Top 34 Best SockShare Alternatives For Movie Streaming

Top 34 Best Sockshare Alternatives in 2022

Check out the list of the best SockShare alternatives sites that you can use to gain free access to the latest and the best content!

1. Flixtor

Looking for a website that has everything from classics to the most recent releases? Then Flixtor is the place to be. This open-source platform with an integrated media player provides you with enough movies to keep you entertained for the entire day. This massive library will make it impossible for you to overlook SockShare!

The site has a large variety that you can easily navigate through to locate what you’re looking for. The main issue with the site, aside from popup adverts, is that if you are not a member, you will not be able to see movies in 1080p resolution. But don’t worry, membership is completely free!

2. Vumoo

Vumoo, another streaming website that may be considered one of the top SockShare alternatives, is a video content lover’s paradise. It’s a no-frills platform with few showy features. It is clean and straightforward, the ideal website for a diverse collection. The navigation method is pretty simple, and with a simple design, you will have no trouble finding the stuff you are looking for.

Its search engine can help you find a variety of movies and television shows. You’ll binge-watch for hours on end with links to the top films and shows.

3. Yify TV

YifyTV is an excellent SockShare substitute that offers high-quality video material. This site, which is regarded as a trustworthy platform by the majority of web content consumers, provides a comprehensive selection of the greatest Torrent connections. High-quality content in a variety of categories—you could binge-watch them all day!

The movies are organized by name, genre, and year, so navigating the site is a breeze. You may also make your own “watch later” list right here. The database is constantly updated with new information on the movies. The only catch is that you must first sign up for a free membership.

4. GoStream

The next site we propose as a SockShare substitute is GoStream, a platform that offers a selection of the most popular Hollywood movies, from old classics to new releases. The site boasts of having one of the most viewers who come to watch Chinese, Japanese, and Indian films.

Furthermore, the film library is always developing, and you will find the most recent hits on this site. But it’s not just movies. You’ll be able to find television shows, series, and other content. There will be advertising, popups, and redirection, but they will be fewer in quantity than on other sites.

5. BMovies

If you’re missing the SockShare free movies and are looking for similar sites, Bmovies is an excellent alternative for you. Every content lover feels like a kid in a candy store on this video streaming platform. It has a huge library of movies and TV shows, and it’s not limited to just English content.

It’s easy to navigate the library on this site and watch the content you have been looking for online. Its search bar and categories make the job of searching for movies quite easy. The only problem is that the site features an annoying number of popup ads. But look past those to enjoy good content.

6. ZMovies

ZMovies is the place for you if you need a platform that is nicely arranged and does not require you to lose time browning. All of the movies on the platform are grouped to make it easier for you to navigate. It also offers a variety of search filters that you can utilize. The site contains a large variety of movies from Hollywood as well as independent movies of many genres.

The site, like SockShare, contains links to third-party sites because it does not host anything. It is, however, a simple procedure. To get started, you must first establish an account on the site.

7. Tubi

Tubitv is one of the lesser-known websites that movie and television movies frequent. It is regarded as a premium site with an excellent collection that is simple to navigate. Classics, new hits, current concerts, and much more may be found here.

Its library will take your breath away. Consumers have gone so far as to say that this website is like a free version of Netflix, with a larger library than the world’s most popular OTT platform. Hollywood films are included in the website’s collection, but that’s not all. If you’re seeking for one-of-a-kind flicks, this is the place to be.

8. IOmovies

IOmovies is a godsend for people who are continuously on the lookout for a shared Netflix or Amazon account with their pals. It is an OTT platform, yet it is free. It is a video streaming site with movies that provides movie URLs. Even if you can’t discover unique movies, the library is massive.

The site features a simple and user-friendly layout, and you will have no trouble finding all of your preferred content for an outstanding video streaming experience. This portal includes independent films in addition to all big Hollywood movies. There are also TV programs, ranging from sitcoms to reality shows.

9. SolarMovie

SolarMovie also features a great interface that gives the impression that it is a premium movie/show membership service. The film titles are well-organized into genres and groups. There is also a filter option that allows you to search for movies based on their kind, quality, genre, country of release, and year of release.

The service is designed similarly to Putlocker, although there are some differences in terms of movie/show availability. If you wish to utilize SolarMovie as a SockShare substitute, you should alternate it with Putlocker from time to time.

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10. FMovies

Fmovies is yet another video-based website where you may download movies. It’s a fantastic alternative for SockShare. The website has a large number of movies and TV shows. The site has something for everyone, no matter what genre they are interested in. You’ll find horror, sci-fi, romance, thriller, action, adventure, and other genres.

You are not required to watch anything to view the content. All you need to do is open up your laptop and browse the site to see all of your possibilities. It gives you the choice to watch the movie in several video quality settings. It provides all options within the spectrum, from CAM print to 720p HD.

You can select any option based on your device and internet speed. Simply access the website and watch a plethora of movies and shows with your family and friends. All you need is a reliable internet connection to get started.

11. Look Movie

Cartoons, fiction, thrillers, and other appeal categories to millennials dominate this online TV streaming site like E Movies. The majority of the videos are in high-definition resolution. The user interface is straightforward yet contemporary. There is a lot of advertising, but it isn’t strewn everywhere.

12. GoMovies

This is a free online TV platform that gives you access to a rich list of movie/episode titles. There is no need to create an account unless you want to interact with the website. There is a tab for movie-related news as well as a Top IMDb section. While it’s considered as a good alternative to SockShare, the site comes with multiple ads when you click on the play button.

13. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the largest databases of movies and TV series. The design is simple to use, and you can easily discover the most recent TV shows or movies. This is an excellent SockShare alternative since you can watch movies for free without having to register. You can also sort by genre, release year, and other factors.

14. PopcornTime

Popcorn Time, unlike other online TV show providers, is more of a software than a platform. You must first download it onto your computer/laptop. It is not necessary to create an account. When you launch the software, you can immediately begin watching your favorite movies. The platform generates revenue by providing an additional VPN subscription on top of the free online TV platform. It’s also the best SockShare alternative site.

15. Lunch Flix

When compared to sites like SockShare, the movie/episode catalog isn’t as extensive. The genres of thriller, horror, and fiction predominate on this online free TV streaming portal.There are also some animated films. Several advertisements are displayed on the video player. Despite the brief interruption, there will be little to no buffering once the movie begins.

16. WatchSeries

This best SockShare alternative website features a lot of advertisements and pop-up notifications. However, it boasts a large collection of both old and new movies and television shows. You can also simply download a mobile app on your Android phone. You’ll also notice a Request item on the menu, where you can let the admins know if there’s a specific movie or TV show title you’d like to have added to the library.

17. Y Movies

You may watch multiple good titles on the SockShare alternative website. However, there are several advertisements that can disrupt both your title finding and viewing session. You can look for movies by language. You do not need to register to begin streaming movies and episodes.

18. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a popular online platform for watching new movies, and it is also completely free. The website owners update the website as frequently as possible in order to provide its clients with the most latest flicks. Primewire is an appealing alternative for SockShare due to its simple user interface. You may also search for new and old films in a variety of categories, sorting them by release date, stars, and studio reviews.

To make things easier for you, there is a search box where you may look for your favorite movie or TV show.  To watch your favorite movie, use PrimeWire.There are separate sections for movies and TV shows. All of the content can be filtered by year, category, and Top IMDB. Furthermore, numerous pre-sorted categories are available in the films and television section.

On the homepage, you will see the most recent continuing material. You may believe that you must pay for these services. Primewire provides you with everything for free. All you have to do is open the website in your browser and share your favorite material with your friends and family.

19. MovieNinja

MovieNinja is a site where you can acquire all of your favorite movies in HD quality, not SD. Browsing begins with the most recent movies, progressing to older releases, and finally to masterpieces. It will also provide you with a list of the most popular movies of the week. As a result, once you begin using this site to watch movies, it will automatically propose movies in the genre you prefer. It is the best SockShare alternative site.

20. CMovies HD

The platform, as the name implies, streams high-definition video. CMovies HD has a large selection of TV shows and movies. To navigate all of the content, you get an easy-to-use interface. As a result, there is no need to register with the platform in order to watch the content.

If you do, you can establish a favorite watch list and resume your movie or show from where you left it. The most recent releases are easily available and accessible on this page. You will see a few advertisements and pop-ups, but you will not be bothered by them. Simply grab a bowl of popcorn, a cold can of Coke, and visit the website, and you’re ready to enjoy your evening. It is the best SockShare alternative site.

21. Afdah

Afdah is a free platform that curates information from free internet repositories and makes it available to visitors from all around the world. Because all content is added haphazardly, Afdah is not responsible for its accuracy, consistency, copyright, legitimacy, or conventionality. If you’re tired of all the intrusive pop-ups, Afdah is a great alternative to other platforms.

The internet not only provides access to new and recent movies and TV shows, but also to older ones. All you have to do is search for your favorite material and enjoy it uninterrupted. You have access to all of the platform’s services for free. You don’t even have to spend a dime on your end.

It has several sorting options, such as year, genre, and country. It makes navigation a breeze. This site will meet all of your entertainment needs if you are looking for a peaceful alternative to SockShare.

22. XMovies8

XMovies8 features a large selection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV shows. Ad pop-ups will cause numerous disruptions every time you hit play or pause. However, you will be able to watch all accessible titles in HD resolution. There are many video links available for each title to provide you with options if one of the sources is unavailable. You do not need to create an account to watch free shows and movies. This is also a site like SockShare.

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23. YesMovies

While YesMovies provides movie/show streaming for a variety of titles, horror and thrillers are the most popular genres on the platform. You do not need to create an account to watch the videos, but you will need to do so if you want to interact with the website features. There is a What’s Hot area that informs you of the most recent movies/episodes due to be posted on the website. All of the films are also in HD, which adds to the experience, especially if you enjoy horror films.

24. Popcornflix

PopcornFlix is a free entertainment website. SockShare alternative website provides a plethora of material alternatives that are available for free viewing.  You can customize the video quality and caption language. The platform is really simple to use. On the site, you can see all of the most current movies.

Furthermore, there are predetermined categories to investigate. You may even use the search box to find and watch your favorite stuff. This platform has it all, whether you want to revisit classic movies or discover new ones. In terms of genre, whether you want to watch Indian, American, kid’s shows, TV shows, or films, you’ll have various possibilities with the click of a mouse.

25. Noxx

To visit the site, you must first pass a CAPTCHA, after which you will be met by a clean website with mild adverts to support its free services. The Sock Share alternative site includes a large selection of movie and television show titles. Because both TV shows and movies are featured under the Movies category, the titles are not organized.

Despite this, the video quality is excellent. There is no need to register in order to watch movies and TV shows on this platform.

26. MoviesJoy

You can watch TV shows and movies from MoviesJoy without registering. You may also download an Android app to watch your favorite shows directly from your phone. Among the titles are animated cartoons and Korean novels.

27. PutLocker

Putlocker is a popular media entertainment website that mostly focuses on streaming movies and TV shows. There is no requirement for membership on the site.

It provides the highest video quality with the fewest advertisements. As a result, you will be able to watch your preferred entertainment without interruptions. Its appeal stems from its simple user interface and abundance of HD movies and TV shows. You can easily navigate through the categories and even search for your favorite movie or TV show.

You can access the website from any device. It is highly dynamic and works well on laptops, desktop computers, cellphones, and tablets. It is the best Sock Share alternative site.

28. Online Free Films

The user interface is basic and easy to use. It has a white background, no unique features, and only the main menu, alphabetical and time-based categorization of show titles. To watch shows, you do not need an account. The library is brimming with historic and contemporary film and television show titles. While watching a show, there is little to no ad interruption. This is also a site like Sock Share.

29. AZ Movies

If you want to watch your favorite movie in HD quality with as few interruptions as possible, AZ movies is an appealing Sock Share alternative. You may watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and entertainment from all over the world. Some films are dubbed, while others feature captions in multiple languages.

AZ movies has a massive library that highlights both new and old shows. It does not require a membership and does not charge a fee to watch or download stuff. You can quickly find any title and navigate the interface with little effort. You can access and enjoy your favorite stuff with just a few clicks.

30. SeeHD

The film and television titles are arranged alphabetically and by category. This website has no unique tabs or features. See HD’s UI is simpler than the rest of our Sock Share options, allowing for easier navigating. The movies/episodes can be seen in high definition, as the name implies. The video player has a feature that allows you to adjust the video quality. This website contains extremely few advertisements, which is ideal for uninterrupted movie viewing.

31. 5Movies

The best Sock Share alternative website is inundated in advertisements, yet it offers a wide range of titles for both movies and TV shows. There is no need to register. The names of TV shows and movies are grouped alphabetically and by genre.

32. LosMovies

In comparison to most free-streaming platforms, this Sock Share alternative site has a low number of advertisements. There is a link where you may browse through various actors and actresses who have appeared in the platform’s titles. Aside from that, there is a separate area where you may search for subtitled movies and TV shows.

33. Viooz

If you want to watch your favorite movie in HD quality with as few interruptions as possible, Viooz is an appealing Sock Share alternative. You may watch Bollywood, Hollywood, and entertainment from all over the world. Some films are dubbed, while others feature captions in multiple languages.

Viooz has a massive library that highlights both new and old shows. It does not require a membership and does not charge a fee to watch or download stuff. You can quickly find any title and navigate the interface with little effort. You can access and enjoy your favorite stuff with just a few clicks.


To watch movies on this alternatives platform, you do not need to create an account. However, if you want to join in the forum, you should consider creating an account. To watch the videos, you must also download and install the S Hush plugin. The website only contains a small range of movie and television show titles. Ads are very prevalent on this platform.


SockShare provides one of the most extensive collections of movies, TV series, and legends in the form of links to third-party sites. Naturally, the site’s closure has left its fans sad. The site was only recently closed, and individuals are already expressing their dissatisfaction with the decision.

However, the sites we’ve identified above are great news for moviegoers. You’ll discover all genres and categories, as well as documentaries and independent movies. There are other films from all over the world. They also offer a show library. So there will be no more missing SockShare.

Check out all of its alternatives right now!

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