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Top 30 Latest SMS Marketing Statistics For 2023

sms marketing statistics

Latest SMS Marketing Statistics will be described in this article. You probably immediately think of email marketing campaigns, company blogs, and social media tactics when you hear the words “digital marketing.” These are the routes that marketers and companies frequently use, but they are not the only ones.

Top 30 Latest SMS Marketing Statistics For 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 30 Latest SMS Marketing Statistics For 2023 here are the details below;

SMS marketing is a powerful—and mostly underutilized—method of connecting with your subscribers and cultivating client relationships. Want to know more? We have your back.

To better understand the SMS sector and the possibilities it holds for marketers, we’ll be looking at the most recent data, facts, and trends in SMS marketing in this post. Let’s get going.

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Our most intriguing data regarding SMS marketing is as follows:

General SMS marketing statistics

General SMS marketing statistics

Many individuals are unaware of the expanding field of SMS marketing. The following general information and SMS marketing data will help you understand the current condition of SMS marketing this year.

1. Almost 40% of businesses engage in SMS marketing

Almost 40% of businesses engage in SMS marketing

Even though SMS marketing is becoming more and more popular, businesses still hardly ever use it. SMS marketing is a less common but perhaps more successful method in compared to email marketing and social media. Only about 39% of companies’ digital marketing strategy currently utilize SMS.

2. Almost 50 million people worldwide ar opted-in to receive SMS messages for businesses

Consumers appear to be very open to the idea of communicating with businesses via text message, despite firms being slow to adopt SMS marketing. Nearly 50 million customers have now chosen to receive text messages from brands and businesses with which they have engaged, and this number is anticipated to keep rising. Also check Content Marketing

Around the world, 50 million people have chosen to receive SMS texts from businesses.

3. 70% of consumers think that SMS is a good way for businesses to grab their attention

SMS can be the best option if you want to pique your subscriber base’s interest but your email campaigns aren’t working.

Approximately 70% of individuals say that text messages are one of the most effective ways to get their attention, according to a LearnHub data. Text messaging is a terrific technique to spread messages since people are so involved with it.

4. ¼ of businesses are currently using SMS marketing and promotions…

Businesses utilize SMS services in a variety of ways to communicate with their clients. The most popular applications for text messaging include appointment scheduling and customer service or assistance.

However, more companies are beginning to employ SMS for marketing as well. Around 25% of firms presently use text messaging for marketing and promotions, according to a 2021 ZipWhip study.

Currently, 14 of firms use SMS for marketing and advertising.

5. …and 22% are using SMS for inbound and outbound sales

Businesses use text messaging to aid in their sales efforts in addition to marketing and promotions. According to the same ZipWhip report, 22% of companies utilize text messaging for both inbound and outbound sales. SMS was also used less frequently for staffing, donations, and mobile payments.

6. 31% people would like more options when it comes to communicating with businesses

Consumers are eager to utilize every tool at their disposal to make contacting businesses simpler and more comfortable as the world changes and technology becomes an increasingly important part of daily life.

According to a Learn Hub study, 31% of consumers want more channels for getting in touch with companies. In light of this, marketing tactics that utilize a variety of platforms, such as SMS, social media, and email, are growing in popularity.

7. 66% of consumers prefer mobile messaging, or consider it their second choice of communication

Additionally, customers think that social media-based instant messaging and SMS are convenient ways to communicate with companies. 60% of respondents said that, after email and phone, mobile messaging was their preferred way of communication.

8. 1 in 2 people believe business messaging is the modern way to communicate

SMS marketing may be the best choice for you if you want to be on the cutting edge of marketing trends. Around 50% of consumers believe that business messaging is one of the most contemporary forms of communication, and SMS marketing and communication are considered as the hip and fresh ways to connect with clients.

9. 33% of people that receive a CTA by text act on it…

Despite the fact that SMS marketing is still not widely used, the data on efficacy and conversion rates are encouraging. A Learn Hub survey found that about one-third of text message recipients take action on CTAs. This is another sms marketing statistics.

10. … and 47% end up making a purchase as a result

Furthermore, nearly a third of those 33% go on to make a purchase as a result of the SMS they got. SMS marketing could result in a significant increase in revenue with the appropriate plan and crystal-clear CTAs.

SMS marketing engagement statistics

Are you interested in learning more about how customers feel about texting businesses? Here are some data that provide insight into SMS marketing consumer perceptions and engagement.

11. 58F% of consumers said texting is the most effective way to reach them quickly

SMS marketing may be the greatest way to let your customers know about a limited-time promotion or time-sensitive offer. Text messages get to individuals quickly, as opposed to emails, which may linger unopened for a while. In fact, approximately 60% of people say that text messaging works best for getting in touch with them rapidly.

According to 58% of consumers, texting is the fastest way to contact them.

12. Text messages have open rates of almost 100%…

The extremely high open rates of SMS marketing are one of its key advantages. The majority of individuals read every text they receive, regardless of who sent it. According to a Gartner survey, text messages typically have an open rate of 98%.

13. … and 45% response rates

Text messages moreover have a very high response rate. The same Gartner study discovered that text message response rates can reach 45%. Comparing these rates to email marketing, they are noticeably higher. Emails typically have open rates of 20% and response rates of 6%.

14. 40% of consumers check text notifications within 5 minutes of them being received

You can anticipate seeing the effects of your efforts quite fast when executing an SMS marketing campaign. Within five minutes of receiving a text notice, 40% of mobile users check it.

In actuality, 18.7% of users check their alerts within a minute of receiving them. This means that you may practically instantly communicate with your audience, which may quickly increase conversions and purchases.

Within five minutes of receiving an SMS notice, 40% of consumers check it.

15. 35% of consumers are most open to receiving special offers, promotions, and sales information via text

Customers were asked which subjects they were most willing to receive text messages from businesses about in a Simple Texting research. Also check Digital Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

According to 35% of respondents, information about sales, exclusive offers, and promotions are the ones they are most receptive to receiving in marketing messages. This was the fourth most popular response, trailing only scheduling reminders and order and shipment tracking.

Customers are most receptive to receiving text messages with exclusive deals, promotions, and sales information at 35%. This is another sms marketing statistics.

16. 32% of consumers believe that having the option to text businesses back I useful

The Simple Texting poll also revealed that consumers want to be able to text back to businesses in addition to only receiving messages from them. A two-way texting option would be “highly useful,” according to 26% of respondents, and 32% of people think this would be a valuable addition.

32% of customers think it’s helpful to have the option to text companies back.

17. … and 60.8% of consumers would like the ability to text businesses about customers service queries

The subjects that respondents were most likely to text businesses about were also questioned. Over 60% of respondents chose customer service and support as their most preferred response. According to 16.3% of respondents, customers would want to text businesses about deals and promotions.


The opportunity for customers to text firms with customer care inquiries is desired by 60.8% of consumers.

18. 49.1% said that flash sales or promotions would motivate them to opt-in to texts from businesses

It’s crucial to obtain their consent before texting customers. It can be simpler than you think to get people to sign up for your messaging business, though.

Offers and incentives, according to 48.1% of respondents, would encourage them to opt-in to business messages. Giving your consumers a voucher or discount could, then, be all it takes to start expanding your SMS contact list.

49.1% claimed that special offers or promotions would encourage them to consent to receiving messages from companies.

19. Almost 50% of people are most likely to opt-in to text messages from e-commerce and retail businesses

It is highly recommended that you give SMS marketing some thought if you operate an online store or physical store. According to a study by Simple Texting, 45.5% of individuals are most inclined to consent to text messages from retail and e-commerce companies.

The majority of respondents chose to respond in this way. People were also interested in receiving messages from businesses in the banking and finance sector and the healthcare sector.

The majority of people—nearly 50%—are most likely to consent to receiving text messages from e-commerce and retail companies.

20. 29% of consumers said a text about ‘a great discount on a product or service’ was the most valuable business text they’ve received this year

People are eager to receive messages about marketing and promotions, and according to a ZipWhip survey, some people think that these texts are the most valuable you can get from companies.

The most valuable communication a customer has ever gotten from a business, according to nearly 30% of respondents, was an SMS offering a great deal on a good or service. This was the third most popular response, after updates on shipping and delivery and appointment reminders.

A excellent deal on a product or service, according to 29% of respondents, was the most valuable business SMS they had gotten this year.

SMS marketing effectiveness and revenue statistics

SMS marketing effectiveness and revenue statistics

Are you unsure if SMS marketing is cost-effective? Here are some data about SMS marketing’s potential effectiveness and expected return on investment. This is another sms marketing statistics.

21. 60.8% of businesses said they planned on increasing their SMS marketing budget in 2020

Businesses are gradually beginning to realize how successful SMS marketing is. More and more companies are now putting money into SMS marketing as a result of the marketing channel’s surge in popularity in 2019. 60% of companies, according to ZipWhip, intended to increase their marketing spending in 2020.

In 2020, 60.8% of firms stated they planned to increase their budget for SMS marketing.

22. SMS marketing can have ROI rates as high as $8.11 per message

ROI for SMS marketing can be quite challenging to determine, just like with many other marketing mediums. Postscript still tried its best to average the potential ROI of SMS marketing, and the outcomes were fairly astounding. The survey found that firms may anticipate ROI rates from their SMS marketing efforts as high as $8.11 per message.

23. 62% of businesses said fast deliver was the main benefit of texting their audience

Businesses are eager to embrace SMS to speed up their conversations, just like consumers are. Fast delivery was cited by 62% of organizations as the primary advantage of SMS marketing over other marketing methods. High open rates, cost effectiveness, and broad demographic reach were other advantages.

Fast delivery was cited as the primary benefit of texting customers by 62% of organizations.

24. SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone calls, emails, or facebook messages

It can be a good idea to think about using SMS if you want to get your audience to respond. Text messages have almost 200% greater response rates than other common means of communication, such as phone calls, Facebook messages, and emails, according to PostScript.

The majority of individuals are familiar with utilizing text messages because they provide a convenient means of communication. This might help to explain why they get more feedback than other channels.

25. On Black Friday, businesses experienced a 592% higher order rate via SMS than email…

The 2019 Thanksgiving holiday was a time when SMS marketing for businesses really showed its value.

Businesses reportedly had unusually high order rates using their SMS services, according to Omnisend. The data revealed that throughout the Black Friday weekend, the order rate was about 600% greater than the email rate.

26. … and the average SMS order value was around $83

Additionally becoming in popularity is ordering by SMS. Postscript discovered that order values were particularly high throughout the 2020 cyber week in addition to SMS ordering being extremely high over the Black Friday weekend. This is another sms marketing statistics.

Based on orders placed over the course of the week, the average SMS order value was $83 with Thanksgiving day seeing the highest volume of transactions.

SMS marketing trends

SMS marketing trends

New trends are developing in the sector and SMS marketing is growing in popularity. Here are some data about SMS marketing that relate to forecasts and current developments in the sector.

27. 34% of businesses adopted texting as a result of the pandemic…

The world drastically changed in 2020, and businesses had to find methods to adjust. Given that many industries were unable to connect with their clients in person, digital communication became more crucial than ever.

As a result, the use of SMS marketing has increased. 34% of businesses, according to ZipWhip, started using SMS to communicate with clients during the pandemic.

28. … and 77% plan to continue utilizing SMS after the world returns to normal

The pandemic may have been the catalyst for the increase in the usage of SMS in business, but it has also demonstrated to more companies that it is a valuable and effective tool to have at your disposal. 77% of firms said they intended to keep using SMS once things were back to normal when asked if they would. This is encouraging news for both customers and the SMS market.

77% intend to keep using SMS once things are back to normal.

29. almost 50% of consumers would like to make payments by text

Many businesses just utilize SMS marketing, which is still in its infancy, to alert their audiences of promotions or new products. However, we may anticipate that SMS usage will advance and that new features will be added.

Nearly 50% of consumers, according to ZipWhip, would prefer to be allowed to send texts as payment. As a result, in the near future, SMS payment methods may become more prevalent.

Nearly 50% of users prefer text-based payment methods.

30. 41.3% of businesses said that their text opt-in rates increased in 2020

The acceptance of SMS marketing has grown along with the use of SMS for businesses in recent years. Businesses observed a significant increase in the number of consumers willing to opt-in to text messaging in 2020. About 40% of businesses claimed to have noticed a noticeable increase in opt-in rates. This is another sms marketing statistics.

In 2020, 41.3% of companies claimed that their SMS opt-in rates had increased.

SMS marketing statistics sources

SMS marketing statistics sources

Final thoughts

So there you have it: 30 fascinating facts, data, and trends related to SMS marketing. You should now have the information you need to start your own SMS marketing campaign, hopefully thanks to this post.

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