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Top 10 Sites Like Pinterest You Should Know In 2023

sites like Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking network that has quickly taken the world by storm. Few sites like Pinterest offered the same visual surfing experience as Pinterest before its launch. It has a straightforward premise: explore photographs you like, follow categories you want, and organize your favorite pictures into neat folders.

There is a slew of new sites like Pinterest that provide comparable services, but with a twist. Here are some highly impressive sites like Pinterest that you should look into. Sites like Pinterest, on the other hand, have gotten a lot of attention. They have lovely things to offer and are an excellent place to look for photographs of home décor, weddings, and entertainment.

In 2022, below is a list of the top 10 sites like Pinterest for bloggers to share blog content and boost traffic to their sites. If you’re looking for sites like Pinterest, this list is for you. All of the sites like Pinterest are comparable to Pinterest and include fantastic features such as creating boards, sharing interesting information, and exploring exciting news.

Top 10 Sites Like Pinterest for 2023

The top 10 sites like Pinterest for bloggers to share blog material and increase traffic to their sites in 2022 are listed below.

1. Dribbble



Dribbble has been popular on the list of sites like Pinterest for designers since its introduction in 2009. Dribbble features a very active community of people who often submit stuff relating to web design, graphic design, and other relevant topics and follow other community members’ work and discuss their ideas, making Dribbble an incredible must-visit place for designers.

Dribble is a platform for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other artists to showcase their work and potentially get employed. Dribble is also a location for small businesses and corporations to look for designers in various fields.

When it comes to the user interface, Dribbble is exceptionally similar to Pinterest. The homepage is separated into numerous boxes: design screenshots provided by users and may be browsed, shared, commented on, and saved for future use.

2. Pearltrees



Pearltrees is another Pinterest competitor, with a somewhat different premise than Pinterest. Pearltress, like Pinterest and the other listed sites, allows you to find fascinating information, bookmark it for future recommendations, and share your thoughts with the world.

Unlike Pinterest, Pearltrees uses the words pearls and trees instead of pins and boards, allowing users to follow their favorite trees, pearl their favorite stuff to the trees, and follow a notion that is similar but significantly different from Pinterest.

Pearltrees comes in a web version, chrome, and firefox extensions, as well as Android and iOS applications. The cost is one area where Pearltrees falls short. The game Pearltrees is only half free. It implies that if you want full access to all of the features, such as offline mode, more customization choices, more storage, and ad-free content, you’ll have to pay roughly $2.99 a month, which is decent, but most of the mentioned sites like Pinterest, provide their services for free!

3. VisualizeUs

sites like Pinterest


The VisualizeUs website is the final in the list of sites like Pinterest that must be highlighted. It’s another photo-sharing network with a similar design to Pinterest that allows you to favorite and save any photographs you find fascinating across the web.
VisualizeUs, unlike other sites like Pinterest, focuses on visual material, such as photos and videos, and allows users to construct their own picture collections with their favorite photographs and movies.

VisualizeUs is now accessible in two forms: an online version and an Apple Store app. The shuffle option on VisualizeUs is one of the nicest features, as it allows you to see the most popular and trending photographs every time you visit the home page. VisualizeUs also features an active user community that may be used for networking and product promotion if handled appropriately.

4. FoodGawker



FoodGawker is more of a Food Corner for food fans than ‘We Heart It,’ which is geared to fashion fans. FoodGawler is a must-visit community for food bloggers and individuals who enjoy experimenting with new recipes.

FoodGawker is a well-organized website that organizes delectable recipes from many categories into several sections, making it simple for visitors to find their favorite material. Food bloggers from all over the world submit their recipes to FoodGawker, which has a staff of editors that examine the content before it goes live on the website to ensure that it is of the highest quality! So, if you want to start using FoodGawker, make sure the photographs and recipes you publish are of good quality.

Aside from that, if you like other users’ recipes on FoodGawker, you may give them a heart and store them for later use. So FoodGawker is one of the few sites like Pinterest that is just dedicated to foodies!

5. We Heart It

We Heart It


We Heart It is the next site like Pinterest, and it’s one of the most popular alternatives. We Heart It is a website that encourages young people to express, share, and spread love via the use of love and heart graphics. Apart from that, because ‘we heart it is a youth-oriented website, you can expect everything you see here to be sophisticated and stylish, which is now in style.

We Heart It will be your ideal destination whether you are seeking fashion, beauty, photography, or any other form of creative inspiration. You may post your own images on WHI in addition to discovering new ones. To begin, you must first create an account on We Heart It, which is entirely free.

After that, you may use We Heart It to follow your favorite companies and individuals, and vice versa. Various companies and big/small businesses use We Heart It to sell their beauty and fashion items because it is mostly used by young people, particularly young women.

6. Dudepins



There’s no purpose in visiting a website full of feminine stuff that doesn’t bring value to you if you’re a male! If you’ve given up on Pinterest because it doesn’t add value to your life and you’re seeking something with more ‘Manly’ material, Dudepins is the place to go!

The posts on Dudepins are very well organized into sections, making it quite easy to browse through your favorite topics and find the most important stuff that interests you. Aside from Categories, the main menu has two other options: Video and Hot, which help you find popular video material and trending subjects, respectively. So, in a nutshell, Dudepins is included in the list of sites like Pinterest dedicated just to men.

7. Juxtapost

sites like Pinterest


When it comes to the greatest sites like Pinterest on the Internet, Juxtapost is always mentioned first. In terms of interface and functionalities, Juxtapost has an eerie similarity to Pinterest! If you enjoy using Pinterest to share your favorite material, find intriguing posts, and pin them for future suggestions, you’ll adore Juxtapost, which has nearly identical capabilities. Also check sites like Reddit

On Juxtapost, there are many categories to explore to locate your favorite contents, and if you discover anything fascinating that you’d want to read again, you can save it to your own boards, share and promote your own material, leave comments on what others have posted, and so on. Other features that make Juxtapost one of the top Pinterest competitors are rapid sharing, preview zoom, private boards, and the opportunity to export your favorite stuff kept on your board, among others.

8. Fancy



When you visit Fancy, you’ll see that it’s more of an eCommerce site where we can explore and buy numerous fancy things for men, women, and children that are linked to fashion, beauty, and other topics. I’m sure you’re wondering why we included Fancy in our top 10 list of Pinterest alternatives. Because of its similarities in interface and work style to Pinterest, Fancy is regarded as one of the sites like Pinterest.

Fancy allows you to find and buy your favorite goods directly on the website, create a community of fashion aficionados, follow and be followed by like-minded individuals, offer your comments on the product, and share your favorite goods with others, among other things. Furthermore, if you share any Fancy product with your friends and convince them to buy it from Fancy, you will receive credit from Fancy!

9. DeviantArt



DeviantArt is the largest community of art lovers and aficionados, with over 38 million registered members and 65 million unique visits every month. Deviant Art has been compared to Pinterest since it allows artists to interact with one another, exchange and market their works, discuss ideas, and has a similar interface to Pinterest. Also check Apps Like Carlbot

Deviant Art claims that about 160,000 original art pieces are submitted every day, making it one of the most regularly updated social media networks for artists. Overall, it’s one of the sites like Pinterest and a terrific alternative to it that is exclusively and fully focused on artists from all over the world!

10. Hometalk

sites like Pinterest


So far, we’ve explored numerous sites like Pinterest that cater to individuals of various demographics, such as men, women, teenagers, foodies, and so on. Now, let me tell you about a Pinterest alternative that is only for homemakers and decorators. Hometalk is perhaps the finest location to get ideas for everything related to housing. Here you can find a variety of DIY home projects that you can use to decorate your home and make it seem wonderful!

You may submit your own DIY project ideas in addition to reading and finding those posted by other users by joining up on Hometalk and becoming a member of the Hometalk community.


So there you have it: the top ten sites like Pinterest to consider if you want to get rid of Pinterest for whatever reason! There are other sites like Pinterest on the list that cater to foodies, house decorators, elegant fashionistas, men’s interests, and others.

We hope you find the best Pinterest alternative useful in exploring your favorite material, saving it for future reference, and discovering more unique and engaging ideas for a variety of uses. If you found the post helpful, please share it with your friends, families, and other individuals in need on your various social media platforms. Also check Reddit NBA Alternatives

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