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10 Best Wunderlist Alternative Apps You Can Use

Wunderlist Alternative Apps

The Top 10 Wunderlist Alternative Apps. One of the most widely used to-do list and reminder applications across platforms, Wunderlist, attained that position by providing practically everything a user may need from such a tool and making it incredibly simple to use. Therefore, it was not a good thing when Microsoft stated that it will discontinue the service in favor of its own to-do list application. The business announced in a blog post that Wunderlist would be discontinued on May 6, 2020. That is a serious setback for die-hard Wunderlist users. Having said that, it is natural for a product to die in this digital age. Here are the top 10 Wunderlist replacements you can use if you’re ready to move your task lists away from the impending demise of Wunderlist and onto an other software that is pretty similar to Wunderlist.

Reminder: You have until the deadline to use Wunderlist. Your to-do list won’t sync after May 6. You will still be able to import your lists into other apps for a while. New Wunderlist sign-ups will no longer be accepted by the firm.

10 Best Wunderlist Alternative Apps You Can Use

In this article, you can know about Wunderlist Alternative Apps here are the details below;

1. is among the greatest Wunderlist substitutes available. It is easy to use and has practically all of the features that make Wunderlist amazing. Because supports lists, you can make numerous lists for various reminders and to-dos. If necessary, you can also share lists with specific individuals; for example, you might easily share your grocery list with your wife and a list of things to do on a family vacation with your complete family. Users of can even divide a job into smaller subtasks, which makes it simpler to manage and complete. Also check Strava Alternatives

Once you’ve shared lists with your team members, you can connect with one another by leaving comments and notes on the chores. The software even enables users to add files as attachments to the tasks. You can assign jobs to team members using so that everyone is aware of what needs to be done and can begin working more quickly and effectively. has multi-platform support, which is fantastic, just like Wunderlist does.

Platforms Available: Web (Free, $5.99/month), Android, and iOS

2. TickTick


Another software that functions quite similarly to Wunderlist is TickTick. Nearly all of Wunderlist’s key features are included in the app, including support for lists, list sharing for collaboration with other TickTick users, setting reminders for items, and even assigning tasks to particular team members.

The best wunderlist substitutes are Tick Tick.

With TickTick, you can add comments to the tasks and add files and notes to go along with them. It’s free and a lot of fun to use TickTick. Additionally, it is great that is accessible on virtually every platform. So, regardless of the device you’re using or the platform it’s on, you can easily use the TickTick service (or app). The service also offers a Premium edition, which supports a number of extra features like Checklist Description, Custom Smart Lists, Siri Integration, and much more.

Available platforms include Android, iOS, Mac, Chromebooks, Web, Chrome, and Firefox (free with a $2.79 monthly Pro subscription).

3. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk

You can use Remember The Milk in place of Wunderlist because it has an unusual name but is a really effective to-do list and reminder tool. Remember The Milk (or RTM), like the other Wunderlist competitors on this list, has several lists so you may organize your to-dos and reminders according to projects or interests. Additionally, you can delegate tasks to individual users and share these lists with other RTM users, making things like project management much simpler. Although RTM does not permit comments or the attachment of files to reminders, it does include a very useful “Notes” function that may be used as comments because of the incredibly quick synchronization it provides. This is another Wunderlist Alternative. Also check Chegg Alternatives

Remember Many power users will undoubtedly be interested in The Milk’s Pro subscription, which adds support for sub-tasks, unrestricted sharing of lists, badges, and widgets, as well as the capacity to sync with Outlook. In order to make the transfer even simpler, it now enables directly importing your tasks from Wunderlist. For $39.99 a year, you may become an RTM Pro upgrade subscriber.

Platforms available: Web (free, with Pro upgrade at $39.99 annually), Android, iOS, BlackBerry, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

4. Ike


Ike is a to-do list app that offers a novel and distinctive method of task organization. Ike uses the “Priority Matrix” to help its users stay focused, unlike Wunderlist or any other task manager on this list. Most of us prioritize completing tasks that are urgent but may not be crucial. With the aid of the priority matrix, you may see what is most crucial and work on it first. The same priority matrix will greet you when you launch the app. In essence, each of the four traits—Focus, Goals, Fit IN, and Backburner—can be applied to a given work. Additionally, you may add chores by dragging and dropping the plus sign in the center onto any of these squares. This is another Wunderlist Alternative.

Ike Ike also enables you to add notes, attach files, repeat tasks, and add reminders. The ability to add material that might be pertinent to those activities is made possible by the notes and attachments, which are crucial for me. I’m glad it’s here because many Wunderlist equivalents get this functionality wrong. For Android, the app also includes some nice widgets. It is free to download & use, but a premium edition is available for purchase if you want to access additional themes, record audio notes, and other features. The fact that this program is presently only accessible for the Android operating system is its only downside.

Android platform (free with in-app purchases)

5. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

I wasn’t really enamored with Google’s task manager software when it first came out. For those who don’t necessarily need to manage hundreds of tasks, it’s one of the best task managers applications available, in my opinion, after using it for a while. Think of Google Tasks as a more streamlined and straightforward version of Wunderlist. You can quickly add new tasks, access them from other platforms, break up larger jobs into smaller ones, make lists, add due dates and reminders, and do a lot more. This is another Wunderlist Alternative.

Simple alternatives to wunderlist in Google Tasks

Google chores is a location where you can keep track of only your key chores, unlike applications like Wunderlist that concentrate on managing every part of your life. You only add the tasks you actually want to complete, and it will display them in an elegant and tidy user interface. I particularly appreciate how easily I can drag and drop emails into Google Tasks thanks to its interface with Gmail. For emails that I wish to deal with later, this is incredibly helpful. In conclusion, this is a fantastic program that you should certainly get.

Platforms Available: Web, iOS, and Android (Free)

6. Todoist


One of the apps you should think about utilizing as a Wunderlist substitute is Todoist, another popular to-do list tool. Todoist is equally as cost-free to download and use as Wunderlist. Like Wunderlist, the app has a list feature, although it is named “Projects” in Todoist. Projects can be given various to-dos and reminders in order to appropriately categorize and arrange them. I can add new jobs easily thanks to the “Quick Add” option. I particularly adore its Karma system, which monitors your development and enables you to see trends in your productivity. This is another Wunderlist Alternative.

The app just added a new Delegation function that addressed one of Todoist’s main problems. Reminders, Comments, third-party app integrations, Files, and more are just a few of Todoist’s additional features. Keep in mind, though, that the majority of them are included in the Todoist Premium subscription. Overall, Todoist is quite capable and can quickly take the place of Wunderlist in your life.

Available platforms include Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. A premium plan is available for $3/month when paid annually.

7. Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft intends to eliminate Wunderlist after combining its capabilities with those of its To-Do app, as we mentioned in our introduction. We are pleased to report that Microsoft To-Do has performed admirably in the past, despite our initial reservations about its development. First and foremost, I adore the app’s user interface. Despite being colorful, the app feels tidy because there are enough empty spots. When it comes to functionality, Microsoft To-Do offers practically every feature you’d want from a top-notch task manager program. Also check CooMeet Alternatives

The “My Day” function, which only displays the chores that are due today, is where it all begins. This enables users to complete activities without feeling overwhelmed by all the ones introduced to the program. You can quickly add tasks to lists that serve as projects and build lists that operate as projects. In addition to sharing task lists with other users, you can add reminders, due dates, files, and notes. Many people consider this a must-have function, therefore I’m glad it’s available. It also has outstanding connection with Microsoft Launcher, Outlook, and other programs, making task management simple. This is a fantastic program all around, and I can see it replacing Wunderlist in the future.

Windows, Android, iOS, and Web platforms are all available (free)

8. Asana


Asana is one of the greatest Wunderlist alternatives you can use if you regularly use Wunderlist with your coworkers to share tasks and manage projects. Asana will be the best fit for anyone who was a devoted user of Wunderlist, but if your use of Wunderlist was straightforward, it might be a little excessive for you. You can use the app to start new projects, add team members, and handle all the associated tasks.

Different team members can be given assignments, and you can monitor their progress. Even better, you can immediately address a team member with your remarks or add them to an active project. Asana also provides a variety of viewing options that might improve your ability to visualize how projects are progressing. I particularly appreciate how Asana interfaces with a variety of third-party services, making it possible to link Slack for communication, cloud storage services for convenient file access, and more. I adore this software and would suggest it to any user. This is another Wunderlist Alternative.

Platforms Available: Web (Free, $9.99/month/user), Android, and iOS

9. 24Me


The contemporary equivalent of Wunderlist is 24Me. That is to say, it performs the majority of Wunderlist’s functions as well as some additional ones that new technology has made feasible. It is a place where all aspects of your task life are integrated, not just a place for your duties. Your tasks, meetings, calendar events, meeting notes, and more are all collected in one location with 24Me. Using 24Me, even your emails may be turned into chores.

In terms of contemporary features, 24Me enables customers to add tasks simply by speaking. It is able to do that because it has a built-in assistant that you can always access. You can utilize 24Me right from your Apple Watch if you have one. To view your most recent due tasks and create new tasks, you don’t even need to pull out your phone. You can alter the app’s user interface by changing the font size, weight, color, background images, and other elements. One of the best wunderlist replacements available, it is a fantastic tool.

Platforms supported: iOS and Android (free, $24.99/year).

10. 2Do


Another excellent tool for making to-do lists and reminders for both personal and professional use is 2Do. The app is free and has a ton of features similar to Wunderlist, including the option to add Reminders to tasks, Notes to record critical information about to-dos, as well as the addition of images and audio. This is another Wunderlist Alternative.

Delegation, sharing, and collaboration functions are unfortunately not supported by the app. The program also offers Batch Editing, Quick Entry to add tasks more quickly, Tags to give the to-do list context, and many other features. Definitely a wonderful Wunderlist substitute, the app.

Platforms supported: Mac, iOS, and Android (Free; $49.99 for a premium Mac program)

Use Best Wunderlist alternatives to manage your tasks

Wunderlist is still alive, but Microsoft has set us a deadline. Therefore, switching to a different app as soon as you can is preferable. These choices are all deserving of your consideration. With a few exceptions, the majority of these apps provide practically all of the key Wunderlist features. You should be able to discover an app that provides the capabilities you’re searching for because I’ve made an effort to include apps that offer as many of Wunderlist’s features as possible. Additionally, because each of these applications has a free tier, you may test them out to discover which one best suits your needs.

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