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Top 10 Best Free XnView Alternatives 2023

XnView Alternatives

Best Free XnView Alternatives  will be described in this article. Open Source XnView Alternatives 2023: XnView is one of the most widely used picture viewers and organizers on the planet. With the help of this free software, you may edit pictures in mass as opposed to one at a time.

XnView is a competent photo editor as well. However, it has never made an effort to outbid other picture editors on the market. Rather, its main goal is to help users with simple photo editing and file conversion (especially when done in large quantities).

Even if XnView is among the best, there are still certain things it could do better. For example, it doesn’t have a music feature for slideshows and can’t show images from a zipped folder. As a result, we have put up a list of XnView substitutes for your review. It would let you select the best tool for the job.

Top 10 Best Free XnView Alternatives 2023

In this article, you can know about Free XnView Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Let’s discuss the top-rated and finest XnView substitutes available in 2023. The industry standard for all things photography-related is Adobe. Lightroom is an editing tool as well as a photo-sharing and storing program.

To use the service, you must subscribe; the cost is determined by the amount of storage you require. Its main purpose is to prepare your photos for Instagram posting, in addition to preserving them!

Here are some potential applications for it:

Compared to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop is a more complicated image editor. Photoshop has been simplified into Lightroom.

Your cloud-based photo collection is not something XnView can handle, but Lightroom can. You are thus spared the need to keep your photos on a storage device.

Since that Adobe Lightroom is based on Photoshop, the most powerful photo producer and editor in the world, it also has more advanced editing features than XnView.

Lightroom lets you organize your images into categories. XnView doesn’t, though. For example, you can rate and flag your photos, and then use these tags to easily build albums with just a click.

2. IrfanView


Because it can do more than just view photographs, IrfanView is among the best substitutes for XnView. Among the things you can do with IrfanView are view images in a slideshow format, edit photos, and convert file types in bulk. Also check XnView Alternatives

Because of its more user-friendly interface, IrfanView is simpler to learn than XnView for Mac. However, IrfanView can scale images, just like XnView.

Those who detest using a mouse will find solace in the abundance of keyboard shortcuts available with this option.

IrfanView is a better option than XnView because it offers more preset options for scaling images. This capability is included in XnView, however it requires more flexibility than IrfanView.

For example, by clicking on the window itself, you can get the half and double options available in IrfanView’s picture resizing window. However, you have to choose your preferred % size by navigating the XnView “standard size” drop-down menu.

With the “effects” tool in this Linux XnView substitute, you may apply filters to an image, including emboss, edge detection, blur, 3D buttons, and more. This feature is also available in XnView. Its implementation could be more user-friendly than IrfanView’s, though.

3. PicResize


One of the first companies offering image resizing services is PicResize. You can use the internet to compress, rotate, and crop your photographs without needing to download an additional app.

One benefit of PicResize is that it is easily accessible. This program can be accessed from any computer because it is browser-based, unlike XnView, which needs to be installed on every device.

The services provided by PicResize are as follows:

When it comes to interfaces, PicResize is better than XnView. When using PicResize, you may find the experience to be intuitive because the features and controls are easy to find and understand.

Besides PC files, PicResize also lets you retrieve photographs from URLs. The fact that it cannot be used offline is its primary drawback.

This Mac version of XnView is a fast and easy-to-use picture editor for social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Its operations are rather simple, and it is not difficult to operate.

4. HoneyView


A lightweight image viewer with the ability to create slideshows is called HoneyView. Moreover, it has batch photo formatting, conversion, and scaling capabilities, just as XnView.

In GIFs, animated images, and JPG pictures, HoneyView can show the EXIF information. HoneyView has the advantage of being able to display compressed files without the need for decompression.

If you try to use XnView to view files from a zipped folder, an error will appear. You will receive an attention from the app saying that it is unable to identify the folder you are trying to access.

Moreover, HoneyView is compatible with stored images and graphics in comic book format, including manga. Because of this, HoneyView is far better than actual comic book reading software because it has more power and functionality to function as a comic book reader than XnView for Android.

Additionally, HoneyView can be set up to be more customized. For example, by clicking F5, you can change settings like window snapping, allowing multiple instances of the app, making it always show on top, etc.

5. Cyberlink Photos Director

Cyberlink Photos Director

Cyberlink, formerly a video-based company, is now a competitor in the market with a software package. For instance, the Picture Director can open and edit a variety of picture formats, making it an alternative to XnView.

Cyberlink’s artificial intelligence makes it better than XnView. For instance, after you tag a picture, the computer remembers who it is and uses what it has learnt to recognize all of the pictures that have the same subject.

Here are some more Cyberlink features that XnView does not have:

Suppose you annotated a photo of yourself on the AI with the name “Joe Smith.” The program can then look through all of your photos to find a picture of Joe Smith.

You can also use this tool to make corrections and restore any blurry areas in an image. For example, the program may use AI to sharpen hazy images, making it appear as though the shot was taken right from the beginning—something that XnView is unable to achieve. Also check Instagram Likes

6. FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer

On your PC, you need to install the FastStone picture browser, editor, and image viewer. It is comparable to XnView in terms of features.

Here are a few of FastStone’s features:

Because you can incorporate music into your slideshow, FastStone is a better option than XnView. XnView is unable to accomplish it. With FastStone, all it takes to create a slideshow is clicking a button to choose a track.

Another feature that sets FastStone apart from XnView is the ability to comment and draw on photos. XnView Classic is not capable of this. Instead, you need to get the most recent version of XnViewMP or download an add-on utility.

The slideshow function in XnView is also rather constrained. For instance, the only effects that can be used while generating a slideshow are crossfading, all effects, or none at all. However, FastStone offers more than 150 effects to enhance the impact of your slideshow.

7. PhotoScape X

PhotoScape X

Photoscape X is primarily used by people on social media as a photo editor. Its main function is to improve images.

Some of its features are listed below:

Because PhotoScape offers more editing tools than XnView, it is superior. Furthermore, it provides its customers with more options than merely cropping and resizing.

You have the ability to add text, create a mosaic out of your photos, merge two into one, and even draw on them.

PhotoScape can do online face search, something that XnView cannot. You can use PhotoScape to search the internet for images that resemble your own. It’s also an excellent tool for tracking down those who have infringed your copyright.

The splitter function in PhotoScape is another amazing feature that it does superbly. It splits your photo into parts that are the same size, just as in a jigsaw, and doesn’t require any programming.

If you want to undertake editing that goes beyond cropping and color grading, PhotoScape X is a great alternative to XnView. If artistic work is one of your goals, PhotoScape X is what you need.

8. Zoner Photo Studio X

Zoner Photo Studio X

Zoner has existed from the dawn of time, just like XnView. It is an alternative to XnView for software that edits, annotates, and organizes photos.

The ability to create photo albums using templates is exclusive to Zoner. You may select the album to store your photos to after viewing and batch processing, and if you’d like, you can even make collages out of them.

Zoner also facilitates mailing and printing. Once your photos have been edited, you can order a printout, in which case the image will be printed and mailed.

There is no need for an import process using Zoner. Rather, it lets you open any app file and organize it.

Moreover, Zoner is capable of automatically renaming photos, something that XnView is not. With the help of this feature, Zoner can automatically create folders from photographs it detects straight from your camera.

Both the backup and tagging procedures can be carried out automatically in Zoner. However, bulk tagging in XnView needs to be done by hand.

9. Corel AfterShot Pro 3

Corel AfterShot Pro 3

Because it can be used for non-destructive photo editing, AfterShot Pro 3 is a better choice than XnView, and Corel is a fierce rival of Adobe. Furthermore, AfterShot Pro 3 is an upgrade over its predecessors, with additional features.

Aftershot 3’s primary function is to review, categorize, and arrange images. It is therefore practical for photographers who have thousands of images to organize.

The application can be used to modify photographs, just like XnView. But unlike XnView, you can make more substantial edits to photographs with AfterShot’s brush tools. They can even have flaws removed from them.

Similar to XnView, this tool doesn’t work like Photoshop because major modifications aren’t possible. But its user interface is better than XnView’s.

Another bonus is that Corel AfterShot Pro 3 works well as an interface with Photoshop. Before importing your RAW photos into Photoshop for more involved editing, you can use AfterShot to batch process them. XnView is a viewer, not a photo editor, hence it is unable to accomplish this.

10. MAGIX Photo Manager

MAGIX Photo Manager

MAGIX Picture Manager is an online photo organizer, editor, and viewer. It is a capable and affordable substitute for XnView because it is devoid of various features. Its user interface is straightforward to understand and use, and its contemporary design makes it enjoyable to use.

It has artificial intelligence, something that XnView does not. The AI recognizes faces in your collection, so it’s simple to access or see any picture from within your files that meets the parameters you choose.

Like with XnView, you can edit images, view RAW photos from your camera, and make presentations. In contrast to XnView, MAGIX lets you post your photos straight to your social media accounts.

You can import images from other cloud-based applications using the cloud-importing technique. From this screen, you can combine imported images with files stored locally on a hard drive or another device.

It is also possible to upload photos straight from your mobile device to your cloud storage account, without first transferring them to your computer for editing or viewing.


Of these, IrfanView is by far the best option. It provides everything XnView does, plus more. It is not as sophisticated in AI as Cyberlink and other paid software programs, but it still lets you swiftly edit a lot of photos.

IrfanView can rival XnView and is also brimming with editing features. However, as the most of the premium picture viewers on our list are billed on a monthly basis, we advise budgeting for a monthly membership if you need more features.

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