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16 Best Payday Loan Apps In 2023

payday loan apps

This post will explain payday loan apps. If you ever feel like you have too much money left over, you are not alone. You are not alone if you occasionally find it difficult to make ends meet. This is one of the reasons why payday loans are so widespread in this country. These payday loans promise to be an easy and quick way to cover expenses until your next payment. But as time passes, they merely make matters worse for you by adding a large interest charge to all of your prior loans.

16 Best Payday Loan Apps In 2023

In this article, you can know about payday loan apps here are the details below;

Thanks to modern technology, there is now a better choice. A handful of well-known personal finance apps can help you get from one payday to the next by giving you access to your money a few days early. In this method, you can get the cash to cover the cost of the repair if your car battery dies in the midst of the week without having to pay a lot in interest or fees.

How Payday Loan Apps Work

The service offered by these apps isn’t truly a loan. a portion of your pay advance. In other words, it’s a method for receiving payment a little bit early for work that has already been completed.

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Even if it may be a few more days before your next paycheck, a payday advance app will compensate you for some of the labour you’ve already done this week. For instance, the app deposits $100 into your bank account as the amount you need to borrow, and then promptly deducts $100 from your upcoming salary to settle the loan.

With one key distinction from a payday loan: There is no interest. When you receive your paycheck, only the $100 that you actually received—not the additional $15 or more in interest—is deducted. Tips and membership fees are two more sources of income for the developers of the apps.

However, the lack of interest does not mean that there aren’t any disadvantages. You keep taking money out of your next paycheck, leaving yourself with even less to meet all of your responsibilities. Many folks end up taking additional advances both before and after their next payday as a result of this. You soon find yourself caught in a cycle. You are always falling behind and depend on the improvements made to the app to get you through the month.

Obtaining a paycheck advance is only a short-term fix. Because of this, your meagre salary doesn’t go any further this month than it did last month. Use it to receive the quick money you require to pay a sudden one-time expense. It’s time to either improve your income or tighten your budget by one or two notches if you consistently fall behind.

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Optimal Payday Loan Apps

Some apps for payday loans just let you access your money sooner. But most of them have more advanced features. Numerous apps provide online banking, cash-back shopping, online investing, and tools for companies to manage their workforces.

1. Albert


For a narrow time, earn $150 when you use your Albert debit card and receive a qualifying direct deposit.

You can borrow up to $250 from your upcoming paycheck using a cash advance feature in Albert’s mobile-first banking software without incurring any fees or interest.

Albert Instant is free to use, but you can pay a little fee to get your money right instantly rather than waiting two to three business days.

Additionally serving as de facto overdraft protection is Albert Instant. No topic how you use it, there are never any unstated costs or credit checks, not even a minor enquiry. When your next paycheck arrives, simply reimburse Albert for the advance, and then continue. Also check money making apps

Albert also has the following merits that are worth noting:

Get up to 20% in instant cash back with your debit card on eligible transactions.

Automated savings according to your schedule and needs

For guided or DIY investing, pick your own stocks and topics, or let Albert handle it for you.

Low balances are exempt from commissions and fees.

Never pay any hidden fees; only what you consider to be fair.

2. Empower


Empower offers advances up to $250* with no interest. No late fees and no credit checks are applied. You have the option of receiving the funds for free on your Empower Card or paying a modest fee to have them quickly delivered to your outside bank account.

But Empower provides more features than only payroll advance. Your specific advantages from the Empower Card include:

Boost Benefits Get up to 10% cash back** on the places and products where you already make purchases. When shopping at participating businesses, use your Empower Card to select the bargains you want from the app.

The early deposit of checks. You can get your money up to two days sooner by having it deposited into your Empower Card account thanks to a feature that differs from the payroll advance.

Uncharged ATM. In the US, there are better than 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs that are open to anybody.

maximum flexibility There are no penalties associated with overdrafts or insufficient money, and there is no minimum balance requirement.

Empower also provides automatic savings. It makes deposits into your savings account in accordance with the rules you select. You can also use BillShark’s bill negotiation services through the app.

The cost of utilising Empower is $8 per month. You must meet certain requirements before using Empower Cash Advance, which are made apparent when you download the Empower app.

3. GO2Bank


GO2Bank, a division of Green Dot, can help you get access to your income more quickly. It offers all the advantages an online bank account should, including:

On average, loans yield 1% annually.

There are no monthly costs if you use direct deposit; otherwise, there is a $5 fee per month.

If there is any unusual activity on your account, fraud warnings will be sent.

Within the app, you can lock & unlock your card. This is another payday loan apps.

$200 in optional overdraft protection with direct deposit

Access to a network of free ATMs that you may find via the app (out-of-network ATM withdrawals cost $3).

A secured credit card to aid with credit development

Having the option to deposit cash at a participating retail location (albeit the location may charge a fee) (although the store may charge a fee)

Cashing checks through the app for $5 to $5,000 (with a charge for rapid payment) (with a fee for instant payment)

On in-app purchases of electronic gift cards, get up to 7% cash back.

4. Chime


With a Chime online bank account, you can access your money more quickly. Your wages become public to you the duplicate day your employer sends them into your Chime account if you have direct deposit enabled. You can get your money up to two days earlier this way.

No Extra Charges. The majority of physical banks charge exorbitant bank fees on customers’ accounts. Chime, in comparison, does not impose any fees for minimum balances, monthly services, overseas transactions, or overdrafts up to $200. Additionally, it grants free access to a network of more than 60,000 ATMs.

Financial alerts. You have the option to be notified each time Chime moves money into or out of your account. When your paycheck arrives or when you make a transaction using your Chime debit card, the app tells you. Additionally, it daily updates you on the actual amount of money in your account.

Automated Savings Chime provides a savings account with automatic savings functions already built in. For instance, you may set up an automatic transfer of 10% of each salary to your savings account. Additionally, there is a function that will automatically round up your debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and put the spare change into your savings account.

secure credit card A secured Credit Builder account with a Visa credit card is available from Chime. The card has no annual charge, no interest, no minimum security deposit, and no credit check.

Monies given to friends. You can transfer money to other Chime users for nothing using the Pay function of the app. You can use it to pay the babysitter right away, split a restaurant check, or pay your portion of the rent or energy bill.

Understanding Chime

Chimes is not a bank; it is a provider of financial technologies.  the FDIC, offer banking services and issue debit cards.

5. Cleo


A bank is not Cleo. It’s a financial application that connects to your active bank account. Salary advance benefits to help you avoid overdraft costs are one of its primary characteristics.

You may be eligible for an instant advance of $20 to $70. Your cash advance limit may rise to a maximum of $100 once you repay it. There is no credit check or ongoing income verification requirement for this feature. Additionally, you don’t pay interest on the money you borrow.

The free version of the Cleo app does not contain Salary Advance. Only the Cleo Plus and Cleo Builder accounts, which charge monthly fees, offer it. However, these accounts also offer additional benefits.

The $5.99/month Cleo Plus service also functions as a cash-back app. Five stores of your choosing, as well as daily-changing online partners, offer cash back opportunities. Other characteristics of it are:

An extensive credit report and advice for enhancing your credit

A simple tool for creating a budget based on your spending

Roundups, stock transfers to save money, a “promise bucket” to punish bad behaviour, and a gadget that determines how much you can afford to save each week are all examples of automated savings tools.

These features and more may be found in Cleo Builder. The secured credit card is its main benefit for establishing credit. Additionally, it offers credit monitoring and bill reminders as additional tools to boost your credit. Each month, it costs $14.99. Also check most useful apps

6. Revolut


This is another payday loan apps. With a qualifying direct deposit payer, Revolut, a financial technology firm, makes it simple to receive your entire paycheck early – up to two days before your scheduled payday.

Revolut doesn’t deduct any fees from your paycheck, in contrast to certain early direct deposit service providers. You won’t have to worry about money being lost in the shuffle because you’ll be notified as soon as it reaches your account.

Added characteristics:

No additional costs or minimum balance requirements

The Revolut network offers limitless free P2P transfers in more than 30 countries.

When travelling abroad, open up numerous currency accounts.

Send up to 10 zero-fee international transfers every month, as well as international wire transactions in 30+ currencies at incredible exchange rates.

With Rewards, get money and special offers from popular brands.

Every consumer will receive customised cards.

Up to five Revolut ’18 accounts can help your child develop sound financial practises.

Please be aware that Revolut often updates its features and products; for the most recent offerings, visit the Revolut Terms and Conditions.

A financial technology company is Revolut. The Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, offers banking services.

7. Brigit


Brigit is arguably the most adaptable payday loan app. Without running a credit check on you, it deposits up to $250 that you have already earned into your account by the following business day. You get to pick the day when the money is taken out of your account for payback.

You do have the option to repay the loan early, though. You are not charged a late fee or penalty if you choose to extend the due date on your initial loan once. As you use the app more, you’ll accumulate more extension credits that let you postpone payments up to three times in a row. Only the $9.99/month Brigit’s Plus plan, which includes these capabilities, is available.

To prevent overdraft penalties, Brigit’s Plus plan also offers the possibility to set up automated advances. When your account balance is about to fall to zero, you’ll get a transfer. This is another payday loan apps.

Not just anyone can get a cash advance from Brigit. In order to use the app, you must:

Income. Before Brigit will provide you an advance, you must demonstrate that you have received at least three direct transfers of paychecks from the same source. Paper checks, ATM deposits, and erratic direct deposits are not taken into account.

Banking. You must have a bank account with a balance of at least $1 and at least 60 days old. You must also use your account consistently for a period of time—at least a few weeks—to establish your earning and spending habits. In order for Brigit to safely collect your money without overdrawing your account on your payday, you must lastly demonstrate that you have a sufficient end-of-day balance.

Brigit Rating. To all prospective members, Brigit implements a scoring system resembling a credit score. Your income, spending, and banking habits are taken into account. The app will let you know what score you need to qualify for cash advances. The score runs from 1 to 100.

Brigit provides a few extra services in addition to cash advances to make it easier for you to manage your finances. You receive updates on your financial situation, individualised advice for enhancing it, and chances to make more money with the free plan. Instant deposit, credit monitoring, & identity theft insurance are included with the Plus package.

Another component of the Plus plan is credit-building. You receive a loan from Brigit for a period of 12 to 24 months, with monthly payments going into a credit-building account. These payments are reported by Brigit to the credit bureaus. At the end of the loan time, you receive a full refund after building credit.

8. Earnin


ActiveHours, which is now Earnin, was the first app to offer payroll advances. Its founder, Ram Palaniappan, claims that it aims to enable workers escape the pay cycle that withholds their money in order to make the financial system more equitable.

Brigit and Earnin operate similarly, however Earnin limits your cash outs to $100 each day and $500 per pay period. There is no expense for this service, regardless you are welcome to leave a “tip” of up to $14. Despite the tip being optional, many Earnin users actively pay it, according to Palaniappan, who told Vox in May 2019, in order to support the app’s operation. Some people even choose to “pay it forward” by purposefully leaving a larger tip to help those who can’t afford it with their bill.

In addition to salary advances, Earnin offers a number of other services to aid employees with tight budgets, such as:

Equilibrium Shield You are protected from expensive bank overdraft fees by this function. It monitors your bank balance and notifies you if it falls below a predetermined threshold. If you require one, it can also automatically get you a cash advance.

Express Earnings Using this virtual account will make it simpler for you to repay your financial advances and tips. Simply transfer your paycheck to your regular bank account after routing it through this account. You can obtain your money up to two days earlier by doing this. Your maximum cash-out value can be increased to $1,000 if you use Earnin Express.

Financial Timetable. This function records all of your recurring bills and other outlays. If you need to schedule a cash advance, having this information is helpful.

Reward Yourself. Earnin provides a virtual tip jar where you can tip yourself. You can save anywhere from $1 to $50 per day and take it out whenever you want. The tip jar, however, does not accrue interest and is not a savings account. Also check  best iOS emulator in 2022

9. Varo


This is another payday loan apps. Another online banking option that can speed up your access to your salary is Varo. Your paycheck hits your Varo account as soon as your employer transfers it when you use direct deposit. As a result, you could receive the money up to two days early.

You can qualify for Varo Advance after you have a Varo account. You can borrow up to $100 using this function, interest-free. You can receive advances up to $20 when you initially qualify, and you can increase your maximum from there.

A Varo Bank Account also has the following features:

Visa® Debit Card from Varo. A contactless debit card bearing the Visa brand is included with the account. This card can be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

Transfers to Additional Varo Bank Clients. From your Varo account, you can instantaneously transfer money to anyone else’s. This service is offered without charge.

Less fees. There are no monthly fees, minimum balance conditions, transfer fees, or foreign transaction fees with Varo. Additionally, it offers cost-free access to over 55,000 ATMs in the Allpoint® network located at businesses including Walgreens, Target, and CVS.

Deposit cash. Using the Varo app, you can remotely deposit checks.

Tools for automatic saving. Similar to a checking account, a typical Varo Bank Account. However, Varo offers two automated savings options to help you grow your nest egg if you also have a Varo Savings Account. With Save Your Pay, you may set up an automated transfer of a certain portion of each paycheck from your checking account to your savings account. Alternatively, you can round up every transaction to the nearest dollar with Save Your Change, and Varo will transfer that sum from your Varo Bank Account to your Savings Account.

Credit card from Varo. Varo’s secured credit card might assist you in raising your credit score. Transfer funds from your Varo bank account to your Varo protected account in order to use it. The cap on your card is that amount. This ensures that you may always make a full payment on your account, and you can utilise the automatic SafePay function to make timely payments. To quickly raise your credit score, Varo sends these timely payments to the three main credit bureaus. Even better, you can keep track of it by using the Varo Bank app’s credit monitoring feature.

Money Back. When you use your Varo Believe or Varo Bank debit card to buy certain brands, you can receive up to 6% cash back. The money is automatically deposited into your Varo account once you’ve earned $5.

10. SoFi Checking and Savings

SoFi Checking and Savings

With direct deposit, SoFi Checking and Savings gives you access to your money up to two days sooner. Benefits of it include:

No account charges. There are no monthly fees, no lowest balance conditions, & no overdraft fees with SoFi Checking and Savings. Additionally, it gives you free access to a network of more than 55,000 ATMs.

No-Cost Overdraft Protection Unintentional overdrafts up to $50 are free of charge with your SoFi Checking and Savings account. To carry advantage of this advantage, you must enrol in direct deposit.

Interest. Your savings will earn 1.25% APY with SoFi Checking and Savings, which is much higher than the national average. Interest is limited to $300 annually.

Money Back. When you make payments using your SoFi Checking and Savings account, you may be eligible to receive cash back incentives of up to 15%. Depending on the location, different local merchants may offer rewards.

Vaults. You can lock away savings that you don’t want to use for your regular expenses using the Vaults function. Consider the scenario where you want to put money aside for a down payment on a house. For this reason, you can create a Vault, fund it on a regular monthly basis, and monitor your advancement toward your goal. 20 Vaults can be present at once.

Roundups. You can sign up for Roundups to accelerate the growth of your savings in your Vault. Your SoFi Checking and Savings debit card transaction amounts are always rounded to the nearest dollar, and any excess pennies are transferred to your Vault. This is another payday loan apps.

Mobile app. With SoFi Checking and Savings, mobile banking is simple. Without entering a bank, you can deposit checks, send and receive payments, and pay bills.

11. Dave


Online checking is available through Dave’s ExtraCash account, but you cannot keep money there. Instead, you can get a no-interest cash advance by using its overdraft protection feature.

You can receive a free transfer of up to $500 from your ExtraCash account to your bank in one to three days if you meet the requirements for an advance. You can also quickly transfer it to your Dave Debit MasterCard for a small fee.

Your ExtraCash account balance is empty at the beginning. The account balance goes negative if you withdraw cash, but there is no overdraft fee.

You choose the day on which the funds will be taken out of the linked bank account, which is typically your next payday day. Your account’s balance will then reset to zero at that point. If you are unable to pay the entire amount, you may pay a portion of it without incurring late fees.

You can decide to repay your Dave advance early as well. The credit bureaus are notified of the payment if you do so by Dave’s Credit Builder tool. As a result, your credit may improve.

Other Dave traits include:

A checking account online that doesn’t pay interest and has no minimum balance

Access to 32,000 MoneyPass ATMs nationwide without paying a fee

Budgeting automatically based on your monthly expenditures

A feature of Side Hustle that connects you with lucrative jobs in your area

Simple Dave memberships are only $1 each month. The first three months of the Credit Builder function are free; thereafter, it costs $5 per month. When you ask Dave for an advance, you can also tip him.

12. MoneyLion


MoneyLion is another online banking application that combines early cash advances and early paycheck access. With no interest or credit check, you can borrow up to $250 with its Instacash feature. Within minutes, the money arrives in your account. At the same time, you can get your paycheck up to two days early through your RoarMoney online account.

The features of MoneyLion don’t stop there, though. It also provides:

This is another payday loan apps. Low-Fee Verification. RoarMoney does not charge for ordinary transfers, stop payments, or online bill payment, nor does it have a minimum balance requirement. You also have free access to more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs across the world. A monthly administration fee of $1 is the only fee.

Investing at Low Cost. MoneyLion is not just for saving money. It enables you to transfer assets from your savings account into an exchange-traded fund portfolio that is suited to your level of risk tolerance. Additionally, you can modify your investments to fit particular interests, such socially responsible investing. Although there are no administration fees or minimum balance requirements, your account is completely handled. Even an automatic investment feature is available to make investing simple. Depending on your account balance, this account includes a monthly fee that can be anywhere between $1 and $5.

Free Fraud Defense. To protect your account, MoneyLion uses multi-factor authentication. You may lock and unlock your debit card using the app as well.

Planning Resources. To help you track your spending, MoneyLion offers weekly spending reports.

Buying with cryptocurrencies. From your RoarMoney account, you may purchase and sell the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even better, you can decide to invest all of your spare change from using your credit or debit card in cryptocurrency.

Cash-Back Bonuses Using your debit card or RoarMoney virtual card to make purchases from a select group of online retailers, you can earn cash back with the MoneyLion app. Additionally, after completing a $10 purchase, you can earn more incentives by shaking your phone using MoneyLion’s Shake ‘N’ Bank function.

Price Shielding Additionally, the prices you pay when using MoneyLion are safeguarded. Within 90 days of completing a purchase, you are entitled to a refund of the difference if you discover a cheaper price. (There is a cap of $250 per refund and a limit of four refunds annually.)

You can boost to a Credit Builder Plus account for $19.99 per month. You can use this feature to borrow up to $1,000 and repay it over a 12-month loan. Depending on your credit score, annual percentage rates (APRs) can range from 5.99% to 29.99%. You can establish a strong credit history by consistently making on-time payments.

Other features to aid in credit building are also included in Credit Builder Plus. It includes free credit monitoring from TransUnion so you can keep tabs on your advancement. Additionally, it enables you to avoid paying the monthly administrative fee for a MoneyLion investment account, a RoarMoney bank account, or both.

13. Payactiv


Payactiv can be used in two different ways. You can register for earned wage access if your employer provides it as a benefit. It enables you to receive your pay as soon as you are paid. You must pay a fee of $1 per day for this service, with a maximum fee of $5 per two-week pay period.

You have three options for receiving the funds: you can deposit it into your bank account, add funds to a Payactiv Visa prepaid card, or get cash at a Walmart Money Center. For cash pickup & instant guarantees to cards other than the Payactiv card, there is a $1.99 fee.

You can still apply for the Payactiv Visa card even if your employer doesn’t offer it. Although you are ineligible for access to earned wages, you are still permitted to have your paycheck deposited to the card up to two days early. The card is functional at 37,000 MoneyPass ATMs and is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.

Employees can also access savings tools, payment features, and one-on-one financial coaching through the Payactiv app. It can be used to pay bills, order an Uber, send money to friends, or make purchases from stores like Walmart and Amazon. Even discounts are offered on specific purchases.

Employers can benefit from Payactiv as well. It simplifies payroll and automatically manages tip distribution and mileage reimbursement. If you schedule shifts, pay bonuses, and manage your team. Employers pay nothing for the service, and setup only takes two days. This is another payday loan apps.

14. DailyPay


Another app that employers may provide as a reward is DailyPay. It allows you with access to portion of the money you’ve produced before payday, just as Payactiv.

You collect credit in your DailyPay account for each shift you work, which you may later transfer to your bank account whenever you please. You can choose to obtain your money straight now or by the following business day. Each transfer costs $1.25 to $2.99 according to the app.

You get your regular payment on payday, less any advances you’ve asked for. The average employee who utilises DailyPay saves $1,250 in late penalties, overdraft fees, and interest on payday loans.

You may also set up multiple automatic transfers to your savings account with DailyPay. You can utilise RoundupSave to send money into savings every time you ask for an advance or AutoSave to save a specified amount each payday, DirectSave to set aside a percentage of each paycheck, and so on.

According to DailyPay, it can help firms hire twice as many individuals and cut down on attrition by more than 70%.

15. FlexWage


In comparison to DailyPay and Payactiv, the FlexWage app for employers operates a little differently. You receive a reloadable debit card instead of a paper paycheck when you sign up for the app as an employee to receive payment for your earnings. This enables you to get access to your money immediately after payday, unlike a check you deposit at the bank. Any business that takes Visa, Allpoint ATMs, and free money transfers to bank accounts can all be accessed with the card. This is another payday loan apps.

If you need money before your next payday, you can ask for an advance using the OnDemand Pay tool. However, your employer has complete discretion over the frequency of that feature’s availability and the size of the advance. This service will set you back $3 to $5.

Flex Pay is an added option for tipped employees like restaurant waiters. They can instantly receive all of their tips on their pay card at the end of their shift because of this. As opposed to waiting for tips to be filed with a credit card payment and taking a lot of cash out of the office, it is quicker and safer. Additionally, Flex Pay enables firms to pay contract workers as well as one-time commission, bonus, and per diem payments to their regular staff.

Through FlexWage, you get access to the financial wellness programme Sum180. What you can do is:

Synchronise and access all of your bank accounts in one place.

Quickly generate a preliminary budget.

Daily financial issues and suggestions

Continue reading in-depth articles on pertinent financial subjects.

Consult a financial wellness coach.

FlexWage reduces the need for paper paychecks, which benefits employers by lowering costs while improving worker satisfaction. Numerous well-known restaurant brands, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Panda Express, use this app. Other clients include Peppermill Casinos and RWJBarnabas Health.

The reason why my payday advance app won’t lend enough

There’s a chance that the $100 or $250 cap on payday advance apps won’t always be enough to pay for all of your expenses. Even in this situation, a payday loan isn’t the best option to acquire the help you need. Personal loans feature far lower interest rates and more reasonable monthly payments than payday loans, which must be repaid in full.

Banks, credit associations, online lenders, & peer-to-peer lending marketplaces like Prosper all offer personal loans. The lender checks your credit before approving your loan. Certain personal loans—referred to as secured loans—also require collateral of some type, such as a car or funds in your bank account. Unsecured loans don’t require collateral, although they often have higher interest rates.

Banks offer personal loans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. You can be eligible for a personal loan with an APR as low as 3% if your credit is excellent. That is far less than the average credit card interest rate.

However, if your credit is poor, the interest rate on a personal loan might be as high as 36%. Origination fees for these loans typically range from 1% to 6%. Calculate the whole cost to ensure that using your credit card would not be less expensive before granting a loan.

Final Word

If you need money immediately to pay an unforeseen expense, cash advance apps offer a cheap and practical solution. However, they don’t provide a long-term solution to your financial issues. If you routinely have trouble making ends meet, you require more than simply a one-time cash infusion. Please stop scraping by paycheck to paycheck.

Thankfully, a lot of these apps can help you with that as well. They help you first get away from payday lenders and the excessive interest rates they charge. By preventing you from racking up late or overdraft fees, they also help you keep track of your spending.

Some apps for payday loans also include automated savings features to help you build an emergency fund as well as budgeting tools to help you track and control your expenditure. Many also provide chances for you to earn more money through side employment, additional shifts, or cash-back incentives. Because you’ll have money saved up in the bank thanks to these strategies, you won’t need to rely on cash advances to cover those unplanned bills.

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