12 Best Rabbit Alternatives – Sites Like Rabb it In 2021 

Is rabbit shutting down in 2021? When you’re kept separate from your friends, family, or loved someone, it’s impossible to watch a movie or a show with them. Rabb it used to be a fantastic site that enabled virtual movie nights.

However, the site has since been shuttered and taken over by Kast. As a result, you must look for Rabbit alternatives. Because Rabb it was experiencing financial difficulties, Kast was forced to take over the site in 2019.

When is rabbit shutting down, Kast is now attempting to become the next great brand in the world of virtual watch parties. There are, however, other sites where you can watch movies or TV shows “together” with folks who are far away.

Learn more about the Rabb it. It provides an alternative to enjoying movies and shows with your favorite people, even when they are not around!

12 Best Rabb it Alternatives In 2021

Looking for streaming services like Rabb it to begin viewing movies and shows online with your loved ones, even if they are at home? Here are some of the best alternatives to Rabbit or Rabb it streaming!


Are you stuck at home during the lockdown? Is rabbit shutting down? Have your plans to watch movies with your bestie been cancelled  multiple times in the last few months? Don’t be concerned in such circumstances! You can utilize SyncLounge to co-watch Plex content by playing synced media.

However, keep in mind that it is solely for Plex users. Simply link your Plex library to this co-watching app, and you’ll be ready to have a virtual watch party with your best friend in a private “room.” Because the app does not rely on the Plex server, the synchronised playback is of good quality. Instead, it employs its own server, allowing you to share data with several parties while communicating with them.


Do you ever wonder how you can enjoy a content viewing experience with your friends and family when you’re all physically separated? People who enjoyed Rabbit’s co-watching site were devastated when it closed down in 2019. But don’t worry, because Airtime is here to replace Rabb it and provide you with a video-sharing choice.

Airtime allows you to co-watch YouTube videos and listen to music while conversing with your friends and family. The website not only allows for non-interrupted simultaneous media playback. Audio commentary is also supported. Furthermore, you can include up to ten members in a single chat room for a full family experience.


MyCircle.tv is another platform that can serve as a good Rabb it substitute. If you’re searching for a co-watching platform to watch synchronized video with your friends, this is a great place to start. Is rabbit shutting down? It enables the smooth playback of videos from various content streaming portals, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Because of the synchronized playback, when you start playing a video on our site, the people in your virtual “room” will be able to see both videos at the same time. You may also share URLs from multiple video sources to watch videos on this platform together. You will be able to communicate with the other members of your watch party via a chat feature.


Do you miss watching movies with your family on Friday nights? Being apart from family can be a terrible experience at times, but thanks to platforms like Twoseven, you don’t have to lose out on those moments of connection. It is a co-watching website where you can enjoy synchronized video content playback while engaging with your family members.

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This site’s interaction is one-of-a-kind. This is due to the fact that it permits the use of a webcam, and you can transmit live reactions with the help of this feature. The site strives to provide the greatest real-time video viewing experiences possible, with no latency. It works with popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube. It is, without a doubt, a fantastic Rabbit substitute.


YouTube is a well-known video-streaming website that we often take for granted, right? But who doesn’t watch watching adorable animal videos or learning new recipes from Gordon Ramsay’s channel — and then sharing them with others? YouTube also contains some fantastic documentaries, travel films, and other videos.

Here’s your chance to watch YouTube videos with others by utilizing ShareTube. It is a basic service provider that allows you to play films in sync with others and have a co-watching experience.

All you have to do is create a “room” like most other portals of this type and share the YouTube URL with everyone so they can watch synchronized content. It also has an interactive group chat option! Is rabbit shutting down?

Netflix Party

We all like to “Netflix and chill,” don’t we? Netflix has a massive and diverse variety of movies, TV shows, and web series – and it can make date nights a lot of fun. But what if it’s too late to get to your date’s house? Simply launch Netflix Party!

It is the ideal platform for co-watching Netflix-exclusive shows and films. On this platform, you can only view Netflix’s catalogue. However, given the size of the collection on this site and the frequency with which it is updated, you will have plenty of content to enjoy. While watching content in real-time, you can enjoy synchronized video playback while communicating with your companion via the group chat option!


TogetherTube, one of the most popular Rabbit competitors, is a site that lets you arrange a watch party. You can use this site to sync videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, Video, and DailyMotion with your video-watching companion. So you can gather to watch the newly released trailer – or just your favorite YouTuber’s new video. Is rabbit shutting down?

TogetherTube, as one of the top Rabbit Alternatives, will allow you to build a private chat room, just like other sites in this category. Here, you can enjoy interacting with the person with whom you are co-viewing. You can add videos to your shared playlist in this chat room. Members can vote on which new video to watch.


Are you stuck at home? You’re bored out of your mind, aren’t you? It’s time to have a virtual watch party for your friends and enjoy watching video content with them via Syncplay. They can join you from their respective places, and you can both watch downloaded stuff on your computer at the same time.

It is compatible with all media players, including VLC and MPV. On Syncplay, all users will be in a room where the portal will broadcast the playback on your computer so that everyone can watch the same video at the same time.

This site, however, does not allow you to interact or converse. However, if you have a group of pals who are serious about viewing movies without interruptions, this is a great platform for you.

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Watch2gether is a popular Rabbit alternative that allows you to share your experience of viewing videos and listening to music with your favorite person. Not only that, but you can use this service to shop together on Amazon! It provides a high-end sync playback option that eliminates delays when streaming movies or TV shows.

Keep in mind that when watching shows on Watch2gether, you should select the video option with the fastest upload speed. This will ensure that you and your co-viewers have the best experience possible while watching movies and TV shows together. You can also contact people by using the chat tool on this website.


Metastream is one of the few sites to choose after Rabb it for shared video content streaming and hosting a digital watch party. It enables high-quality live sync playback. The portal has created proprietary technologies to improve the quality of live streaming by numerous viewers, resulting in nearly no latency.

Aside from managing users, you can also enjoy on-screen chat and video queuing. The platform supports all popular streaming sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, but it does not support streaming of downloaded media or audio-enabled webcam conferencing. Aside from that, it’s ideal for watch parties.


Looking for a platform to hold a watch party with your virtual friend to enjoy Netflix, Crunchyroll, Crave, and other content? Invited is a fantastic platform for this. Any site that can be accessed with a conventional browser may be accessed through Invited. It provides high-quality video and audio during shared video viewing for an enjoyable experience.

Use the service to set up a shared area where you and your invitee can watch synchronized videos together. It enables all occupants of the room to operate the browser and surf the web at the same time. There is a monthly and annual subscription price, but it is optional. However, paying a monthly fee allows you to bypass the wait for a room during peak hours.


If you’re looking for rabbit alternatives, Rave is a good option. You may use your smartphone to access Rave and get fantastic results. It enables you to watch Netflix alongside another user and engage with your co-watcher. Co-watching content is also possible on Vimeo, DailyMotion, Google Drive, and other sites.

You’ll note that the synchronized playback quality is excellent and that it works flawlessly. The video chat option is available on the site, but it does not function while the video material is being played. The ability to co-listen to music and sync devices is an interesting aspect of Rave. Overall, it’s an excellent option for viewing shared content on mobile devices.


Rabb it used to be a platform that brought friends and family members together by allowing them to watch wonderful material “together” even when they were not physically present. It served as a venue for virtual movie nights.

All of that, however, came to an end when the facility closed in 2019. With the demise of Rabb it, the new platform that arose was Kast, which served as a Rabbit substitute and had a good collection. Aside from Kast, there are numerous other sites, such as Rabbit, where you can host online watch parties to enjoy movies and TV shows with people who live far away.

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