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Top 10 Best Websites Like Bestgore For Horror Movies

websites like bestgore

Are you looking for the best websites like bestgore in 2021? Bestgore is a Canadian shock site founded by Marek in 2008 that features uncensored news, highly disturbing photos, and videos. Bestgore received a lot of media attention after publishing a live murder video in 2012. Members’ content and comments were published on the site.

There are many the best websites like bestgore listed below contain content that may cause severe nightmares. If you’re not a fan of nightmares, you might want to move on to another article. You’ve been given fair warning!

You should be able to handle reading this entire post if you read our post on the most offensive websites like bestgore. There are, however, even more websites about death, heinous brutality, murder (including gruesome beheadings), suicide, and other shocking topics.

websites like bestgore

10 Best Websites Like Bestgore

Checkout the best websites like bestgore available for you to watch horror, weird and murder related movies in 2021.

Death Date

If you take it too seriously, your vote for the ultimate gore website could go to this one. After all, who wants to know their death date? It’s a fun site, and I’m guessing the algorithm considers any addictions you have when calculating your death age.

The site displays your death date in three different ways: neutral, optimistic, and pessimistic. Choose one to pique your morbid curiosity. Take the assumed date and begin living your life to the fullest if you truly want to get serious about life.


Real Medical Autopsy Photos & VideosDocumenting Reality is a gory website with tens of thousands of images and videos of true crime cases from around the world. This link will take you to their Real Medical Autopsy Photos and Videos section. There are numerous threads about real autopsies, coroner’s work, funeral homes, and other topics. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.

theYNC siteMany people consider to be one of the best gore websites on the internet. You might agree if you visit this location. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.Many videos exist that depict real-life brutal executions, suicides, horrific accidents, and much more. They also contain some of the most gruesome images (including the Florida zombie attack victim). This site also has a lot of links to web pages with unusual humour.

gore sitesGoregrish is a dangerous place to visit. This is one of the most popular online shock sites. You can view their large collection of shocking (uncensored) video content if you are at least 18 years old. Not only are some of the videos shocking, but they’re also strange.

Prepare to see videos of real suicides, murders (including gruesome beheadings), and even bizarre pornography. This website, more than any other on our list, has the greatest potential to cause anxiety. What a terrifying and repulsive combination.


when will i die Have you ever wondered when you would die? You’ve come to the right place. It’s simple to find out with the Death Clock. The site employs a sophisticated calculator that calculates your death date based on where you live, how much you smoke, how much alcohol you consume, and your outlook on life. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.

Of course, no matter how advanced this death clock is, it will not be able to predict your exact date of departure from this planet. This is a good thing, because death’s anticipation can be more painful than death itself. Regardless, it’s a little unsettling to have a rough idea of when you’ll die.

BME: Body Modification Ezine

Tattoo art is a 21st-century subcultural trend that can be found everywhere from New York’s streets to Nanjing’s back alleys. Some people, on the other hand, can take it to the extreme and turn their bodies into walking canvases. BME has curated over 14,000 videos and 3.5 million photos of how to submit your body to pins, needles, and ink.

It’s a one-stop shop for tattoos, scarification, and ritualistic piercing. They are an uncommon subculture and community built by and for modified people, according to the website. The site’s body piercings and tattoo art may be tame for some, but the tattoo detailing and body modifications aren’t far from gore for those who can’t stand the sight of needles. A subscription is required for some parts of the site.

The Damaged Corpse

Movies like Annabelle and The Curse of Chucky may have ruined your childhood memories of dolls. As a result, this website is yet another knife slice. Although the site is in French, the images convey the universal message of “holy creeps!” Françoise Duvivier is a wonderfully (and ghoulishly) creative artist who expresses herself through mixed media such as collages, masks, and dolls.

The Blood Factory

Allow Flash to run in your browser. The background music is the first thing that makes you tingle. It is, without a doubt, a frightening website. And it’s brought to you by none other than Danny DeVito, a horror movie fan himself. Splattercuts are horror shorts produced by The Blood Factory. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.

There are currently about 16 horror shorts available on the site. You can vote for them while watching them in the “darkened theatre.” Although the site was launched in 2009, I’m not sure how often it is updated. Perhaps it will live on as a piece of internet history.

You’ve always wanted to write in blood on the walls. Now’s your chance to shine. You can write a message on the “Flash” wall with your mouse in place of your chopped finger. You can then send the one-of-a-kind message to whomever you want to spook via email. This is more of a cheesy prank site than a horror site. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.

Serial Killer

Turn your craving for cheesy horror into an opportunity to brush up on your trivia knowledge. The image above encapsulates everything. Take the quiz to see if you can tell the difference between a serial hacker and a code hacker. Don’t forget to check out the site’s More Stuff section for more ways to kill boredom online.

Scary for Kids

It takes a lot of persuasion to buy into cheesy horror as an adult. Children, on the other hand, are naturally drawn to them and appear to enjoy the goosebumps. So, to round off our list, here’s a “horror” site designed specifically for children. Scary for Kids may appear to be a frightening website for children. This is one of the best websites like bestgore in 2021.

But see if any of the stories, videos, or scary pictures make your spine tingle as well. I didn’t notice any gore, so you can sit in front of the monitor with your kids. Perhaps a nighttime storytelling session would be more effective. Including this, all websites such as


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