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12 Best Sales Funnel Builder To 12X Your Sales

Sales Funnel Builder

To 12X your sales, use the top 12 sales funnel builders.. It is common knowledge that expanding your company into the digital market has increased visibility, engagement, and sales. However, the truth is that you are unable to fully utilize internet marketing for your company.

Create several pages (landing pages, checkout pages, upsell pages, etc.), include a lead capture module on each of them, direct your leads via these sites, and nurture them at each stage by providing them with valuable content.

12 Best Sales Funnel Builder To 12X Your Sales

In this article, you can know abour 12 Best Sales Funnel Builder To 12X Your Sales here are the details below;

The main objective is to eventually turn your leads into clients.

However, creating each of these several pages by hand, putting them in the right order, and integrating them with lead collection modules, email marketing tools, etc. requires a lot of time and human labor.

Sales funnel software can help you in this situation. It provides a slick and simple interface for creating intricate sales funnels, streamlines integration, makes lead nurturing easier, and most importantly, increases sales.

There are many sales funnel builders available right now that include all the functionality. For you, choosing the best one from among them would be a difficult challenge.

Because of this, I’ve reviewed and listed the top 10 sales funnel builders that you should check out. Here is a sneak preview:

The journey of a lead until it converts into a customer is highlighted and tracked by the sales funnel, a marketing concept and practice.

Numerous marketing and creative tools, including landing pages, lead collection modules, email marketing, payment processors, webinars, etc., are needed to complete the process.

Because a huge number of prospects or leads may enter your entry-level sales process, but only a small percentage of them actually make a purchase as they move down the sales process, this idea is sometimes described as a funnel.

One thing to note in this situation is that leads exhibit stronger pledges to purchase your items and become customers as they progress through your sales process or sales funnel.

What is a Sales funnel?

No matter if you are operating an offline or online traditional firm, your sales funnel needs to include these stages:

It is the first stage of your sales funnel when you introduce your company and products to potential clients. Anything, including a Facebook post, a Google search, word of mouth, etc., can increase this awareness.

Interest – Now that your potential clients are aware of your company and what it has to offer, they will assess it in light of their level of interest. They’ll probably explore rival companies and consider the top option.

Decision – At this point in the sales process, the prospects have already decided whether or not to buy your goods or services. They research your pricing strategies, delivery costs, return policies, etc. to achieve this. As a business owner, this is the ideal opportunity to make them your best offer.

In the last stage of a sales funnel, prospects and leads take action by buying your items and becoming clients.

Keep in mind that there is still work to be done. You should concentrate on providing upsells or product upgrades to customers once they enter your business environment in order to boost your revenue.

Additionally, bear in mind that acquiring new clients requires more time and resources than maintaining existing ones.

What is a Sales funnel Builder?

You can develop and manage a sales funnel with the aid of software or a toolkit known as a sales funnel builder.

In order for your sales funnel to function like a well-oiled machine, the software is able to align and connect all of the components (landing pages, lead capture, email transaction, payments module, webinar, etc.).

Without sales funnel builder software, you would typically need to employ several products to do a single operation.

However, since the funnel builder comes with all the necessary capabilities, employing other tools is not necessary. From a single dashboard, everything is manageable.

You must be wondering what this means.

What Features the best sales funnel builder should have?

Now that you understand why employing a funnel builder is a sensible and logical choice, the following is a list of essential qualities you should consider:

With that said, it is time to thoroughly examine each funnel builder.

Let’s begin with…


What if I told you that you could design a sales funnel from scratch using just one piece of software in addition to a variety of other marketing tools? As unexpected as it may sound, also provides affiliate management, a website builder, email marketing, marketing automation, and five more marketing tools in addition to a sales funnel builder. It clearly proves to be a lifeline for small enterprises, freelancers, marketers, consultants, and others. Also check Textbroker Alternatives

You may implement your marketing strategy from a single dashboard thanks to the availability of all in-house modules. also frees you from managing all the challenging app integration with third parties as a result of this. So is your ideal “go-to” program if you’re hoping to grow your eCommerce business or offer your online courses.

Key Features That Make The best sales funnel builder

Pricing of

It becomes clear that is the best free sales funnel software when you look at its pricing plan. It starts off by providing a plan that is perpetually free and gives users access to all of its resources. The free plan undoubtedly has some restrictions and limitations, but that should be sufficient to allow you to test the software before purchasing a premium plan.

In relation to that, provides three pricing tiers with possibilities for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Selecting the yearly membership would result in a 30% savings. Although you can sign up for its monthly plans if you don’t want to make lengthier commitments.

The pricing options and features are broken down as follows: Costs

2. GetResponse

GetResponse is the best sales funnel software I’ve ever used, out of all the ones I’ve tried. GetResponse is frequently thought of as email marketing software, but over time, it has developed into a top inbound marketing tool. And as a result, it now provides the ideal sales funnel software tool.

Previously known as Autofunnel, GetResponse now refers to it as Conversion Funnel. You may develop a variety of funnels with the builder, including lead magnet, sales, and simple opt-in funnels. Therefore, GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel will aid you in achieving your company objectives whether you are a business owner, online coach, owner of an eCommerce store, affiliate marketer, or any other type of person who wants to grow.

Key features That Make GetResponse The best Sales Funnel Builder

GetResponse Funnel Builder Pricing

GetResponse is a free 30-day trial that lets you use it to create sales funnels. Yes, this is the software’s unrestricted trial.

Although the program just introduced a completely free plan, the sales funnel capability is not included.

The company then provides a good selection of pricing plans with adaptable subscription options. The cost is determined on the size of your list. In other words, your subscription fee will go up as you obtain more fresh leads.

The list can have 1,000 to 100,000 names on it. Additionally, you can choose between monthly, annually, or two-yearly subscription options. An overview of GetResponse’s price is provided below for lists with 1,000 subscribers or leads.

GetResponse Costs

Note: All of the aforementioned plans also include a number of additional features like developing landing pages, email marketing, automation, etc. You should carefully review the GetResponse pricing.


The best sales funnel building tool is, which enables you to design interactive and engaging experiences for potential customers. Anyone may easily construct and publish sales funnels thanks to its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop capability. Additionally, you may start from scratch or select from over 250 pre-made templates to customize your funnels’ fonts, colors, and stylistic options. For improved usefulness, you can even connect with other tools and add payment methods. Also check Vultr Alternatives

The software offers a thorough analytics dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of your funnels. You can improve your funnels for better outcomes by using detailed reports and insights. To efficiently reach your target audience, you may also publish your sales funnels as links, embed them in range pages, or use them as pop-ups across media.

Key Features that make The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs for

One of the cost-free sales funnel builders is this. It provides an unlimited free plan. Three active projects can be created and managed in this free plan. However, you would need to sign up for one of its monthly or yearly plans if you wanted increased project limits and additional capabilities.

For a 14-day free trial of premium features, integrations, etc., you may also start one. There are three paid options:

Price of

4. Kartra

Kartra is yet another outstanding piece of software developed by the Genesis Digital team. It was released in 2018 as a “all-in-one” eCommerce tool. WebinarJam and EverWebinar, two of the top webinar platforms, were developed and introduced by the same business.

Since its debut, Karta has expanded to include some of the best marketing tools, including the ability to create landing pages, checkout pages, emails, membership sites, forms, marketplace builders, and—most significantly—sales funnels. It is recognized as the most thorough and the best funnel builder because of its array of marketing features.

Key Features That Make Kartra The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Kartra is a “all-in-one” funnel builder that enables you to design landing pages, integrate a lead capture module, send emails, market products, and receive payments, as I’ve already mentioned.

Kartra provides a wide selection of pre-made sales funnel layouts, just like its rivals. But what makes Kartra special is that you can also import its clients’ best-performing funnels.

By developing an automated marketing sequence, you may also automate your sales process. The sequence would run continuously and be tailored to each new lead.

Kartra gives you the option to host movies so that you may provide your potential consumers more value and insights on landing pages. This eliminates the need for services like DailyMotion, Vimeo, Wistia, and YouTube.

Kartra also comes with a helpdesk support system. You can use this tool to quickly respond to customer assistance requests via live chat and support tickets.

Pricing of Kartra

Kartra offers a special method for offering a software trial. You must pay $1 to try the application for a period of 14 days.

You would need to upgrade to its monthly or yearly subscription options once the trial period has over. There are now four subscription tiers based on the quantity of leads imported, acquired, or captured.

The nicest thing about Kartra’s pricing, though, is that it gives you access to all of its marketing tools, particularly the funnel builder. Please be aware that using certain features can be subject to limitations.

Pricing for Kartra

5. ClickFunnels

Without ClickFunnels, this list of the best sales funnel builders would be lacking. Such are the effectiveness and popularity of this program. The idea of selling through a sales funnel was first made public by the creators of this software, Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson.

They created ClickFunnels specifically to eliminate all the labor-intensive manual work and accelerate the process of creating an effective funnel. Additionally, ClickFunnels has amassed a user base of 111,300+ users over the course of the past year just due to its simplicity of use. Therefore, ClickFunnels could resolve your funnel construction issues if you are a business owner, owner of an eCommerce website, marketer, blogger, or online coach.

Key Features That MakeClickFunnels: The Best Sales Funnel Builder

What ClickFunnels Costs

Similar to other sales funnel software, ClickFunnels provides a 14-day free trial so that you can completely evaluate the program before subscribing.

Nearly all functions are available during the free trial. To continue operating the software after the trial period has ended, though, you must sign up for one of its monthly subscriptions. The two pricing options provided by ClickFunnels are:

With this $97/month package from ClickFunnels, you may build 20 sales funnels with 100 pages. You may additionally link up to three payment gateways and three domains. FunnelFlix would also be accessible to you.

With ClickFunnels Platinum, which costs $297 a month, you can make an unlimited number of sales funnels with an unlimited digit of landing pages. The number of domains and payment gateway integrations is both doubled to nine. In addition, you get full access to FunnelFlix and priority support.

6. Kajabi

Kajabi might have all the answers if you’re a coach or online tutor trying to make money off of your knowledge. The sales funnel (also known as Pipelines in Kajabi) may be the best option for you out of all of these options.

Kajabi has been a go-to option for online teachers, trainers, and instructors ever since its release in 2010. When you consider that over 40,000 instructors utilize Kajabi to instruct 6 million students, you can get an idea of the platform’s potency. As a result, it is obviously a top funnel builder software.

Key Features That Make Kajabi The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Cost of Kajabi

Like its rivals, Kajabi provides a generous 14-day free trial. You are free to create funnels and course sales pages during the free trial time in order to test the program. Additionally, you are permitted to begin selling your courses.

However, after the trial period, you’d need to sign up for one of its three pricing plans. You could choose to sign up for either the monthly or yearly programs.

The cost is determined by the quantity of leads added or gained. In addition, as you select more expensive plans, you’ll have stronger usage restrictions and access to more features. The number of landing pages and marketing emails you can send is endless, though.

Kajabi Costs

Basic – For $149 per month, you can build up to 10,000 leads, 3 pipelines, and 3 items.

Growth – By spending $199 per month, you can simultaneously develop 15 pipelines, 15 items, and gather 25,000 contacts.

Pro – For $399 per month, this subscription gives you access to 100 pipelines, 100 items, and up to 100,000 leads.

For those who design online courses, coach students, or are teachers, don’t forget to look into alternatives to Kajabi.

7. GrooveFunnels

In the awful year 2020, when everyone was hiding behind locked doors, GrooveFunnels was introduced. But its perpetually free-to-use plan is the feature that has attracted the attention of new marketers, business owners, bloggers, etc.

This is in addition to the several built-in modules that GrooveFunnels includes for emails, landing pages, membership sites, affiliate management, webinars, etc. So you can start utilizing GrooveFunnels if you’re looking for the greatest free sales funnel software.

Key Features The Make GrooveFunnels – Best Sales Funnel Builder

Fees for GrooveFunnels

8. OptimizePress

You either already have a WordPress website or plan to create one. In either case, managing your website and the funnels on a third-party program can get tiresome quickly. You require a straightforward yet effective method that will enable you to build sales funnels right into your WordPress-based website.

This is when OptimizePress saves the day and earns the title of top WordPress sales funnel creator. The software comes with all the necessary features and capabilities that will enable you to increase leads and sales. Not to mention, it is also quite simple to use.

Key Features The Make OptimizePress The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs for OptimizePress

Unlike the other funnel builders, OptimizePress has distinct pricing and free trial policies. To start, there is no free trial time available for OptimizePress.

Additionally, the OptimizePress funnel builder is not available on the company’s free plan, i.e. Crucial ($99 per year for one website). However, you will get access to all the page templates and be able to construct an infinite number of pages.

You would need to select either of OptimizePress’ higher plans in order to develop sales funnels –

Pricing for OptimizePress

Suite – For $199 per year, you may create sales funnels for 20 individual websites. You would also gain access to tools and features for developing funnels.

Agency Standard – This plan is appropriate for you if you work for a marketing firm that wants to create sales funnels for its customers. Your annual fee for 20 customer websites would be $399.

9. Convertri

Another online sales funnel builder with a reputation for quick page loads is Convertri. Converti focuses on loading your sales pages in under 3 seconds, unlike other tools. After all, page speed is crucial for grabbing visitors’ attention and generating engagement from them.

When affiliate marketers and business owners realized how effective Converti is at building sales pages and funnels, they began utilizing it for product launches. Yes, it includes all the necessary functionality and offers a ton of ready-made templates to help you increase conversions.

Key Features The Make Convertri The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs for Convertri

Another top WordPress sales funnel builder is Convertri. A WordPress plugin that is included with it may be useful for your website.

Convertri does, however, provide a 14-day free trial period to get things going. Access the funnel builder to see if it truly meets your company’s demands.

Convertri then provides you with a single plan with a choice of monthly or yearly billing after your trial time has ended.

Pricing Convertri

With the $99/monthly (or $75/month if paid annually) package, you may construct up to 250 pages and 25 funnels with a maximum of 250,000 monthly impressions. You also receive 400+ templates, 20 video hosting, split testing, and 10 team members in addition to this.

10. Builderall

With more than ten years of expertise, Builderall is among the top funnel builders. Since it was first released in 2011, the development team has made substantial changes to the software. You will have access to the most recent, Builderall’s fourth version, if you start utilizing it right away.

You should also take comfort in knowing that Builderall’s “all-in-one” feature is the main reason for its popularity. For instance, it provides you with a chatbot, email marketing platform, video hosting, website builder, etc. And for that reason, it currently has a user base of over 250,000 clients.

Key Features The Make Builder The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs for Builderall

Builderall doesn’t qualify as a free sales funnel builder because it doesn’t provide a free plan or a free trial. Additionally, the Builderall funnel builder is not usable with the Builderall Builder plan, which costs $29.90 per month.

However, you can test the software for $1 for 30 days; after that, you’ll be billed $69.90 each month. Here is a summary of the pricing options for the Builderall funnel builder:

Builderall Costs

The monthly fee for Premium is $69.90, and it gives you access to the funnel builder. Remember that the package only allows for 15 domains and does not include funnel templates.

Funnel Club – You would need to pay $199 for the first month and then $99.90 each month to access all the various funnel template kinds and sophisticated features.

11. CartFlows

You should start utilizing CartFlows if your website is powered by WordPress and you sell your products using WooCommerce in order to increase your earnings. The developers of the Astra WordPress theme have created CartFlows, another of the top WordPress sales funnel builders.

To give you a sense of its popularity, this funnel builder is presently used by more than 175,000 WordPress users on their websites. It is also clear that a skilled team supports the program and makes sure that CartFlows has all the necessary capabilities for creating effective sales funnels.

Key Features The Make CartFlows The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs for CartFlows

As a premium WordPress sales funnel builder, CartFlows does not offer a free trial like other funnel building software does. To be clear, CartFlows does not offer a free trial.

However, your payment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee when it comes to pricing. Additionally, all of the options provide you full access to the software and permit you to create an unlimited number of funnels. Site licenses are the only basis for the pricing.

The CartFlows Price

Single Site License: To utilize CartFlows on a single site, you must pay $199 per year.

Likewise, you would need to spend $299 per year to use CartFlows on 30 sites.

30 Sites Lifetime License: A one-time payment of $999 is required if you wish to use CartFlows on 30 sites for the rest of your life.

12. Leadpages

There is no need to introduce Leadpages. For all types of organizations and marketers, it is among the greatest and most well-liked landing page builders. Given that, did you know that Leadpages has the ability to build sales funnels as well?

That’s correct; Leadpages excels at building little sales funnels. It simply needs a landing page, a pop-up, and a thank-you page as its three building blocks or steps. Leadpages will undoubtedly assist you in creating simpler sales funnels if you prefer them.

Key Features The Make Leadpages The Best Sales Funnel Builder

Costs For Leadpages

Leadpages offers a 14-day free trial as a way to get things going. However, bear in mind that the features you can access during the free trial will vary depending on the package you choose.

In addition, you’ll be happy to know that whichever package you choose, you may design and publish an unlimited number of alert bars, pop-ups, and landing pages. By choosing more expensive plans, you can get rid of some feature limits.

Leadpages Cost

Standard – This plan is only applicable to 1 website and will cost you $37 per month. You should also be aware that this plan forbids online sales and money collection.

Pro – You would have to spend $79 a month to use Leadpages on three websites. You would be able to A/B test your pages, receive payments online, and have access to other services with this package.

Advanced – Lastly, you might use Leadpages on 50 sites by paying $321 per month. You would also get full access to the software and be able to utilize it without any limitations.

Final Thoughts: Which is the best Sales Funnel Builder?

I’m assuming that after researching all the sales funnel software and builders, you’ll be able to identify the best option for your company.

I urge you to sign up for their free trials even if you haven’t made up your mind yet. Doing this would help you test out these software personally & ultimately assist you make a better decision.

Although, if you accomplish not have time and are looking for my private recommendation then I would recommend you go with either or GetResponse. They are one of the multiple complete funnel builders I have ever used & packs nearly all the important features.

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