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12 Sites Like Webnovel In 2023


This post will explain Sites Like Webnovel. A portal for fictional stories called Webnovel offers fantasy books, manga with action scenes, and romance novels. The top publishers for graphic novels are available through this program.  Therefore, among other novel genres, the publications include romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, and westerns.

Additionally, the Webnovel database includes several genres of comic books alongside well-known novels. The best books and fan fiction are also widely available, and you can learn about extraordinary rulers. Numerous comics and manga are included. The limited edition books and comics have outstanding translations in addition to a wide range of adapted comics, manga, and manhuas, uncommon volumes included.



12 Sites Like Webnovel In 2023

In this article you can know about Sites Like Webnovel here are the details below;

1. Boxnovel

Users of Boxnovel’s platform can enjoy a wide selection of books with a customizable reading experience. It is both informative and entertaining in nature. Customers can access a vast library of stories, light novels, romance, fanfiction, science fiction, fantasy, and other genres through this platform. Even more, it enables users to complete a variety of chores to earn coins they can use as payment to read their preferred tales, such as check-ins, reviews, sharing, and others. Boxnovel also offers facilitation.


Shueisha is the owner of the free digital comic book app for teens called MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA. People can access the best manga on this app, like Dragon Ball, Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece. Additionally, it offers users the Spanish translation of a few manga series. Your favorite manga can be added to your “Favorites” list in MANGA Plus. By giving the revenue generated by in-app advertisements to creators directly, our platform helps them. Additionally, it provides users the option to share. This is another Sites Like Webnovel.

3. NovelToon: Rea and Tell Stories

Developed by MangaToon HK Limited, NovelToon: Read and Tell Stories is a free reference tool. Using this software, you can read books in a variety of genres, including time travel, humor, modern, and fantasy. In addition to reading, you can use this platform to communicate with novelists and suggest rewriting the plot. People can also create their own e-book collection and read books continually by using it.

4. Tapas: Comics and Novels

Teenagers can download the complimentary digital comic book app Tapas: Comics & Novels from Tapas Media, Inc. Comics and web novels are available to users of this application. Users of this platform can purchase comic books and novels from 30 different categories. The app updates its range frequently even if it already has all the top hits. Additionally, it has a quest bar where you can type the title to find your favorite content. This is another Sites Like Webnovel.

5. WebComics

Teenagers can read free digital comics on WebComics, an app created by WEBCOMICS HOLDINGS HK LIMITED. This app’s main purpose is to give users access to various comics and manga. It contains comics from a variety of genres, such as horror, fantasy, and comedic comics. The novels and series for each of these categories are available for reading. Even though this site has a big comic book library, new comics are consistently added. It also allows users to communicate their views to other fans. This is another Sites Like Webnovel.


A free digital comic reader app for teenagers called BILIBILI COMICS was created by Bilibilli Comics. It offers its users a variety of manga, including fantasy, comedies, action, and horror. With the use of this app, users may download premium comics and read them whenever they want while offline. People can write own comics on this platform in addition to reading them. People can read comics whenever and wherever they want because this program is accessible on a variety of devices. This is another Sites Like Webnovel. Also check Zinmanga 

7. MangaToon: Good comics, Great Stories

MangaToon created the free digital comic book app MangaToon: Good comics, Great storytelling for teenagers. It offers HD comics in a variety of genres, including romance, action, humor, and horror to its users. Additionally, users of this software can download their preferred comics and read them offline. On this medium, users can not only read comics but also create their own stories & comics. From here, you may read and download comics in a variety of languages, like English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.

8. INKR Comics

INKR Comics is a company that forms free digital comic readers for teenagers called INKR Comics. Comics, manga, manhua, & webtoons are the main purposes of this program. This software shows comics in a variety of genres, having as drama, action, humor, sci-fi, and horror. In addition, you have the choice of adding your chosen content to several lists, including subscribed, read later, hated, and liked. INKR Comics updates its content frequently and notifies you when new material is available.

9. Crunchyroll

Ellation, LLC created the free entertainment and anime streaming website for teenagers known as Crunchyroll. People can access a big selection of anime with the use of this software. People can view a wide variety of anime setups directly from their web browser by using this program. You may manage all of your favorite episodes in high-quality on this app without being bothered by annoying advertisements. You may also read, download, and buy your favorite manga with this app.

10. Wattpad

Developed by, Wattpad: Read and Write Stories is a free book and reference tool. This app offers individuals books, novels, poems, and stories in English and numerous other languages. This app offers content in a variety of genres, such as mystery, fantasy, action, adventure, and comedy. Users can immediately remark on the stories that authors make and publish to show their support. You may use Wattpad on many other operating systems, including as iOS, Windows, and Android.

11. Manta Comics

Teenagers can download the complimentary digital comic book app Manta Comics from RIDI Corporation. This comic reader software shows its users high-quality comics and updates such comics frequently. People can read many comics uninterrupted with the aid of this app. It includes comics from a range of genres, such as horror, fantasy, and comedies. You only need to download the app and create an account in order to use it. Also check EManga Alternatives

12. Webtoon

Teenagers can read free digital comics on Webtoon, an application created by WEBTOON ENTERTAINMENT. On various platforms, including iOS, Web, and Android, this program enables users to view comics, manhwa, and manga. This app’s main objective is to give its users free access to more than 7000 comics. This software offers comics from a range of genres, including superhero, adventure, science fiction, and horror. To make them easier to discover and read, each of these categories has a title. This is another Sites Like Webnovel.

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