for MacOS, Android, or iOS.

2. InputMapper


Now if you want a totally free app that is similar to reWASD, InputMapper should be the number one of your choice. With InputMapper, you do not have to spend a dime to enjoy the service, yet you have to stand the multiple ads running around.

InputMapper is an application that lets you customize the position of each button of your controller. Upon downloading it, you will face a relatively easy interface with a drop-down menu. It is so easy to use even beginners will find no problem using it. This is another reWASD Alternatives.

In InputMapper, you can create multiple profiles for each of your devices. Of course, with this feature comes another facility, such as editing and deleting the profiles.

Moreover, InputMapper also serves a variety of controllers as the input or output. For starters, you can create a configuration on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Dualshock 3, and many more. You will also find the controllers they are currently working on on the website.

Many people questioned the safety of InputMapper, thinking it was some kind of malware or virus. All you have to know is it safe, and it will not harm your computer.

3. AntiMicroX


When looking for reWASD alternative topic on the internet, you must stumble upon AntiMicro. However, it is not easy to find the app. That is because AntiMicro has been discontinued and changed to its newer version: AntiMicroX.

AntiMicroX is a reWASD alternative for Linux, yet it is also available for Windows computers. It is a free and open-source application that is downloadable through AntiMicroX’s GitHub page.

Like any other remapping application, AntiMicroX enables you to adjust the function of your controllers to a mouse button, keyboard, macros, and even scripts and executables.

Moreover, it also enables you to create multiple profiles according to the game you choose. It can also launch automatically when the game starts to play. That way, you will save valuable seconds before starting the game. This is another reWASD Alternatives.

Since broken buttons will just hinder your gaming experience, AntiMicroX provides a key-checking program, which helps you locate malfunctioning buttons easily. On top of all that, there are also stunning features such as hold toggles, delayed key, and even double and triple tap settings.

4. Cronus Zen

Cronus Zen

Claiming the device as a “state of the art” and “breakthrough”, CronusMAX launched Cronus Zen back in 2018. Despite the relatively young age, it is actually a continuation and a more mature version of its predecessor, CronusMAX PLUS. This is another reWASD Alternatives. Also check Digital Commerce

Unlike any other reWASD alternatives mentioned above, Cronus Zen is hardware. You use it by connecting the device to your consoles via a USB port. Despite the old method, it is useful to let you play on any console, whatever controller you have in hand.

Before you employ it, you have to do a rather complex setup. However, it can be done easily with the help of the manual book included in the package. In the setup process, you can choose a great collection of the game pack you want and assign it to the controller’s buttons.

Cronus Zen is compatible with various selections of consoles, such as the Xbox series, Nintendo, Playstation, and Windows PC. Unfortunately, it is not ready to be a controller mapper for Mac yet.

Cronus Zen is available through the Cronus MAX store. By the time this article is written, it cost $99.99 each.

5. JoyToKey


JoyToKey (or Joy2Key) might not be the most popular joystick mapper out there, but it certainly serves its purpose – and more.

When you are using JoyToKey for the first time, you must realize how simple the interface is. It enables you to adjust your joysticks’ buttons to resemble your keyboard, so you can enjoy your game freely. In fact, you can even operate any kind of software – all with your joystick.

Aside from the basic configuration, there are some features that you might not realize from the get-go, yet useful nonetheless.

For example, you can assign up to four commands in one button and shift whenever. Moreover, there is also a feature that enables you to put key combos, key-mapping, activators, and many more.

JoyToKey works for various controllers, such as Xbox 360 and Dualshock 3. Moreover, it is accessible through Windows PC, more correctly, Windows 10, 8, and 7. However, it is not free software. But you can try the free trial on JoyToKey’s website.

6. DS4Windows


DS4Windows is considered one of the best controller remapping tools among the others. It is designed to imitate the function of Xbox or PS4 controllers and copy it to your PC so that you can enjoy games fully.

Despite the limitation, there are other controllers options that you can adjust to. However, quite a few games out there only support those controllers. So, in one way or another, DS4Windows has a high chance of being useful.

Feature-wise, DS4Windows has a basic feature that a joystick remapper can offer. It enables you to customize the input or out device freely, and it can automatically launch and shift maps, depending on the running program. This is another reWASD Alternatives. Also check Chatbot Examples

Moreover, it also offers you a way to control the lightbar color. You can automatically change the color depending on the profile and check the battery level.

The bottom line is DS4Windows offers decent features, considering it is free and open-source software. To get the software, you can download it from its official website.

7. JoyXoff


Seeking an alternative for reWASD for playing Valorant? There are quite a lot of options for that, and JoyXoff is one of them.

In terms of ease of use, JoyXoff might need a little more time to understand that reWASD. However, this software is free to use, even though you can donate to the app’s development via PayPal.

JoyXoff is a controller mapper for Xbox. Feature-wise, it offers basic mapper features, which assign functions to your mouse or keyboard. Due to that, JoyXoff does not take up much space in your storage and is so easy to run.

JoyXoff allows you to create multiple profiles and will launch automatically when you start Windows. Unfortunately, there is no indication on the website that it can be used on MacOS or any smartphone device.

8. Pinnacle Game Controller

Pinnacle Game Controller

Adding one to the joystick remapper that receives quite a high praise in the market; Pinnacle Game Controller. This software will definitely make your gaming experience more enjoyable in an easy way.

Pinnacle’s main feature is the ability to configure your joystick so you can play with it on a PC. Therefore, it supports almost all controllers, including Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Logitech, and even Thrustmaster. The bottom line is, as long as it can be connected to Windows, then you are good to go.

What makes Pinnacle interesting is that the software has neatly packed configurations. How so?

Upon downloading the client app, you must pick the game you want to play and install the configuration, and it automatically runs on Pinnacle. That way, the configuration process will feel as easy as blinking your eyes.

Moreover, Pinnacle can launch your games, and you can use it as a game organizer. You can tack it to the taskbar for easy access. And, of course, the configuration will run along with the game without you having to do the setting-up process again.

Pinnacle has a long list of games that you can choose from. In each game, you can adjust even to tiny details, such as using special features on the game, adjusting the sensitivity, and even running third-party software in the background. This is another reWASD Alternatives.

Due to the features, it is only reasonable that Pinnacle is not free. You can download it from the website.

9. X360ce



Regarding X360ce, specialized features seem to be one of its specialties. How so?

For starters, X360ce helps you to emulate Xbox 360 controller, whatever your initial controller is. However, luckily, in the latest updates, you can already use another kind of controller, so you have a broader choice than before.

Moreover, on X360ce’s website, you have the freedom to choose any kind of installer you want. There are installers for 32-bit games, 64-bit games, and all games available on the website. That way, you only have to install what you really use.

Though rare, there are cases that the original controller hinders the access of the virtual controller. If that happens, X360ce allows you to install HIDGuardian to hide the original controller from the game. However, you must do this step in precaution.

10. Keysticks


The idea of using a gamepad or a joystick to support your activity on the computer is not limited to playing games only but also business-like activities, such as typing. That is what Keysticks is trying to cover.

Keystick supports almost all kinds of controllers, as long as you have the drivers and it has XInput or DirectInput. It also works on Windows PC, specializing in Windows Vista, 10, 8, and 7.

Aside from giving you a smooth gaming experience, it will also support typing activities. For example, it will give you word prediction and an alternative keyboard layout designed for faster typing.

After you install and configure your controller, it will automatically detect and launch whenever you are about to use it. Luckily, Keystick is open-source and very much free to use.

The reWASD alternatives above will certainly help you go beyond the limit of controller usage. Choose the one you prefer the most.

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