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10 Best IVR Software for Small and Medium Businesses

ivr software

This post will explain ivr software. Have you ever called a company’s customer service hotline to obtain assistance with a problem, and a pre-recorded professional voice greeted you and instructed you to choose an option from a menu? An IVR is the software that plays the pre-recorded message and accepts your input.

When a consumer phones your company with a question or to request business-related information, IVR software welcomes them, gives them a menu of alternatives to choose from, and records their selection.

Following the caller’s selection, the software takes additional actions based on what the user has chosen using their mobile keypad or voice answer. Therefore, it would be accurate to claim that the IVR is controlled by the client, which is why they perceive it as valuable. Depending on what they require, the IVR can provide them with pre-recorded information or redirect their calls to a member of the support staff if the problem is complicated and they need more help.

Interactive voice response software advantages (IVR) in the long term, choosing IVR software might be beneficial for your company. Here’s how: Boost your business’s customer service. Since more than half of support calls are unneeded, IVR software ensures that not all calls are forwarded to live employees immediately.

10 Best IVR Software for Small and Medium Businesses

In this article, you can know about ivr software here are the details below;

Additionally, you can keep a record of information about your business, such as its hours of operation, location, and more, that clients commonly ask about. As a result, the support crew can attend to important inquiries, and calls requesting such information can be handled by pre-recorded messages.

Popular IVRs contain a self-routing function that allows users to choose between speaking to a live person and listening to pre-recorded material. Boost your company’s lead conversion rates. IVR software makes it easier and faster for you to attract new customers than it would be otherwise because it increases employee productivity and improves your business’s rapport with its clientele.

The essential IVR use cases, such as Multi-level IVR, Automatic rooting, Voicemail tool, and Forward-to-Phone use case, can be handled by an advanced IVR. With reference to these use cases, the IVR may address consumer concerns and increase lead conversion for their company.

Let’s look at an example: When you transfer your customer’s call to a knowledgeable agent who is prepared with a list of all the problems he has previously had, he will realise that the business appreciates him and will begin to trust you.

Additionally, he will still have the choice of self-service or leaving his inquiry as a voice message that can be answered by your team later if your support team is not immediately accessible. Keeping customers, making the most of your time, and making money Being effective will help you save time and money over time. Customer service departments must reduce the average amount of time spent answering customers’ questions in this fast-paced world.

Any angry consumer would not like to be kept waiting, and there is a bigger likelihood that they will not buy anything. They might even decide to abandon you and patronise one of your rival businesses that emphasise “customer-oriented” service if things continue to grow worse. IVR software can reduce the length of a call by up to 40% on average. Your customer service personnel will be able to help clients, answer their questions, and confirm transactions much more quickly in this method.

Implementing a real-time live chat function or automatic routing option will help you reach these objectives. As you can see, quicker query resolution time is the deciding factor in this case. Additionally, handling transactions more quickly will increase your company’s profit, and failing to do so may cause customers to think twice. A happy consumer will also probably use more of your services in the future, which will help your business.

We’ve compiled a list of the top IVR programmes that can boost customer service agents’ productivity and benefit your company in this roundup.

1. Aircall


The sales and customer support teams may streamline and manage customer contacts with the help of the cloud-based platform Aircall. It enables users to easily establish a clear communication line with their clients in more than 100 different countries. Also check Amazon PPC software

In order to manage the after-sales calls, it is developed for small and medium-sized organisations to integrate IVR features within the client relationship management (CRM) and the helpdesk software.

Voicemail, queueing, recording, shared call inbox functionality, contact management, instant messaging, conference calling, software pairing, call recording, automatic emailing, assigning, tagging, and adding comments are just a few of the cutting-edge capabilities that Aircall offers. The personnel can also be categorised according to their roles, locations, and specialties. This function facilitates the creation of corporate strategy and enhances teamwork and communication abilities.

Additionally, you receive phone numbers that allow you to make calls from anywhere and even access the live feed while on the phone. Salesforce, Zendesk, Pipedrive, and Slack are a few notable examples of third-party software that Aircall can expertly interface with.

The monthly cost for the Essentials package of Aircall’s flexible voice solution package is $30, while the monthly cost for the Professional package is $50, both of which are payable annually. Before buying the software, you may also take a live demo and use it for free.

2. CloudTalk


The use of CloudTalk is a great way to boost sales for your company and develop the expertise of your support staff. The IVR tool is simple and easy to use. It can greatly improve the effectiveness of teams in startups, scaleup businesses, small and medium enterprises, and other eCommerce businesses, as well as the customer experience.

CloudTalk offers more than 50 cutting-edge calling capabilities, including call queuing, internal calls, phone number tagging, personalised messages, greetings, call masking, 3-way calling, and more, to help achieve its objective.

Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Intercom, and other eCommerce systems are just a few examples of third-party business solutions that CloudTalk can smoothly interface with. The companies are able to give their clients the assistance they need and significantly raise their profit thanks to this user-centered software. This is another IVR Software alternative.

The following are some of CloudTalk’s features:

Starting at USD 25, USD 30, and USD 50 per user every month, respectively, Cloudtalk offers three premium packages: Starter, Essential, and Expert. Before choosing one of the aforementioned subscriptions, you may join up for a 14-day free trial to try out the software.

3. Freshdesk


The cloud-based IVR software Freshdesk, formerly known as Freshworks, helps small and medium businesses engage with their customers in the multiple cost-effective way possible.

The user-friendly interface, which is well-liked in more than 90 countries, enables SMEs to set up their virtual call centre with only a few clicks and without investing any money in phone hardware. Via the API, Freshdesk can link with a variety of CRM and helpdesk programmes, allowing the support teams to collaborate without interfering with workflow.

Customers can communicate with the support team via their PCs, laptops, and even Android and iOS phones thanks to Freshdesk. The group can work remotely while being tightly connected in this way. The supervisors can learn more about the customer’s needs and the performance of their personnel in real-time thanks to the tool’s comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Following are a few of Freshdesk’s distinctive features:

To fulfil the needs of various business levels, this cutting-edge and reliable IVR software offers four premium subscriptions, with the lowest starting at USD 13. Before choosing one of these programmes, you can register for a free trial that lasts for 21 days.

4. SimplyCall


One of the quickest yet easiest IVR systems, Justcall serves as the foundation of your company’s customer service division. With this software, all you need is a quick internet connection; there are no stringent hardware requirements. JustCall offers a lot of customization options, and your company may build up an easy-to-use IVR system to record consumer inputs as digits. This is another IVR Software alternative.

Additionally, calls can be forwarded straight to the relevant department.

It’s simple to set up this IVR; you can either port your current phone number or get a new one, and you can configure customer assistance for more than 70 nations. Additionally, you may combine JustCall with your company’s helpdesk and CRM to boost your customer service division.

These are some of the standout characteristics:

Three paid versions of JustCall are available, including Standard ($25 per user, per month), Premium ($50 per user, per month), and an Business package that can be customised to meet your needs.

5. Twilio


Twilio is a potent customer interaction tool that opens the door for improved corporate communication. It makes use of channel APIs, deployable serverless tools, completely programmable solutions, and other tools to integrate phone, VoIP, and messaging features into your company’s website, desktop application, and mobile app. Also check tutoring software

Twilio creates a very sophisticated communication structure without the usage of complicated telecommunications technologies by utilising the widely used cloud API.

The capacity of Twilio to scale itself according to the demands of your company is its most outstanding feature. Twilio only charges you for what you use; there are no recurring fees, and you may upgrade your premium plan as your business grows.

More than 220,000 companies around the world, including more than 10 million engineers, claim that Twilio has improved their customer engagement processes. The most often utilised application scenarios for Twilio, which is trusted in more than 180 countries, include SMS marketing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, escalations, and contact centres.

The following are Twilio’s strong points:

Twilio adheres to the pay-as-you-go pricing model, so it ensures that you won’t be shackled by obligations. It provides more than fifteen pricing options that you can modify to suit your requirements.

6. Zendesk


The Zendesk online customer portal was created specifically to improve the way that businesses interact with their clients. It provides robust and adaptable customer service and engagement products that may meet the needs of any organisation. By aiding clients in more than 60 languages, Zendesk continuously improves business communication channels.

All the tools needed for customer communication are included in the dynamic interface, including web widgets, ticket response templates, and the history of client complaints.

Automated support technologies can expertly serve consumers as soon as they ask for assistance. Additionally, Zendesk offers live chat analytics that reveal information about client happiness and the effectiveness of your support staff. A further noteworthy capability of Zendesk is its capacity to develop a knowledge base that keeps track of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and offers a list of them so that users can read them before raising their issue in general. The front-end interface is quite adaptable and has no trouble integrating with other programmes like Google Analytics and Salesforce. This is another IVR Software alternative.

The following are some of Zendesk’s main advantages:

The Support Only plans for Zendesk start at USD 19 per agent per month, while the Suite Team plans cost USD 49 per agent per month. Before purchasing a package that meets your needs, you can also join up for a free trial.

7. Nuance


Conversational inbound telephone queries are managed with the use of Nuance Conversational IVR. Nuance is able to predict the demands of the users and even welcomes them with customised messages. Additionally, it encourages clients to start using self-service, giving them access to the information they require.

The ability of this IVR software to swiftly alter the conversation style based on the context of the talks is another outstanding feature that drew my attention. Additionally, Nuance can be set up to respond to simple questions using the knowledge base, freeing up the support staff to handle more difficult problems from clients.

The following are some potential advantages of using Nuance’s IVR software:

IVR programmes from Nuance can be tailored based on the requirements of your business. To obtain quotations, you must get in touch with them.

8. Five9


Over 2000 businesses worldwide benefit from Five9, a cloud-based full call centre solution. Utilizing AI, it provides a number of technologies, including automatic call distribution (ACD), predictive dialer, progressive dialer, social customer support, inbound and outbound call management, and others. This is another IVR Software alternative.

Using the best automated solutions lessens the workload of the live agents, provides a higher level of customer service, and lowers the overall cost of providing that service. Five9 gives contact centres access to the promise of AI while managing calls that last more than five billion minutes yearly. It works hard to support its customers in giving their consumers a better overall experience. Your support team can avoid busy signals and unanswered calls thanks to the advanced tools it is equipped with, such as four separate smart diallers, which significantly reduces the amount of time they spend waiting.

The calls can be automatically sent to the desired agents by the routing system. Additionally, Five9 extracts data about the caller and his prior problems. That makes it easier for the call agents to know what to do next. In order to improve the customer experience across all communication channels, including phone, chat, mobile, email, social media, and more, it also promotes self-service among callers. Additionally, the dynamic dashboards track historical as well as current metrics and reports.

These are the main advantages of utilising this IVR software:

Based on several variables, like the quantity of agents and product types, Five9 cost varies substantially. You must speak with them directly to request a personalised price quote for your company.

9. NICE in Contact CXone

NICE in Contact CXone

PERFECT inContact A firm may manage client contact across a variety of channels with the help of the great cloud-based IVR platform CXone, including inbound and outgoing phone calls, email, voicemail, chat, social media, and more. Numerous cutting-edge features, like omnichannel routing, workforce optimization, automatic call distribution (ACD), and interactive voice response (IVR) software, are available with this call centre software. This is another IVR Software alternative. Also check facility management software

NICE inContact is a comprehensive call centre solution that includes a number of features for handling incoming support queries, boosting sales leads, and lowering client retention costs. NICE inContact CXone not only includes tools for customer interaction, but it also has a number of capabilities that can help you make the most of your staff. These consist of workforce management, hiring, and e-learning options.

The automated dialer tool designed specifically for blended call centres is one of this IVR’s noteworthy features. It is capable of a variety of tasks, including call mixing, message lay-down dialling, call suppression, and automatic dialling. Additionally, it is simple to interface with popular CRM programmes like Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud.

The following are some advantages of NICE inContact CXone software:

PERFECT inContact A free trial of CXone’s IVR software is available. You must get in touch with them to seek a price if you’re interested in buying their software to automate your customer service division.

 10. MyOperator


The effective web-based call centre management software MyOperator aids in the management of both incoming and outgoing calls. MyOperator, which is trusted by more than 6000 brands globally, has a number of cutting-edge features that are hard to find elsewhere. This is another IVR Software alternative.

You can test out MyOperator’s IVR system for three days. The monthly fee for the software’s premium edition is USD 33. To keep your brand voice, you can either choose a toll-free number, or you can use a mobile number that makes call handling simpler.


In order to handle client engagement across many channels and platforms, your company’s support staff needs interactive voice response software. Select the option that best fulfils your needs and falls inside your price range. A virtual phone number for your company and call tracking software for marketing and sales may also be of interest to you. Considering hiring a virtual assistant? Check out the virtual assistants available on these platforms for your company.

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