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How To Get More Instagram Likes On Your Images & Videos

Instagram likes

Ways To Get More Instagram Likes will be will be described in this article. Do you want to know how to increase the number of tastes on your Instagram posts? Continue reading.

Businesses are becoming more concerned about whether Instagram likes are still important now that users may hide the number of likes on their pictures.”

How To Get More Instagram Likes On Your Images & Videos

In this article, you can know about How To Get More Instagram Likes On Your Images & Videos here are the details below;

Yes, obtaining more Instagram likes is one of the criteria that will help you rank on the Explore page and develop social proof for your brand. It does indicate increased traffic and engagement for your brand.

You’ll discover 11 doable tactics in this article to encourage your readers to double-tap on your content.

Why are likes on Instagram important?

Why are likes on Instagram important

The majority of people use their followers’ numbers to gauge their Instagram performance. However, an increasing number of individuals today purchase bogus Instagram followers. Engagement has become even more crucial as a result of the awareness of this among your potential partners, businesses, and even your audience.

Even Instagram acknowledges the value of Instagram likes. Instagram notes that Likes, among other metrics, are what they take into account to categorize material for what each user may like to view on their feed in a lengthy piece on “How Instagram Works”.

Why are Instagram likes so crucial, then?

The solution is straightforward: daily engagement with an Instagram account, such as liking your material, tells Instagram’s algorithm that the audience is interested in what you’re posting. And as a result, your content are directly ranked higher in their feed.

Additionally, how do you comprehend the material that your audience enjoys the most?

One indicator that gives you a good notion of your best-performing content is Instagram likes. You can adjust your content strategy and post types once you know what is and is not working.

What transpires once someone discovers your brand? How can a person trust your business when there are millions of Instagram profiles that seem the same? Engagement is a crucial element. The social evidence for your brand is stronger the more likes you have on Instagram.

Likes not only have concrete advantages like establishing social proof, but they also help your article rank higher in the explore area, drawing more traffic to your website and possibly boosting conversion rates as well.

11 easy techniques to increase Instagram likes

How precisely do you get Instagram likes for your account now that we’ve established their significance? You can utilize the practical tactics listed below to boost the digit of likes on your Instagram posts.

Publish your Instagram posts at the right time

Publish your Instagram posts at the right time

Why is time such a crucial factor when publishing on Instagram?

The Instagram algorithm has the solution. Instagram does not picture posts in chronological order, but its algorithm does prioritize recency. Additionally, it’s not just about how many likes you get; it’s also about how quickly you get them. Because of this, it’s critical to identify the ideal posting window and schedule Instagram posts so that you never miss it.

You need to have thorough audience insights to decide when to post on Instagram. Ask yourself things like, “When is it more probable that my audience will see this post?”, and “When do your postings receive the greatest interaction?”

Guesswork can only be used so far, though. It’s preferable to enlist the aid of a trustworthy and reasonably priced program like Pallyy to handle the challenging issue of determining the ideal moment to post on Instagram. To determine the ideal time to post expressly for engagement, you can modify the program.

The key to scheduling Instagram posts at the appropriate times will be to understand your audience’s demographics, such as geography and gender, if you’d rather do it yourself. For instance, scheduling your postings for when the locals in your area are most active might work better than choosing worldwide time periods if you were running a local shop or restaurant.

You can use Instagram Analytics with that. To assist you in better understanding your audience, an entire section has been devoted to audience insights. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Navigate to “Insights”.

Step 2: Select the “Audience” tab.

Step 3: Go to “Followers” by scrolling down.

Step 4: Double-tap to find out when your audience is most engaged during the day.

Step 5: Change it to “Days” to learn which day of the week is most suitable for you to post.

Note: Only business accounts are eligible to use Instagram Analytics. To access the priceless audience analytics, upgrade to a Business Account.

SproutSocial has listed the ideal Instagram posting timings below.

One SproutSocial

It’s time to plan your posts in advance when you’ve determined when to post on your page. You relieve a lot of worry by scheduling the postings so that you never miss the ideal time or day. This makes it possible for the content to gain more momentum because it guarantees you receive the greatest engagement within the first few hours.

You can once more use a program like Pallyy to schedule Instagram posts. You can also see what your feed will look like when the planned posts have been made. With the help of this function, you may check to see if your branding is consistent.

Smart use of Hashtag

Smart use of Hashtag

Utilizing relevant hashtags for your brand and industry is one of the simplest ways to stand out on Instagram. Given the reach that hashtags offer, you could be tempted to utilize a number of well-liked hashtags that are already very popular. However, if you do this, your posts could quickly disappear among others.

A wise tactic would be to mix the use of popular hashtags with less well-known ones that have a specific audience. Several methods are listed below for finding relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts:

Analyze your competition to see which hashtags they are utilizing. You may get a solid idea of what’s popular in the market from it. The hashtags you use don’t have to be identical. You can look for alternate hashtags based on your analysis if you don’t want to compete for the same users’ attention. These tools for studying competitors will be useful.

Analyze the kinds of Instagram posts that your target audience is making. It can help you determine the hashtags they are most interested in. You can compile a list of hashtags on an Excel sheet and determine which hashtag your audience uses the most.

Related hashtags – Once you have determined the subjects for your material, use the Instagram Search to locate the popular hashtags. Select “Tags” from the drop-down menu that appears after searching for your main term. If your term is travel, for instance, search for it and then click the “Tags” option to view the associated hashtags.

Analysis of industry leaders – Although they may not be your direct competition, influencers and other industry leaders can be a gold mine for your brand because they share the similar target demographic. By paying attention to your audience’s interests, you can locate the most well-known influencers (and micro-influencers). Analyze the hashtags they are using after that.

Although you are allowed to use up to 30 hashtags, most users tend to agree that 11 is the ideal number when it comes to captions.

Analyzing Analytics to find what works (and do more of it)

Evaluation of your performance is a crucial component of Instagram growth. It enables you to comprehend what is (and is not) working. Perhaps posts with brief captions receive more likes, or perhaps your clips gain more traction. You can adjust your Instagram approach to concentrate more on what’s effective for your brand based on the performance.

Utilize Instagram Analytics to gain detailed information on the effectiveness of your posts. Analytics tracks a wide range of metrics for you. The meaning of each metric for your account is explained as follows:


You can get all the information you could possibly need about your audience under the “Audience” page. Here is how you can use the information to increase Likes on your Instagram pictures, taking into account their location and demographics:

Follower growth – In this area, you’ll see a breakdown of your follower count. Use it to identify any sudden increases in followers and identify the particular article kinds that sped up your growth.

Demographics – Knowing the age and gender of your audience will help you make more interesting articles and captions. Create relatable memes and GIFs, for instance, if your audience is younger. This can be used to determine whether you’re reaching the proper folks or whether your following has been diluted.

Top locations and active hours – You can post at a better time based on the locations and active hours of your audience. Additionally, if a large portion of your audience is in a specific area, you can speak to current happenings there.


The “Activity” page displays how others are interacting with you. The following measurements in this section are crucial:

Discovery – It’s critical to consider how your audience finds you. This portion also enables you to determine whether or not your audience is paying attention to you. For instance, you can be using the incorrect set of hashtags and focusing on the wrong demographic if your posts are gaining impressions but no followers or engagement.

Content – You can examine what kinds of postings are effective for you in the “Content” area. By post type (reel, photo, or video) and metrics like likes, comments, clicks, engagement rate, and impressions, you may filter your posts. Filter your results by “Likes” or “Comments” to study the posts that have received the most involvement. Try to spot a pattern so you can apply it to your upcoming postings.

Sounds challenging? It is!

However, it’s also the key to your Instagram growth. Use social media analytics tools like Pallyy to get a better understanding of the metrics at a deeper level and what they signify for your brand.

Use Geotags

Location tags (also known as Geotags) increase the number of people who see your postings by bringing them to their attention. By including location, you can attract readers who are searching in and around the area for a particular item.

Increasing views will result in more likes and perhaps even more followers for your Instagram page if you keep the quality of your posts up.

To add location tags to your posts, select “Add Location” while posting. For greater exposure, you may also include a location sticker in your Instagram Stories.

Run an Instagram giveaway

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a free item or a complimentary one-month subscription?

When launching an Instagram giveaway, many firms see an increase in engagement. Giveaways can expand your audience and improve engagement. For instance, Coconut Bowls was able to gain 37,000 followers and more than 41,000 leads by simply running a contest.

How to run a giveaway if you’re a small business:

You don’t need a sizable fan base to run a giveaway. Even if you presently have a modest following, you can use the following advice to conduct a contest.

Partner with brands in your industry

When you run a small business, you may not want to offer too many freebies. Partnering with a company in your field is a smart strategy to handle this.

Does this imply working together with a rival? No, not always.

Here is an illustration of how kwhbridal collaborated with a bridal jewelry retailer to start a giveaway:

Giveaway your new products

You might arrange a giveaway for your new products rather than your priciest and best-selling ones. Additionally, you can acquire product reviews from those who win the freebies, which aids in the new product’s market penetration.

Conduct a contest

You can design a competition in which participants must actively participate to win. It might be as easy as asking them to share images of themselves using your product or as complex as creating a new catchphrase for a future product. It would be a fun approach to involve your audience and raise engagement on your posts, and it would help you get user-generated content (UGC).

But how can you ensure that your giveaway is producing the desired engagement while also improving results? Furthermore, how do you ensure that the contests are being run properly?

Making use of a giveaway app like SweepWidget might be a wise move. By doing this, you ensure that the proper demographics are reached and that engagement levels are raised. You can design a giveaway from scratch with SweepWidget. You can alter the widget’s look and feel, entry types like “like,” “follow,” and “tag a friend,” as well as how easy you integrate it on your website.

Follow trends and make use of trending memes

Memes and trends have the potential to be a terrific tool for increasing engagement for your content when used wisely. They are more engaging for the viewer since they are relatable and interesting. For instance, a meme rose to such fame that the White House even employed it in its campaign for immigration reform. That is how effective meme marketing is.

How to adopt this in your Instagram strategy

With the following steps, you can quickly start incorporating trends in your posts:

Follow the viral trends that your audience follows

This relates to knowing your audience again. Maybe all your audience is talking about right now is a new television show or a new look in fashion. Here’s how Squid Game, the most recent drama series on Netflix, inspired a number of memes:

Place your products strategically

Use memes to promote your items instead of your standard branded product content to give your content a clever or hilarious flair.

Create a community with the help of memes

BarkBox shares heartwarming memes with their audience that appeal to their shared love of dogs:

Take inspiration from other Instagram accounts

Examine the best-performing pieces from different niches in addition to your direct competition. By doing this, you may make your brand stand out from those of your rivals.

Simply checking up popular businesses online or searching for hot hashtags will help you uncover these accounts. For instance, Glossier uses a straightforward decision tree strategy to assist its consumers in selecting the finest product from among those offered.

Take note of how other people behave differently. Are they regularly experimenting with new media or posing intriguing questions in the caption? You can also include the trend in your posts based on your study. For instance, you might see this post and decide to test out Instagram TV (IGTV):

Write engaging captions

Don’t forget to tailor your captions for your audience when producing captivating visuals. The average Instagram caption length has doubled since 2016, according to data by Fohr. When companies and creators used long-form captions to engage and connect with their audience, that grew to be one of the greatest trends in 2020.

The caption has the ability to entice readers to click through to your posts. You will have a better chance of receiving a double-tap from them if they are more involved.

How to come up with great captions

Make sure your Instagram captions are tailored to your specific demographic while composing them. You can experiment with your caption in the following ways:

Use narrative to its full potential to engage your audience on an emotional level.

Make the most of the first sentence: The reader will decide whether or not to continue reading your Instagram post based on the first sentence. To pique their attention in your message, you can either pose a question or speak to their problem.

Include a call to action — Interesting captions alone won’t get the conversation going with your audience further. Your caption should end with a call to action, such an engaging question that your audience can answer. Say “Do you agree? ” at the conclusion of your caption, for instance.and invite your fans to share their thoughts in the comments. If they concur, you can also ask them directly to “like” the post. This will directly affect how many people like your content.

Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience

Engaging with your audience will help you not only get more likes but also forge real connections. Therefore, regardless of the Instagram algorithm, the contact with your audience will have a big impact on the success of your brand on Instagram.

Within the first 30 to 60 minutes of releasing a post, make sure to respond to comments on it. The number of comments on your post doubles for this reason. Additionally, the first hour’s engagement rate will raise your post, increasing the number of likes you receive.

Additionally, demonstrate to your fans that you are a real person and not just a faceless brand. You should publish behind-the-scenes information, participate in Instagram stories by posing queries and conducting polls, and even post images of your team at work producing content for your fans.

Leverage Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are chronological, as opposed to feed postings, thus your chances of reaching more people through Stories are higher.

Then, you may strategically use Instagram Stories to increase traffic to your original feed post. Discover intriguing methods to tease your Story post. For instance, you may include GIFs or stickers to your post to pique the interest of your followers. Also check What Is Instagram Ads And Its Benefits

Instagram stories, as we said in our earlier plan, are a fantastic method to interact with your audience. You can pose questions, make polls or quizzes, provide special mentions to particular followers, and more.

Engage with other Instagram accounts

As crucial as engaging with your followers is engaging with other accounts.

They notice your efforts and see that you support them when you routinely respond to other users’ posts. This modest act motivates that individual to visit your Instagram account and leave a few likes in return.

Since Instagram wants to know that you’re a real person who uses the platform appropriately, engaging with others raises your ranking in the algorithm.

Reminder: Don’t spam “Like for Like” in order to get more likes. If you use the “Like for Like” method, you won’t obtain any real Instagram followers. Instead of leaving the same remark on someone’s post every day, keep in mind that genuine comments will function the best.

Grow your page with more instagram like

Grow your page with more instagram like

Although it’s simple to purchase phony likes and follows, doing so won’t help your business gain conversions or a genuine following. So, give getting more Instagram likes the proper attention a top priority.

Your business will flourish thanks to Likes and interaction, but don’t stop there. For your brand, conversions are equally crucial. Utilize these Link In Bio methods to increase conversion once your engagement rate has stabilized.

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