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Link Building SEO Strategies

Link Building SEO Strategies

This post will explain link building seo strategies. When it comes to rankings of websites on Google there are many factors that determine the ranking and link building is one of the important factors which you can’t ignore if you want your website to excel.

Link Building SEO Strategies

In this article, you can know about Link Building SEO Strategies here are the details below;

So what is actually Link Building?

Link Building is a strategy for SEO that involves getting websites linked to other websites through a hyperlink. A hyperlink is a link that leads to another web page. Many times, you must have seen blogs where you see a particular word or name is shown and when you move your cursor it leads to another page and these are hyperlinks.

Why Link Building is Important?

These hyperlinks which redirect readers or viewers to your website increases your traffic and as well as help you to rank better on Google rankings. The more quality websites link towards your, the more are the chances of you to get better ranking.

Although Link building might sound to be a very difficult and time-consuming process, given the fact it comes under the top 3 factors determining your website ranking it is a process worth every penny.

Other than this hyperlink mention also gives any business to connect to it’s a community and alike businesses as well as increases the credibility of the business and its the website. Since these hyperlinks are connected to similar websites, it brings in very targeted customers who have landed your page through another website while searching similar content.

Best Tactics to improve Link Building:

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Broken Link Building: This tactic is one of the easiest to begin your link building with and has been a successful one for the majority of users.  This method includes finding important web pages in your industry that could connect out to you and that have broken outbound connections. You can connect and suggest that the messed up interface is refreshed to link to an important bit of content or page on your site. This can be done by keeping a track of backlinks of websites that are relevant to your content. Also check  link building tools

Unlinked Brand Mentions: Many times businesses get featured in the press and this might be un-intended efforts from the brand or sometimes hard work of the PR team or agency. Whenever somebody mentions your brand on their blog news portal they usually provide a link to the website or the relevant web page the feature is talking about. The trick in this tactic is first to get mentions on different websites not for promotion but as a part of news and secondly to keep a tight check on whether you have been hyperlinked or not whenever somebody is writing about you on the web. This way you can always contact the respective website to give you a mention.

link building strategies

Claiming back lost and broken links: a lot many times the hyperlinks get broken due to various reasons like updation of the web page or the page itself becoming error 404 which means that it can possibly make your page error 404 too. In this situation, you can first contact that website and ask for adding the link again so as it starts working properly and in the case of error 404 you can either update the page again or redirect the link to the relevant webpage. Also check  rank tracking tools

Link Repositioning: This is a technique that is most under-rated of all the tactics but a very efficient one. Link repositioning means changing the address of any hyperlink to a more relevant page on your website. What happens usually is when a website if linking to your web page they often tend to do it on your homepage but instead of getting a link on the homepage you can get it on a specific page on the website which you want the customer to visit. This is a very good technique if you are willing to promote a product or a specific service on your website as it takes the customer directly to the page you want them to visit increasing the chance of sale or possible contact.

Supplier links: If you are running a business where you are selling products of a manufacturer and not your own, your supplier will provide a link to all the retailers and these links will bring you customers that are genuine and will increase your ranking too. This means that you must get your website link on the page where your supplier mentions all the retailers to get more traffic on your website.

Links from Associations: Many businesses are often members of many associations or have a membership of different societies and you can get a mention on their website with a link to your page. For example, a law firm whose lawyers are members of the Bar Association can get their website mentioned on the Association’s website which makes the link very relevant and increases the ranking of the website more.

Use Reverse Image Search tool to take credit: Google Reverse Image is a tool that can be used to search where a particular image was published first and where else it has been published thereafter. The tool is popularly used to debunk fake news but in your case, you can use it to see where the images are of your own copyrighted work and ask the owner to provide you with credit, this also provides your work authenticity and due credit.

Links from Q & A Platforms: There are many websites such as Quora or Reddit that have platforms where people can provide relevant information about different topics. These outlets can be a great way to promote your own services and products. But it’s important to understand that these platforms work on relevant information and you must push your link only when you can promote while giving value to the platform and not violating any rules and regulations.

Guest Blogging: The strategy stays an extraordinary method to procure links as it is drawn closer in the correct manner and that you comprehend it’s anything but a strategy that will scale up hugely. This means you write as a guest on any website and they provide you with a link on the Author’s credit where you can provide relevant information and people can reach out to you.

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