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Top 10 Best Tool Review Ai Websites In 2024

Tool Review Ai Websites

Best Tool Review Ai Websites will be discussed in this article. In 2024, bookmark these AI websites to boost output. The best ChatGPT substitutes for summarizing, producing information and graphics, creating videos, and creating podcasts.

In 2024, bookmark these AI websites to boost output. The best ChatGPT substitutes for summarizing, producing information and graphics, creating videos, and creating podcasts.

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Top 10 Best Tool Review Ai Websites In 2024

In this article, you can know about Tool Review Ai Websites here are the details below;

AI seemed both fantastical and futuristic just ten years ago. Though we weren’t quite there yet, many talked about how much it could improve our lives.

Then, ChatGPT was introduced on November 30, 2022. In October 2023, a little less than a year later, the website received 1.7 billion visitors.

Without a doubt, ChatGPT is cool. But the introduction of the AI tool marked the start of something much more significant: the AI revolution.

Despite being the most well-known, ChatGPT is now just one of many excellent AI websites that may assist you in generating images, summarizing articles, automatically transcribing audio, and even editing podcasts with less work and greater efficiency.

It could be challenging to select, though, given the abundance of options offered. I investigated and tested them all since I’m an AI nerd, saving you the trouble.

You’ll know the answers to all of these queries and more in a matter of minutes.

Please buckle up as I examine the top ten free AI websites for 2024 to help you in your job and personal life. The shortlist is as follows:

AI Websites for Image Generation and Editing

Adobe Firefly – Best for Creating Stylized yet Realistic AI Art

Adobe Firefly

Based on a prompt, Adobe Firefly generates artistic and realistic visuals. It lets you alter visual elements and fill in the gaps you make, unlike other AI websites that generate graphics.

If you know how to use picture editors, you’ll pick up Firefly fast. The AI is easy to use, and the choices are straightforward. I felt like I was collaborating with Firefly, not conversing with a robot.

With the free version of Adobe Firefly, you get 25 credits each month. Each time you submit a prompt—during generative fill or otherwise—a credit is used. For one credit, Firefly will provide you four image choices.

Adobe Firefly Best Features:

Firefly is presently the only AI tool that offers generative fill. Because of this, the website is ideal for creating personalized concept art and backdrop photos.

Lighting and Filters: Firefly offers filters to enhance the realism of your photos. Specifically, the motion blur and illumination filters provide the illusion of shifting the aperture and shutter speed.

Intelligent AI: You’ll be pleasantly pleased by what Firefly produces, provided you operate within its limitations. I was rarely let down by the very detailed requests I made.

Adobe Firefly Limitations:

Editing Individual Elements: Currently, you cannot pick individual elements to reposition or rotate while using the free AI website. Additionally, original materials cannot be uploaded.

Prompt Effectiveness: You can’t deviate too much from the AI’s knowledge base. You won’t get very far submitting prompts that are based on characters or plot points from films or television shows.

The most costly version of Adobe Firefly is $9.98 per month for the premium version. It provides 250 credits every month. You can download photos without a watermark and link to your Photoshop and Express accounts using it as well.

The 25 free credits will probably be used up fast. The premium version is something to think about if you produce concept art or other types of media.

Canva Image Generator – Best for Creating Digital Marketing Materials

Canva Image Generator

Canva is a platform with several features, one of which is its AI-powered picture creator. You can make presentations, movies, flyers, posters, and social media posts with Canva. Afterwards, AI images can be included in this content as pieces. This is a fantastic method to begin utilizing AI in the workplace for many people.

The editing page’s “Elements” tab is where you can find the AI image generation. Beneath Canva’s original graphics is where the generator is located.

The image generator is simple when compared to other AI websites. But Canva gives more than enough to make your designs come to life, especially when combined with the option to add photos.

Canva Image Generator Best Features:

DALL•E and Imagen: The ‘Apps’ tab will let you to visit the AI websites DALL•E and Imagen if Canva’s image generator is unable to meet your needs. But for every one of these generators, you only receive three credits!

Templates: Are you experiencing writer’s block? Not an issue. You can choose from a variety of the templates on Canva. All you have to do is place your AI-generated photographs into the designated areas.

Canva Image Generator Limitations:

Restricted Image Type: Canva’s image generator only produces full images, even though it is located under the “Elements” tab. It works well for backgrounds rather than ornamental details.

Incapacity to Modify AI Offerings: Canva offers what it offers, while Adobe Firefly does not. It is not feasible to change the AI’s offerings unless you download the photographs individually.

You get 50 credits from Canva Image Generator, which creates 4 photos for each prompt. It takes one credit to submit a prompt. For $12.99 a month, you can get 500 credits with the pro version. Access to Canva’s collection of expert templates and elements is also included.

This is one of the few AI websites where the pro version isn’t required, as the free edition allows you to build an endless number of papers, each up to 350 pages in length.

Click here to try Canva Image Generator for free.

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AI Websites for Creating Presentations

Tome – Best for Generating Unique Presentations


Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are made every day, according to the BBC. Do you not believe that a change is warranted? To provide captivating presentations on any subject, Tome combines AI text and image production.

Tome contains every feature one could ask for in a presentation editor. Every AI-generated presentation offers four possible outcomes. You can add tables, charts, and shapes, alter the text and media, renew information and images, and alter the slide layout.

The base Tome bundle comes with 500 AI credits, video narration, smart themes, and five Tomes per person in your workspace. The AI credits are non-renewable. Among AI websites, you would consider this to be charitable. But I just spent slightly less than half of my available credits to construct a 7-slide presentation.

Tome Best Features:

Templates: You can choose from one of their templates if you don’t want to start from scratch when creating a presentation. These are beautifully designed and arranged according to goal.

Workspaces: You’ll be asked to create a URL for your workspace when you first in into Tome. Your group can collaborate on Tomes and see the completed projects.

Tome Limitations:

Basic Generation: Tome offers very basic features, yet it’s useful if you want a foundation. If you wish to have a very good presentation, you will have to change the text and media it produces.

Complicated Interface: It will take some time to get used to any AI website that gives you as much creative freedom as Tome. To prevent issues, take some time to investigate features.

For $192 a year, you can get the pro edition, which has limitless tomes and credits, removes the Tome logo, allows you to use custom fonts, and can convert to PDF. This is one of the AI websites that, in my opinion, is worth the subscription price if you generate multiple presentations each month.

AI Websites for Research and Academic Writing – Best for Researching with Information from Credible Sources


The inability of other generative AI websites to cite their sources is one of their main drawbacks. This problem is resolved by

Just pose a question related to your area of expertise or study subject. A list of sources and in-text citations will be provided by Perplexity in response. These link directly to the mentioned webpage when clicked.

Nonetheless, I discovered that studying scientific and mathematical subjects brings out the best in Perplexity. Though factually incorrect, Perplexity is not immune to inaccuracies, just like other AI websites. Best Features:

Focus: Perplexity is able to reference online sources. It may also restrict the sources to scholarly articles or websites like YouTube and Reddit.

Document Upload: You can ask questions regarding a document you’ve uploaded to This is excellent if you want comparable sources or if you need difficult concepts clarified. Limitations:

Secondary Sources: Perplexity frequently solely cites the original source from which the data was obtained. Ensure that you cite the original sources as indicated.

Lack of Innovative Output: Unlike other AI websites, Perplexity doesn’t react well to commands. It kept producing data in the same format even after I instructed it to rearrange the paragraph.

The free edition of is limited to five questions each day with 100-word responses. If you craft your questions carefully, the free edition of Perplexity will provide you with a solid foundation for your investigation.

You can ask up to 300 questions a day and upload an infinite number of files for $20 a month. GPT4 integration is also possible with the premium plan. This is something to think about if you find yourself short on inquiries all the time.

Consensus – Best for Gathering Current Sources and Understanding Sentiment in your Field


“Articles with more abstract, technical, & the passive writing are harder for readers to understand likely to be cited,” the Journal of Marketing reported in 2021.

In order to respond to your questions and assist you in locating reliable scholarly sources, Consensus evaluates findings from current research and publications. For instance, Consensus helped me locate the statement above!

Though there are restrictions on the questions you can ask, Consensus’s main page offers plenty of guidance on how to attain the greatest outcomes. The site features an extensive assistance area in case you run into trouble. Simply click the ‘?at the top right corner.

Next, if your query is a yes-or-no question, Consensus gives you a response along with a summary of its findings, a consensus meter, and a list of all the sources it consulted to arrive at that conclusion.

Consensus Best Features:

Lists by Quality: Consensus ranks articles based on their currency, number of citations, publication location, and relevance to your query.

Study Snapshots: “Study Snapshots” are summaries of certain research and papers. This covers the subjects tested, the sample size, and the techniques applied. These categories also allow you to filter results.

Consensus Limitations:

Limited Results: Occasionally, Consensus won’t be able to gather enough data from experts in your industry to provide you with a definitive response.

Limitations of Specialization: Similar to other AI websites, targeted inquiries regarding extensively researched subjects yield the greatest results. You’ll probably suffer from specificity if the subject matter you’re researching is somewhat esoteric.

Compared to other AI websites, Consensus is straightforward but excels at what it does. It offers a great starting point for additional research and a potential thesis or conclusion if you’re writing a paper or article with an instructional tone.

Consensus’s free version grants you 20 credits per month. It costs one credit to access study snapshots and to ask questions. For $6.99 a month, the premium version provides Study Snapshots and an infinite number of answers. However, you should be able to get by with the free version given the number of sources offered.

ChatPDF– Best for Understanding and Analyzing Large Documents


When you opened a PDF that you received, did you ever find 100 pages of text? It is much simpler to comprehend the content in your document when you use ChatPDF. This AI website lets you ask questions concerning your PDF.

Chat will send you a brief synopsis and several sample questions after you upload your PDF. PDFs related to your research topics are ideal for ChatPDF. However, it’s also excellent for reviewing your work.

You don’t need to register for an account on ChatPDF, unlike other AI services, unless you want to store your chat history. Up to 50 questions and two PDF uploads (maximum of 120 pages) each day are included in the free edition. It credits its sources as well!

ChatPDF Best Features:

Dual-Screen UX: ChatPDF has an extremely user-friendly layout. Your PDF will appear on the left, and a chat box will appear right. Text in the PDF can be highlighted, and you can ask chat to rephrase, summarize, and clarify it.

ChatPDF handled multiple generating exercises in its generating Chat feature. Using my PDF as a basis, it produced a thesis statement and essay conclusion.

ChatPDF Limitations:

Specificity: You must utilize precise language while looking for references to specialized topics in a PDF.

Customer support: ChatPDF is easy to use, however it only offers a brief FAQ section as on-page assistance for new customers. It asks you to send an email to

For $19.99 a month or $139.99 a year, ChatPDF’s premium version enables you to upload an unlimited number of PDF files (up to 2000 pages) and ask an infinite number of questions. If you and your team work with a lot of PDFs, this is worth it.

Click here to try ChatPDF for free.

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AI Websites for Content Creation and Copywriting – Best for Perfecting Existing  Documents


With the help of’s autocomplete feature, you can end your text with one or more sentences. You can use “Paraphrase” to rewrite a portion of your content, and “Summarize” to get a succinct synopsis of all or part of your text.

There’s a text generator in Penelope too. When I tested it, a straightforward prompt produced 5000 words. Although this is excellent for volume, the text produced by this AI website will probably require extensive editing. Not to add, this uses up a sizable portion of the 30 bonus credits.

A brief introduction to’s features greets you when you first visit the website. In spite of this, it’s among the easiest AI websites to navigate. Best Features:

Tone of Voice: With Penelope’s paraphrase tool, you can choose from five different tones of voice: scholarly, persuasive, pleasant, native-like, and literary. The results are always appropriately styled.

Link Summarizer: In addition to text summaries, Penelope features a link summarizer. Copy and paste a link, that’s all. You will receive an overview of the contents of that page.

Penelopeai Limitations:

Limited Usability: To alter a text, copy and paste it into the right-side editor, then copy and paste the result back into your original text.

Uncertain Credit Cost: I edited a text that had already been produced using all four tools, yet my credits did not drop. Penelope is therefore excellent at modifying text but not at creating entire articles.

The enhanced version of is $8 per month or $84 per year. You get infinite credits for text generation with this subscription, so you may access everything. However, I would advise editing text with the free version because of its crude nature.– Best for Copywriting and Realizing Digital Marketing Strategies


As of November 2023, the global copywriting industry is estimated by Coherent Market Insights to be valued at $25.29 billion. With a projected $42.22 billion in industrial value in 2030, this is only expected to grow. A useful tool in this quickly growing sector is writes your copy after you enter a question, just like other generative AI websites. It works well for email and text marketing, blog postings, social media advertisements, and captions. It yet doesn’t sacrifice the good times—in fact, it composed a beautiful poem for me.

Teams of authors would benefit greatly from However, there is only one seat available in your office with the free edition, which makes teamwork a little challenging. Best Features:

Brand Voice Analysis: offers a thorough examination of your brand’s voice by giving it samples of previously produced content. This aids in the creation of content assets for your brand that are consistent in tone when used to generate copy.

Infobase: You can easily add specialized phrases and jargon to the Infobase if your copy uses a lot of them. Simply hashtag the term in your prompt, and will create content that fits the context.

Workflow Generator: If you wish to, for instance, classify your content, gauge the sentiment of reviews, or nurture prospects,’s workflow generator is ideal. Limitations:

Particular References:, when asked, provides general links and credits its sources. It won’t, however, contain precise statistics or professional quotations from websites. Also check tiktok analytics tools

Customer Support: Fortunately, is quite simple to use. Nevertheless, the editor cannot access the customer support website.

The pro package comes with 500 workflow credits, 5 workspace seats for your team, and limitless text generation for $36 per month or $432 annually.

Given that the 2000 free words are limited, this is worthwhile if your team produces material on a daily basis. However, if you work as a freelancer, $36 a month can be a bit pricey.

Ai Websites for Transcription and Audio Editing – Best for Noise Cancellation and AI-Generated Meeting Notes


Three-quarters of remote workers spend one to ten hours a week in meetings, according to Buffer’s 2023 poll. These meetings are considerably simpler with the help of websites like, a well-designed example of AI.

On virtual conference platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, Discord, Webex, and even Slack, the AI meeting assistant functions well. Krisp not only produces thorough notes and reduces background noise and echo, but it also transcribes meetings.

The free edition of Krisp offers two AI-generated meeting notes per day in addition to noise reduction for 60 minutes. Unlimited transcriptions are another feature.

In addition to regular meetings, Krisp is ideal for podcasters who require complete quiet, journalists who must transcribe interviews, and academics who wish to transcribe their lectures. Best Features:

Expand Vocabulary: During our meeting, there were a few terms that Krisp failed to recognize. Krisp will recognize these correctly going forward because I was asked to add them to my vocabulary.

Action Points: You can add action points and designate them to a team member beneath the well-written and comprehensible AI-generated meeting notes. Limitations:

Download Procedure: It was a little awkward to download Krisp and connect it to my Zoom. But this setup will only need to be done once.

Third-Party Noise reduction: Although effective, this type of noise reduction is limited to your microphone. Your coworkers will also need Krisp to cut down on noise.

Changing and Distributing Transcriptions: The transcriptions are uneditable. You’ll have to edit them somewhere else if they’re not correct. Additionally, there is no opportunity to obtain the transcription in SRT or PDF format.

The pro edition of, which costs $96 a year, includes meeting notes and limitless noise cancellation. But there is a fee for each team member.

If your group regularly chairs significant meetings, the pro edition is well worth the investment. Other than that, the free edition of AI websites is really thorough.

Descript – Best for Podcast Editing


An all-in-one audio and podcast editor is called Descript. You may add captions to your podcast video and eliminate filler words and background noise with Descript.

Descript’s transcription is where generative AI enters the picture. After that, you can utilize the additional “script editor” features. I discovered that Descript’s transcribing AI was somewhat more accurate than Krisp’s.

One watermark-free export, one hour of transcription each month, and exports in up to 720p video quality are all included in the free edition. Remember that transcription is rounded off. You will therefore have exhausted your allotted time if you edit eleven 4.5-minute videos.

Descript Best Features:

Eliminate Filler Words: You can eliminate the blue-highlighted filler words by using the “script editor.” It is even possible, in theory, to eliminate entire phrases.

Regenerate: Descript has a beta tool called Regenerate to tame the residual sounds. When I tried it, it worked really well and was impressive.

Adding Captions: Don’t bother making SRT files or downloading transcripts. The transcript will be automatically added to your movie as captions by Descript. After that, you can change their size, color, and positioning.

Descript Limitations:

Relatively Complex Interface: Although the editor is really user-friendly if you get the hang of it, it does take some time. If you don’t take the time to go through the tutorial in several hours, it could be too much.

Limited Free edition: It appears that Descript offers its free edition more as a means of allowing consumers to test the platform than as a means of offering them ongoing support.

If you edit more than one 60-minute podcast each month, you’ll require the pro version. The annual cost of this is $288.

For instance, twice a month, our team at FlexOS edits the Future Work podcast. However, the free edition of Descript would be ideal for us because of its short (15-minute) episodes.

Click here to try Descript for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Websites

What is generative AI?

Computer systems educated on preexisting data are seen on websites using generative AI. By applying their “knowledge,” they are able to produce text or visuals that are similar.

How can AI make my life and work easier?

There are a tonne of AI websites available. They can automate monotonous and routine work, giving you more time to concentrate on higher-level, creative, and interpersonal obligations. Also check Lead Generation Tools

Additionally, you may improve decision-making with data-driven recommendations and expedite workflows with the aid of some AI-powered technologies.

AI has the capacity to the learn and grow continuously, which can boost productivity, cut expenses, and enhance human abilities in many fields and positions. View our guide on how to use AI in 2024 if you’d like to learn more about how to take advantage of this technological progress.

Should I use AI?

Gen Z and millennials in particular are using generative AI at work at an increasing rate, as our most recent report demonstrates. Furthermore, 81% of respondents claim that technology has increased their productivity, with 43% saying it has done so much.

AI-powered websites, such as the ones I’ve recommended, have the ability to rapidly analyze data, compile documents, create drafts, respond to inquiries, and much more.

These AI solutions can help you save a ton of time and increase your productivity at work on a nearly daily basis. (Moreover, it’s fantastic for picking up new ideas or just having fun with the inventions!)

When it comes to using AI websites, there are still ethical concerns.

Thus, my recommendation is to use them carefully and make sure you go over and improve their outputs. Additionally, keep critical information about you and your business private by not disclosing it.

Do you need additional AI technologies to make life and work ten times easier? See our lists of the Best Free AI Websites, AI Productivity Tools, How to Use AI for Work, 7 Free AI Tools, and 10 AI Marketing Tools. Inquiring about AI further? See our guides on artificial intelligence (AI) in HR and the workplace.

Wrapping it Up

Here are ten free AI websites that will simplify your life and job in 2024. It could take some time for you to become familiar with these AI tools and explore all of their functions. Ultimately, though, this is worthwhile. They’ll end up saving you a ton of time down the road.

Find your favorites and share these AI websites with your colleagues; many of them are made with remote teams in mind.

Which of the AI websites above have you tried? If so, please share your opinions and advice on how to make the most of them with us!

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